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Kennedy's Favorites:

New Library FountainMusic- Rock, Alternative
Day- Saturday
Season- Fall & Winter
Color- Dark Blue
Holiday- None in particular
Hobbies- Movies, walking
Sports- Tennis, Football, and European Handball
Place- Manhattan
Quote- "You have plenty of time to sleep when you are dead"

Kennedy's Links:
3+3 Law program
Forensic Chemistry
Intramural Sports
Study Abroad

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UAlbany Students: Who we are. What we do.

Meet Freshman:


Who he is...Interested. Motivated.

Hometown: Queens, NY
High School: Academy of American Studies
H.S. Activities: Tennis, Math tutoring
Job in H.S: Volunteered at the New York Hall of Science Museum. He also helped his peers by tutoring mathematics.
Academic interests at UAlbany:


Kennedy reading by the main fountain

Biggest accomplishment so far:
Great DaneOne day when he was volunteering at the New York Hall of Science Museum he was placed with a group of about forty visitors at one time. This was a lot of people at once! Kennedy had to decide what to do and how to handle such a huge crowd on his own. It felt overwhelming at first. He decided to take the initiative and he stood on a stool and took command with a loud and powerful voice. Kennedy said: "Taking power worked and it felt good; this was a big accomplishment for me.".

Why UAlbany?

Great DaneKennedy decided on University at Albany because he heard from many people about it's prestigious Pre-Law and Biology program. He is interested in the law and science, so he thought that this was the school for him. Kennedy also enjoyed his campus tour. He felt that the people were warm and inviting. Kennedy said, "I felt comfortable here right away, and I like that."

Great DaneMajor in chemistry and eventually go into forensics. He also wants to go abroad. "Seeing new places that are different from where I live is interesting to me."

Kennedy in front of the main fountain

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