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Christina's Favorites:
Five Quad Ambulence

●EMT Work & Five Quad
●Enjoys running and watching movies
●Biology Club

Christina's Links:
Project Renaissance
Biology Department
School of Public Health
Five Quad

Christina"Can you get to your future if your past is present?"

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UAlbany Students: Who we are. What we do.

Meet Sophomore:
Christina working at Five Quad


Who she is...Focused. Dedicated to helping others.

Hometown: Somers, NY
High School: JFK Catholic High School
Major/Minor: Biology (Pre-Med) / Psychology Minor
Activities: Five Quad, Hospice Training, Biology Club, Students of Albany Against Cancer (SAAC)


What she does...

Christina in front of the main UAlbany fountain

Great DaneChristina participated in the Project Renaissance program which gave her a solid foundation at UAlbany and she made some of her best friends in this program.

Great DaneWhy UAlbany? "Something just stuck with me when I visited" says Christina. There is always something to do on and off campus, so after her schoolwork is completed, she is never bored!

Great DaneThree hours of Christina's week are spent as an EMT for Five Quad, the University's Ambulance Service. Here she responds to calls at UAlbany and attends training sessions every two weeks to ensure she will be able to help others in time of need.

Great DaneWhen Christina is not studying she hangs out with her friends at the movies or working out. She is also a member of the Biology club and a member of Students of Albany Against Cancer (SAAC), a non-profit organization that is devoted to raising funds for cancer research, spreading general knowledge and awareness, and honoring survivorship.

Christina a member of Students of Albany Against Cancer (SAAC)

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