List of RGSOs

Here is the list of Recognized Graduate Student Organizations(RGSO's) thats are active for Fall 2014.

Please contact Vice President for any information at

Recognized Graduate Student Organizations Abbreviation President
1. Association of International Social Workers AISW Charlene bradt
Michael Diago
Katie Merrill
2. Biomedical Science/Evnironmental Health Science GSO BMS-EHS Samuel Byrne
3. Counceling Psychology CP Sarah Slotkin
4. Cultural Connections CC Ami Jordan
5. Educational Psychology Ed-Psych David Bogin
6. English GSO EGSO Joseph Henderson
7. Graduate Association of Political Science
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GAPS Josh Caldon
8. Graduate Planning Student Association GPSA Jeffrey Penzes
9. Graduate Society for Sciences GSS Danielle Kelley
10. History GSO HGSO Sarah Patterson
11. Humanities Master's Student Organization HMSO James Thompson
12. Indian Student Organization ISO Sravan Kumar Sunkoju
13. MBA GSA MBA Ethan Nozik
14. Nano GSO NanoGSO Bushra Alam
15. National Association of Asian American Professionals NAAAP Hanghai Qui
16. Net Impact NI Andrew Hodges
17. Physics RGSO Physics Selman Ipek
18. School of Public Health Graduate Student Organization SPH Joe Chiarenzelli
19. Social Welfare Graduate Student Organization SWGSO Daniella Andrade
20. Social Work Student Association SWSA Ashley Wall
21. Students of Education Administration for Change SEA_Change Li Zhang
22. Students of Sociology SOS Colleen Wynn
23. Turkish Student Association TSA Mustafa Balcioglu
24. UAlbany Graduate Students for Sustainability UAGSS Cassidy Drasser
25. UAlbany Philosophical Association UAPA Sydney Faught
26. Anthropology Graduate Student Organization AGSO Vivian James
27. Student Chapter Of the American Library Association SCALA Ansley Stuart
28. Yes Plus Yes Plus Nikhil Jain