Fall 2012 Grant Awardees

Travel Awards Project Title
Santiago Guerrero "Avoiding service cutbacks in times of crisis: nonprofit financial vulnerability following 9/11"
Leslie Sandusky "Dorsal hippocampus serves as site of action for angiotensin IV in cognitive enhancement"
Jia Liu-Trofimovsky and Jacquelyn O'Connor "Supporting immgrant/refugee children: teaching and family-school partnering strategies"
Thea Yurkewecz and Suzanne Davis "Using observation to inform instruction for culturally diverse learners"
Arinka Abad "International migration, remittances and gender: a qualitative study of the Peruvian province of Callao"
Yi-Yi Chen "Intrinsic or extrinsic motivation? Determinant of public child welfare caseworker's turnover"
Shantel Powell "Stereotype threat and the role white educators play in maintaining the intellectual under-performance of black students"
Sarah Zuckerman "Urban principals: gender, experience and high needs schools"
Pamela Culbertson "Strategies and interventions for increasing student persistence in community college courses"
I-Ching Grace Hung and Katharine Shaffer "Undergraduate diversity education: change in diversity awareness and attitudes"
Alison Rivers "The effects of interparental aggression exposure on psychopathology: moderating roles of sin conductance reactivity and respiratoy sinus arrhythmia"
Samantha Barry "Traumatic effects of harsh parenting and interparental aggression experience in youth on skin conductance reactivity"
Namila Chatterjee "Modulation of mRNA and miRNA by the novel histone deacetylase inhibitor, CG-1521 disrupts cytokinesis in SUM149PT inflammatory breast cancer cells"
Nabila El Guennouni "The violence of writing and the writing of violence in the works of Malika Mokeddem: the risks, the stakes, the challenges"
Julie Roth "Autism as evolution: experimental cinema and hypothetical futures"
Melody Nadeau "Is he going to teach me? Exploring students' English production in classes led by native or nonnative-speaking instructors"
Natalie Johnson "Law and social change: the institution of marriage in Masschusetts, 1942-2011"
Eric Andersen "Drawing on the dead: the signifance of invisible's literary ancestors in Ellison's Invisible Man"
Robert Ekblan "Bringing teams to distance learning: providing secure shared space in a course management system"
Ann-Christin Gaupel "Mechanistic analysis of histone deacetylase inhibitor function"
Kit Cho "Does a cued-recall memory test for a word enhance later memory for its perceptual details?" & "Repeating accented speech attenuates the production effect"
Sarah Giragosian "Queer temporalities and anachronistic creatures in Djuna Barne's Poetics"
Christine Farrugia "Innovation networks in the UAE: benefits and barriers to the University participation" & "Blended ownership of private higher education: merging public and private in the United Arab Emirates"
Siyu Liu "Post-peak age analysis of crime by gender from a life course perspective"
Corey McQuinn "Changes in design and ethnicity in a New York state stoneware pottery: archaeology of consumer choice and industry response"
Jeongyoon Lee "How do non-profits collaborate? The role of nonprofits in two social service policy networks in the US"

Research Awards Project Title
Ke Fang "Contributions of personality, acculturation/enculturation and perceived racial discrimination to social anxiety among hcinese immgrants: a context-specific assessment"
Gloria Zambrano "The impact of working on academic achievement in Latin America: a cross-national sutdy of sixth-graders"
Erin Gurdineer "The impact of demographics, resources, and training on the quality of school crisis plans"
Mallory Loflin "Predictors of behavioral outcomes in recreational cannabis users"
Yong Li "Intergenerational relationships and mental health for Asian and Hispanic immigrant adolescents"