Amani Edwards

Multi Cultural And Affirmation Action Chair

Amani Edwards is a graduate student from Atlanta, GA pursuing a PhD in Public Administration and Policy at Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Modern Languages at Beloit College. Travel within and outside of the United States has given her the opportunity to interact with various groups and peoples. Alongside this experience, her academic career has showed her the necessity of diversity and inclusion within all aspects of academic life – from the classroom to extra-curricular activities. Amani’s interest are in representative bureaucracy, repressive policies, and marginalized groups. Though mainly focusing on international politics, she takes her knowledge and applies it to her personal experiences and domestic studies. Prior to coming to Rockefeller College, Amani received a Fulbright Award to teach English in the Russian Federation. Before this, she served an internship at the Garden of Hope Foundation in Taipei, Taiwan – an organization focused on women’s rights, specifically helping survivors of domestic violence. Currently, Amani focuses on her research and seeks other opportunities to become involved in the Albany community.