List of RGSOs

Here is the list of Recognized Graduate Student Organizations(RGSO's) thats are active for Fall 2014.

Please contact Vice President for any information at

Recognized Graduate Student Organizations Abbreviation President
1. Anthropology Graduate Student Organization AGSO Elizabeth Holdsworth
2. Association for Black Social Workers ABSW Christesla Duroska
3. Atomic Danes Atomic Danes Juliana Agudelo Cano
4. Biomedical Science/Evnironmental Health Science GSO BMS/EHS GSO Yi Lu
5. Clinical Psychology Clinical Psychology Lizzie O'Rourke
6. Counceling Psychology RGSO CP Christina Martin
7. English Graduate Student Organization EGSO Aimee Vincent
8. Graduate Associate of Political Science
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GAPS Josh Caldon
9. Graduate Planning Student Organization GPSO Zach Powell
11. Graduate Students in Science GSS Cathleen Green
12. History Graduate Student Organization HGSO Tina Peabody
13. Indian Student Organization ISO Prathamesh Dhakras
14. Informatics PhD Student Organization Informatics PhD Student Organization Manuel DeTuya
15. Intervarsity Intervarsity Injeong Hwang
16. Latin American, Caribbean, and U.S. Latino Studies LACS Gabe Sanchez
17. NanoGSO NGSO Kevin Musick
18. Nefer Rohu NR Arcadia LeVias
19. NYSPHA UAlbany Graduate Chapter NYSPHA UAlbany Graduate Chapter Douglas Done
20. Physics RGSO PRGSO Selman Ipek
21. School of Public Health Graduate Student Organization SPH GSO Angelica Cintron
22. SEAChange SEAChange Kai Zhou
23. Social Welfare Graduate Student Organization SWGSO Althea Pestine
24. Sexuality Intersectionality Gender Hangout SIGH Caleb Dornheim
25. Students of Sociology SOS Kaitlin Meck
26. SUNY Albany School Psychology Association SASPA Ericka Pier
27. Study Tour Abroad Mentorship Program Study Tour Abroad Mentorship Program Michael Starr
28. The Educational Psychology and Methodology RGSO ED-Psych David Franklin Jr.
29. UAlbany Graduate Students for Sustainability Sustainability Erin Sanderson
30. University at Albany Philosophical Association UAPA Sydney Faught
31. YesPlus Yes+ Dinesh Jangam