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Kyle's Favorites:

Campus Center FountainMusic- Classic Rock
Day- Saturday
Season- Summer
Color- Blue
Holiday- Thanksgiving
Hobby- Frisbee
Sport- Tennis
Place-New Hampshire

Kyle's Link:
Dept. of Earth & Atmospheric Science

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Meet Freshman:


Who he is...Confident. Motivated. Friendly.

Hometown: Bethany, Connecticut
High School: Amity Regional High School
H.S. Activities: Tennis
Kyle enjoys playing Tennis and has a passion for science, mainly physics and meteorology.
Job in H.S: Worked in father's accounting firm
Biggest accomplishment so far:
Getting through high school


Kyle with Friend

Why UAlbany?
Great DaneKyle is one of the few freshmen who came to UAlbany knowing exactly what he wants to pursue for his career. He chose UAlbany because he was impressed with its meteorology program and wants to pursue that as his profession.

Great DaneKyle's main goal is to do the best he can here and to achieve his highest standards. He would like to meet as many people as possible and to come out with a lot of friends that he will stay in touch with the rest of his life. Kyle would also like to join a few different clubs for his own interest and meeting others as well.

Great DaneAfter settling in here, Kyle found that UAlbany is better than he expected. He has made some good friends and is pleased with his classes. "The atmosphere is laid back and makes you feel right at home." Favorite place on campus: State Quad.

Kyle in front of the main fountain


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