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Lyle's Favorites:
UAlbany Mascot Lil' D●Being with his girl friend
●Hanging out in the Campus Center
●Working on group projects, community service, and charities
●Song: Peter Gabriel's In your Eyes
●Sundays, his day to relax

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Student Activities


Great Dane-files



UAlbany Students: Who we are. What we do.

Meet Senior:


Who he is...Determined. Ambitious. Diligent.

Hometown: New Hyde Park, NY
High School: Benjamin N. Cardozo
Major/Minor: Business Administration (concentration in finance and marketing)/Economics
Activities: Student Activities (Athletics), Hillel, Intramural Sports Director


What he does...

Lyle at the Cystic Fibrosis fund-raising table
 Lyle fund-raising for Cystic Fibrosis

Great DaneAfter high school Lyle was thinking about going into accounting, but after taking a couple of classes he decided he liked the business aspect better. After taking more business classes, it became his major and enjoyment.

Great DaneOne of Lyle's best and most pivotal moments at UAlbany, was when he was considering a transfer to another school. He decided to stay on and as a result, his experience made him an even better student. "I gained the strength and composure to work harder, become a leader, get involved, and push forward."

Great DaneWhen Lyle first came to UAlbany, he expected to be "shooed off". Instead he found everyone to be quite friendly. Although things were a little awkward at the beginning, by his sophomore year Lyle had made the transition and felt a lot more comfortable. He is an active student and wants everyone to know about SA and the Athletics Dept. "It is fun, anyone can join, and there are lots of opportunities."

Great DaneWhere does he see himself ten years from now? Lyle would like to be married and living in New York. He wants to work as either a loan officer or manager of a bank.

Great DaneIf he were an object, what would he be? Lyle would be a battery. "You're constantly charged and sometimes you run out of energy, but you can always recharge and get right back to the place you started from."

Lyle at the Hillel Semi-Formal
 Lyle at the Hillel
Lyle getting a pie in the face from John Murphy
 Lyle at Kreme Koach

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