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Nina's Favorites:
UAlbany Main Fountain

●Swimming, Tennis, Guitar and Photography

●She also enjoys walking around the fountain and studying at the library.

Nina's Links:
Educational Administration & Policy Studies
The Program for Research on Private Higher Education

Great Dane-files



UAlbany Students: Who we are. What we do.

Meet Graduate Student:

Prachayani (Nina)

Who she is...Ambitious. Focused. Friendly.

Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Program: Educational Administration & Policy Studies (EAPS), with a concentration in higher education policy

Activities: The Program for Research on Private Higher Education (PROPHE)


What she does...

Nina with a friend

Great DaneNina is a doctoral research associate working with Professor Daniel Levy and the EAPS department to develop a research and policy program for private higher education. She is a policy maker within the department, as well as the webmaster for the project.

Great DaneShe values the community formed by international and American graduate students here at UAlbany. There are lots of opportunities for academic, professional, and social interaction. Nina also appreciates the interest shown in her work when she was asked to join the PhD program. "I felt wanted, appreciated, and welcomed. This was different than my pervious university experiences."

Great DaneShe has been working with the Thai Ministry of Education since high school, and has a background in early childhood education and administration. This background gave her a broad base of knowledge for her future career. In ten years, Nina sees herself as a university president in Bangkok.

Great DaneIf she was an object, she would be: "A radio. People can't know a person until they listen to every side of that person. There are many sides to every person, just like there are sad songs, funny songs, love songs."

Nina with friends in front of the small fountain


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