Kat Slye

Vice President

Kat is a third year PhD student in Political Science with a concentration in Public Policy and American Politics. Her main research focus is state level abortion restrictions and their impact on a state's abortion rate. Kat's other areas of interest include campaigns and elections, political parties, and public opinion. Kat is in her second year of service in the GSA. She served as an Assembly Representative for her RGSO, Graduate Association of Political Science (GAPS), September-December 2013, was elected Assembly Speaker in October 2013, and appointed Acting Vice President of the GSA in January 2014.

Kat really enjoys working with the RGSOs and helping to answer questions regarding topics such as RGSO funding, vouchers, and RGSO requirements/benefits. As Vice President, Kat hopes to continue to build a strong relationship between the Executive Board and the RGSOs as well as work with the Executive Board on membership and retention.

In addition to working with the RGSOs, Kat is looking forward to helping expand the Institutions & Societies conference started by SEA-Change and GAPS RGSOs. Kat also hopes to develop, along with the GSA IT Technician, to create a UAlbany App geared specifically for graduate students. ‚Äč