Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association is the governance body for the graduate student population. The GSA serves the graduate population in three ways; advocacy, professional development, and service/resources.

Our Mission:

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) encourages and supports professional development, social, and intellectual interaction between all graduate students at the University at Albany. The GSA is a governing body which advocates on behalf of graduate students through membership in the University Senate as well as administrative structures. Our mission is to advocate for and provide resources to graduate students to empower us as a community. Through our self-empowerment we also seek to promote the values of social justice, equity, sustainability, and academic freedom.

Featured News

  • GSA E-Board Elections 2016!

    GSA Elections will be taking place from 12 pm on April 5 to 12 pm on April 7.
    If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else for President, Vice President, Treasurer or Equity and Inclusion Chair, please do so by March 14 2016

  • A Big Win For the GSA

    A big win for the GSA as the University releases its official Report of the Graduate Stipend Committee. The full report can be accessed here

  • Assembly Meeting

    GSA Assembly meetings will be held on 1st friday of every month.                                                

  • RGSO FAQs!

    New FAQs are added all the time! Be sure to check back often for more information.

  • ListServe Update

    Reminder that Announcements and Listserv material are due the Sunday Night by Midnight before they are sent out. Please send all submission to