GSO Assembly

The GSO Assembly is made up of representatives from each Recognized Student Organization (RGSO) as well as departmental representatives. The Assembly meeting approximately each month during the academic year, rotating the location of the meeting between the Uptown, Downtown, East, and Nano campuses. Below is the schedule of meetings for the Fall 2012 semester, along with the agendas, minutes, and other important documents for each meeting as they become available. Details and documents from past semesters can be found to the left.

Date:Location:Minutes:Meeting Documents:
Mar. 1stGEC 110A (East Campus)DRAFT Minutes Vice President's Report
Grants Chair's Report
Programming Chair's Report
Apr. 26thLC 5(No Minutes) University Council Report Grants Chair's Report
May 10thCC375 6PM(No Minutes) President's Report
Vice President's Report

Detailed Financial Documents

Detailed financial documents about the GSO can be accessed through the SkyDrive.