Caitlin Janiszewski


I am a PhD student in Latin American, Caribbean, and US Latino Studies. My areas of interests are Indo-Caribbean culture, immigration, education, race, and gender. As President of the GSA this past year I spearheaded efforts to offer more resources to students and improve the structures and processes of the organization. I have tried to develop a culture of informed decision-making and reached out to other student governments to seek out best practices. Through careful analysis of our spending I was able to raise print allocations and seek out more resources for students while still keeping a tight budget (respecting your student fees). I am proud of the re-development of our grants process to make it mostly paperless, simpler, and worthwhile, but understand that we can still improve it by researching allocation models. We have taken important steps to transition our financial system online to prevent overspending, and initiated sustained communication with supporting entities on campus such as the GSEU, UUP, Office of Environmental Sustainability, and Graduate Studies. I have proudly represented the GSA in the University Senate, at SUNY SA, and the Governance Council, and have not missed a meeting yet. I also feel we have done great work this year planning the President's Forum with President Jones each semester to advocate for student needs, but there is definitely room for great improvement. The truth is that I have just begun. I believe that in my efforts to stand up for graduate students that I have earned the respect of the administration and faculty, and I feel that I can offer so much more in a second term. There are many challenges ahead including the displacement of our office during the campus center expansion project, finishing the implementation of our new financial system, putting the finishing touches on our grants program, and tackling big picture issues like the challenge of a shrinking academic job market. I believe our next steps should be to re-envision our professional development efforts through RGSO and programming work, and to strengthen the advocacy arm of GSA through recruitment and retention initiatives. The two things I can promise are continuity and commitment. I hope you will offer me to chance to deliver on those promises.