Nantasha Williams

MCAA Chair

Nantasha Williams is a graduate student from New York City pursuing a master’s in Public Administration at Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science at Virginia Commonwealth University. Having lived in the lower socioeconomic side of society, the hurdles that she has overcome have revealed her life calling which is advocating for income equality, and human rights, and representing underprivileged communities who are often left unheard. Nantasha’s undergraduate degree in political science, current coursework in public administration coupled with her hands-on experience working in communities and public policy institutions continues to influence her decisions and has enabled her to be fully submerged in the inner workings of policy making, and public administration. Nantasha is currently working for the New York State Assembly at the Office of Assemblyman KarimCamara where she manages all office activities that include: supervising interns, coordinating events that push legislative priorities, conducting research on legislation, and creating & carrying out community and constituency outreach strategies. Prior to working for the NYS Assembly, Nantasha has participated in various internships within the non-profit, and government sector that include: City of NY Summer Internship, Virginia Department of Transportation, AIDS Walk NY, Urban League (Richmond Division), and the Virginia Assembly. Public service is at the core of Nantasha’scurrent work at the Assembly and also serves as the core motivating factor in all of Nantasha’s successes and future endeavors.