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Who she is...Intellectual. Determined. Fun-Loving.

Troy, NY

High School: Catholic Central High School

Intended Major: Business, Communications and/or Spanish

Most inspirational person: My dad (best teacher I've ever had)


Great DaneMarch 20, 2006

Happy Spring! Ha, that's a joke, you would never know it was spring out there. Oh well, what a weekend. Between the close basketball game on Friday and the biggest Irish celebration of the year, I am exhausted. Did you watch the game? It was very intense. I thought we were going to win. Even though we did not, we played an outstanding game and I am very proud of the team. The loss did not stop any one of us from celebrating St. Patrick's Day, however. I went to my friend Jeff's house for a party. Everyone wore green. It was a great time.

"Failure to Launch" movie posterSaturday my mom came down and took me out to Crossgates. I must say it's a wonderful convenience to have such a large shopping mall minutes from my "second home". We had dinner at the Bugaboo Creek, did some shopping, and went to see the movie, Failure to Launch. I would suggest seeing it if you are in the mood to go to the movies. Beware though fellas, it is a chick flick. It was good to see my mom. Even though UAlbany is close to home for me, I do not get to see her very often so it was nice to spend some quality mother-daughter time with her.

Now it is time to start another week. Just three more until Spring Break!!


Great DaneMarch 8, 2006

Laura and Lia on their Oswego road tripHello again! How was everyone's weekend? I had a great weekend back after break. Friday night I had a friend come out and visit. We had a lot of fun. Then Saturday I went to SUNY Oswego with Lia to visit two of our friends. It is very cold and very windy out there. I'm so grateful that our school isn't located in the middle of nowhere. But nonetheless we had a really good time and it was nice to get off of campus for a night.

This week I received an email from my academic advisor saying that it was time to make a meeting with her to plan my classes for next semester. I couldn't believe it, this semester is flying by. I'm excited though because I'll be able to take more classes next year that pertain to my interests, rather than gen. eds. Also, yesterday two of my friends from home came to visit the school, they're thinking about transferring. It was so good to see them. I tried to encourage them to transfer next year and I think they're going to. They want to save money by going to a state school and also they really like the campus and how it was so big. The best part about their visit was that when we went to dinner there was a chocolate fountain at the dining hall so I think that won them over.

Last night my roommates and I went to an information meeting about housing next year. We actually only went because they were giving away really low lottery numbers for sign up, but it ended up being pretty informative. Unfortunately we didn't win the number, but we did learn a few things. We'd really like to live on Dutch Quad next year, but since there are so many students, there's no guarantee. So we'll have to wait and see.

Other than that there isn't much else going on. I have a few tests this week but nothing too bad. Also, I'm so happy that I can almost feel Spring in the air, before you know it, we'll be walking around in T-shirts and shorts!


Great DaneFebruary 27, 2006

Laura and Lia snorkelingSt. Thomas was beautiful! We had such a fun time. Lia's mom and stepfather were a lot of fun and very hospitable. We went to the beach every day. We went snorkeling, shopping, and we even rented a boat. It was a small boat, only 18 feet, so we were flying all over the Caribbean Sea, but it was one of my favorite parts of the vacation. The water was so clear and blue. I never wanted to leave. It really was Boatlike paradise. I got a little sunburn but it's hard to avoid down there, the sun is so strong and hot. It's a small price to pay for a week of lounging around in beautiful weather. We didn't have one day without the sun. The week went by so fast though, and before I knew it I was on the plane back to cold Albany.

I came home late Wednesday night because Thursday night my boyfriend and I went to Binghamton to see George Carlin. If you don't know who he is, he's a very famous comedian. He's getting old now, somewhere in his late 60s, but he's still hilarious. The rest of my vacation I just relaxed and hung out with my family and some friends from home.

St. ThomasAnd now it's Monday. Mondays are horrible as it is, but the Monday after a week vacation is even worse. It's hard getting back into the routine of classes and work study and doing homework. It was nice to see everyone though, and everyone was jealous of my tan!


Great DaneFebruary 13, 2006

LauraSTRESS with a capital "S" this week! It's the week before February recess, so I'm slammed with tests and projects. To top it all off, I'm leaving for vacation on Thursday, missing two days of classes, so I have to make up all of that work before I leave! I've got three tests, and a Spanish Oral Presentation to get through. A few college words of wisdom for you, all of your teachers will give you tests the week before a vacation, and it's inevitable, so start preparing ahead of time! Most of my teachers have been really understanding about the fact that I bought a plane ticket ahead of time and have worked with me to reschedule my tests. I'm taking them all before I leave so that way I don't have to worry about a thing while I'm lounging on the beach.

Laura's laundryNot only do I have all of this school work to take care of, but my laundry basket is over flowing (I included the picture as proof), and I've yet to start packing. Talk about procrastination! But it's all worth it, I'm going to St. Thomas (in the US Virgin Islands) for an entire week. Lia, one of my friends who lives in the same building as me, is taking me and my roommate down there. Her mother lives there so we have a free place to stay and everything, I can't wait! I'm so happy that I've made such great friends here. We're going to have so much fun down there and don't worry, I'll give you all the details!


Great DaneCheck back for more of The Frosh Files...



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