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Thao's Favorites:
Nick Pella 2004●Movement: "The University Photo Service takes pictures around campus on their own budget and tries to sell them to the year book."
●Traveling: "In ten years, I'll be out of the country, and my destination will depend on where I've already been."
●Adventure: "No disassemble number five." she says when asked for a quote, referencing the film Short Circuit. "No disassemble number five." She says it again.

Thao's Links:
Art History Department
Art Department
University Art Museum

Thao"Make the best out of the options that are available."

Great Dane-files



UAlbany Students: Who we are. What we do.

Meet Junior:
Thao in front of the main fountain


Who she is...Observant, Vibrant, Deft

Hometown: Montrose, NY
High School: Hendrick Hudson
Major/Minor: Art History / Art
Activities: University Photo Service, Regional Food Bank volunteer, Indian Quad (one of Albany's student dorms) Board President


What she does...

Thao in the University Art Museum

Great DaneThao learned how to manage a large scale art exhibit last semester, as part of her internship with the University Art Museum. "We're privileged to have access to all this--the UAlbany museum has had pretty impressive exhibits, like Andy Warhol. The staff cares about having students involved too." She is also researching black and white photographer Andreas Feininger and archiving photo annals and facts about the museum's art collections, which amounts to almost three-thousand pieces.

Great Dane "I've always wanted art in my life. In high school, I was more into making art. Then I was trying to find a major freshman year, and Art History came most naturally to me."

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