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Meet Junior:


Who she is...Disciplined. Hard worker. Patient. Creative. A little shy.

Hometown: Windsor, CT

High School: Windsor High School

Major/Minor: Biology/Women's Studies

Activities: Five Quad, Presidential Honor Society


What she does...

Elham with friends

Great DaneGrowing up with two doctors for parents, Elham always knew she wanted to be a biology major. "It's all I've ever known," she says. "It was what was talked about at dinner every night; it's just the most natural thing."

Great DaneElham has had a good experience with the diverse environment at UAlbany. She says that she never once felt uncomfortable anywhere on campus, and cites her time with Five Quad as an example. From day one she always felt like she fit in and that no one was even remotely intimidating to her.

Great Dane"UAlbany is a great school if you use your resources well," Elham feels. She says that her advisor, Nelia Campbell, was a great help to her when applying and getting accepted to Medical School. Elham feels that you have to be assertive, since it's a big school, but that there are lots of opportunities to steer you in the right direction and to get to where you want to be.

Great DaneOver the summers, Elham goes home and works in a cardiology lab to do research on stimulating the growth of blood vessels in the heart. For her, the key to managing her time successfully is being organized."

Great DaneIn ten years, Elham will hopefully be working in a women's clinic as an obstetrician. She would like to be involved with an organization such as Planned Parenthood or a at fertility clinic, something having to do with women's health.

Elham with friend

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