Hanna Marie Pageau

Programming Chair

Hanna Marie is a second year Biological Anthropologist doing a combined MA/PhD degree in the Anthropology department. She received a BA with a dual major in Anthropology and Media Arts (with a minor in Communications) from DePaul University in Chicago in 2013. Her research interests within the department include paleoanthropology, dental anthropology, and mortuary archaeology. Her MA thesis, currently in the data collection phase, focuses on non-metric dental traits and their relationship to tooth size. While this might sound very science based for someone holding the role of a Programming Chair Hanna's primary background during her undergraduate career and prior to starting college was based around her photojournalism and event planning experience within the music and fashion industries.

This is the second year Hanna has been involved with the GSA. Last year she served as an assembly representative for the AGSO until her appointment in Spring as the GSA's Programming Chair. She also served as the GSA's secretary for the entire school year. If you see her around the office as she looks familiar, its probably because she was also one of our Fall semester Office Managers!

The goal for the Programming Chair this year has a few different aspects to it. First Hanna will be, in cohorts with other officers and campus entities, working towards providing a solid list of events and opportunities for graduate students. Secondly it is also the goal of the GSA to extend the position into having more ties with the community (both on campus and off) when it comes to advocacy and professional development. She hopes to also continue the efforts last year to push for donation drives and community service opportunities within the community.