Lisa Cassidy

Programming Chair

Lisa is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Biodiversity, Conservation, and Policy as well as a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems. Her Master’s research focuses on grassland birds nesting in grazed pasture. She believes that human-dominated landscapes can be non-exclusive to wildlife and even mutually beneficial by employing certain practices such as holistic management. Lisa’s other interests include social, environmental, and economic sustainability with particular emphasis on environmental advocacy, farmland preservation, and wildlife management. Lisa has been actively involved in the GSA for two years and is excited to be taking on a heavier role within the organization as Programming Chair for this academic year.

Lisa has been dedicated towards improving the campus community as Grounds Chair on the Sustainability council. Holding this position, Lisa helped establish a Heritage Garden on campus and co-founded both an undergraduate and graduate group to help with programming, outreach, and maintenance. It was through this project that she became acquainted with the GSA, began attending assembly meetings and becoming involved in the GSA’s activities. Lisa thoroughly enjoys providing meaningful experiences to students during their time at UAlbany and is excited to develop programs to support graduate students and further the goals of the GSA.