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Great Dane-Files Home
Graduate Students
Abby's Favorites:

- Skiing
- Drawing
- Playing Tennis
- Watching movies
- Spending time with friends
- Road Trips

Abby's Links:

- Department of English
- Writing Center
- Department of French

Jennifer's Favorites:

- Hanging out with her friends
- Working out
- Participating in activities and fundraisers for Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor Society)
- And when she has the chance, reading something that's not actually for homework

Jennifer's Links:

- Department of English
- UAlbany Hillel
- Department of Sociology
- Sigma Tau Delta

Juliana's Favorites:

- Likes to write.
- Participating in the comedy club.
- Hanging out with friends.
- Skating, tennis...anything that keeps her on her feet, almost literally.

Juliana's Links:

- Presidential Honor Society
- Department of Biological Sciences
- Newman Association

Lindsay's Favorites:

- Hanging out with her friends
- Exercising and walking her dog
- Participating in activities and fundraisers for Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor Society)
- Reading for pleasure on the beach

Lindsay's Links:

- Department of English
- Sigma Tau Delta
- Career Development Center

Lisa's Favorites:

- "I was on the tennis team at UAlbany so much of my time was spent outside school on the courts or training."
- Athletics has always been a major aspect of who she is and she enjoys it immensely.
- Being able to work hard and have fun with a lot of her close friends made her college experience unforgettable!

Lisa's Links:

- UAlbany Athletics
- UAlbany Tennis
- Presidential Honor Society
- Mathematics Department
- Kappa Delta Pi


Marisa's Favorites:

- Soccer
- Hanging out with friends
- Playing piano

Marisa's Links:

- Department of English
- Psychology Department
- Intramural Soccer
- Writing Center
- Sigma Tau Delta

Meagan's Favorites:

- Photography
- Hanging out with friends
- Working at Best Buy

Meagan's Links:

- Department of English
- Kappa Delta Pi
- School of Education
- Sigma Tau Delta

Rachel's Favorites:

- Reading
- Listening to Classic Rock
- Movies
- Exploring Manhattan
- Writing
- Hanging out with friends

Rachel's Links:

- Department of English
- Medieval & Renaissance Department
- UAlbany Hillel
- Sigma Tau Delta
- Spread the Word
- L'Chaim

Renata's Favorites:

- Painting.
- Talking to her friends back home.
- "When I am stressed out, I like listening to music really loud and dancing with my little brother and sister."

Renata's Links:

- National Society of Collegiate Scholars
- Department of Biological Sciences
- Presidential Honor Society
- Department of English
- Project SHAPE

Sam's Favorites:

- Running
- Watching movies
- Reading
- Hanging out with friends
- Listening to music
- Going to bookstores & museums

Sam's Links:

- Presidential Honor Society
- History Department
- Phi Alpha Theta
- Presidential Scholars

Victoria's Favorites:

- Reading/writing
- Dancing
- Being active/sports
- The outdoors

Victoria's Links:

- Department of Communication
- Business Administration Department
- English Department

Great Dane-files



UAlbany Students: Who we are. What we do.

Meet the:

Great Dane-filers


Abby >>

Jennifer >>

Juliana >>

Lindsay >>

Lisa >>

Marisa >>


Great Dane-Filers


Meagan >>

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Who she is...Good listener. Ambitious. Quiet.
Hometown, State:
Owego, NY
High School: Owego Free Academy
Major / Minor: English/French
Activities: Spell for Rain, Writing Center Tutor, Great Dane-filers

Why UAlbany?
Great DaneAbby knew what she was looking for when she applied here. "It's not too close (or too far) from home. It also has a good study abroad program."

Great DaneThere is such a large, diverse population here. Abby feels that it has been a new and positive experience getting to interact with many different people.

Great DaneAbby has had some professors who were unforgettable. "They are very enthusiastic about their material, which is conveyed to the class. They are also helpful and easy to talk with."

Great DaneTen years from now, Abby hopes to be settled in her career. As far as what the career will be, only time will tell.

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Who she is...Fit. Literary. Active.
Hometown, State:
Westwood, New Jersey
High School: Westwood Regional Jr-Sr High School
Major / Minor: English major/Sociology minor
Activities: Sigma Tau Delta, Hillel, and a tutor at the Writing Center. She has an internship at the Albany Update. She also takes classes at the RACC every semester (this semester it's Pilates).

What she does...
Great DaneBoth her parents went to UAlbany and Jennifer swore that she would never go here because of that. But then she came up and toured and agreed to apply here as her "safety" school. "They accepted me as a Presidential Scholar and somehow I ended up here; I made the right choice. I love it here."

Great DaneSomething Jennifer has learned from profiling other students is that "there is so much diversity within our community and there seems to be a club to fit almost everyone's needs and different personalities. This helps to ensure that all students get the most out of their time at UAlbany."

Great DaneTen years from now Jennifer would love to be someplace warm and working in the field of editing or possibly teaching.

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Who she is...Creative. Active. Comic.
Hometown, State: Binghamton, New York
High School: Binghamton High
Major / Minor: Biology major / French minor
Activities: Newman Association, Presidential Honor Society, UAlbany Sketch and Situational Comedy club (aka "Sketchy Characters"), Biology Club, various volunteer activities through PHS, and founding a new club for tennis lovers/players across campus.

What she does...
Great DaneJuliana came to UAlbany because she and her parents both thought it was the ideal choice for her. "I'm away from home without being isolated, they have my major, it's a good sized school that I wanted, and there are things to keep me occupied up here."

Great DaneShe learned from last year's profiles that a lot of the kids really enjoy being up here and having the chance to interact with other people, especially students, whether it is in class, or through work, or by starting random conversation.

Great DaneIn ten years, ideally, she'd like to be somewhere warm. As far as a career path goes, "I'd like to be successful in a job in the entertainment industry (thus the bio know, it all makes sense), but if that doesn't work, then either teaching, or making millions in the forensic field."

See Juliana's Journal>>

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Who she is...Motivated. Active. Dedicated.
State: Kings Park, NY
High School: Kings Park High School
Major / Minor: English major/Psychology minor
Activities: Sigma Tau Delta, Interned at Albany High School as a teacher's assistant.

What she does...
Interesting side notes:
Great DaneAlthough UAlbany wasn't Lindsay's first choice, she couldn't be happier with the outcome. "I wasn't sure a big school was right for me, but I've discovered that UAlbany can be as small and personal as you want it to be. It's a perfect match."

Great DaneThrough her experience writing bios about other students, Lindsay has learned that "there are so many opportunities available, both academically and socially, for students to pursue. The assortment of clubs, activities, and research positions meet the needs of a variety of students' interests, creating encouraging prospects for students."

Great DaneTen years from now Lindsay would love to be working in the field of marketing or teaching high school students.

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Who she is...what she did!
'05 Grad
Hometown, State
: Massapequa, New York
High School: Massapequa High School, Massapequa Long Island
/ Minor: Mathematics major / double minor in Business Administration and Education
Activities: University at Albany Woman's Varsity Tennis Team, Student Athletic Advisory Committee, Presidential Honors Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, Graduation Pledge Alliance
Where is she now? Goldman Sachs as an analyst in the Global Equities Department

Interesting side notes:
Great Dane"I will admit UAlbany was not my first choice in schools, but I think I made the best decision coming here. UAlbany has so many resources and great things going on, that I have grown as a person since I stepped foot on campus freshman year. I have been involved in so many activities and organizations that have lead into so many great things. There is something here for everyone-so come on out and join the fun!"

Great DaneHaving the opportunity to profile the great student body of this campus has been an honor and a great experience for Lisa. Meeting new people and learning about what they are involved in around campus is something Lisa has enjoyed. "There is so much to do that you can not possibly know all the organizations that people are involved in!"

Great DaneWhen asked where she thinks she will be in ten years, Lisa was unsure. "Only time will tell..." she feels.

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Who she is...Athletic. Ambitious. Outgoing.
Hometown, State: Huntington, NY
High School: Elwood-John H. Glenn
Major / Minor: Double Major: English/Psychology
Activities: Sigma Tau Delta, Intramural Soccer, Great Dane-filers, Writing Center Tutor

What she does...
Great DaneMarisa was pleased with the benefits the Presidential Scholar Program offered her. It greatly influenced her decision to attend UAlbany. Priority housing sign up and early class registration is a great advantage.

Great DaneWhile interviewing other students, Marisa has learned a lot about people outside her group of friends. "It gave me the opportunity to see how diverse the student population here really is."

Great DaneIn ten years, Marisa hopes to be teaching high school English and coaching soccer.

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Who she is...Athletic. Ambitious. Outgoing.Meagan
Hometown, State: Levittown, NY
High School: Division Avenue High School
Major / Minor: English/Education
Activities: Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, taking Yoga classes in the Community center at Empire

What she does...
Great DaneMeagan's decision to come to UAlbany was influenced by the look of the campus. "I know a lot of people don't like it, but I thought it was kind of cool and different." She was also involved in Project Renaissance and loved the idea of living with the people you were going to have classes with.

Great DaneInterviewing other students has taught Meagan quite a bit. "There are so many people who are really involved in the school and there are so many things to try out. It's unbelievable how many clubs and activities there are on campus and how many students are very dedicated to them."

Great DaneTen years from now, Meagan hopes to be successful, using her degree in a positive way and happy with what she is doing. She wants to go into the teaching field, specifically special education or speech pathology.

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Who she is...
Hometown, State: Brooklyn, NY
High School: Edward R. Murrow
Major / Minor: English/Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Activities: Hillel, L'Chaim, Spread the Word, Sigma Tau Delta (English Honor Society), and Great Dane-filers

What she does...
Great DaneWhy UAlbany? "It was not too far from home, but not too close. There are a lot of clubs and activities and I liked what their English department offered."

Great DaneOne thing that Rachel thinks that everyone should know before enrolling here is that this is a large university; nothing will come easy. "It's your job to stay on top of things and if you need something done, it's you responsibility to make it happen."

Great DaneFrom profiling other students, Rachel has learned how to listen. This helps her discover some amazing facts about other people.

Great DaneTen years from now, Rachel hopes to be teaching English Literature at her old high school, writing, and being involved in the literary world.

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Who she is...Environmentalist. Active. Motivated.
Hometown, Country: Recife, Brazil
High School: First two years at Colegio Equipe, a private school in Recife, Brazil. Last two years at Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School.
Major / Minor: Double major in Human Biology and English
Activities: Ambassador for the 2005 COOL Idealist National Conference representing UAlbany, President of Environmental Task Force, member of Project SHAPE (Sexual Health and Peer Education), Presidential Honors Society, National Society of Collegiate Scholars , volunteer at St. Peter's Hospital, National Society of Collegiate Scholars; scholar of the day and was a semi-finalist for the Merit Award.

What she does...
Great DaneRenata came to UAlbany because her dad wanted her to go to a University that was close to home. "He said that Brazilians need to stay close, especially family."

Great DaneRenata has learned a lot from profiling other students on campus. "I learned about this wonderful organization called Project SHAPE: Sexual Health and Peer Educator, which teaches students about safe sex and other issues regarding sexual education. I actually liked their work so much that I joined and became a member."

Great DaneAll her life, Renata has told herself that she wanted to be a doctor. Through working with the Environmental Task Force, she started thinking that maybe she would like to pursue a career in Environmental Conservation. "If I do that, in ten years I will probably have my masters in that field and hopefully will be involved in great research."

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Who he is...what he did!
Sam'05 Grad
Hometown, State: Dresden, New York
High School: Crown Point Central High School
Major / Minor: History: Concentration US / International Perspectives: Concentration Global Issues
Activities: Presidential Honor Society, Phi Alpha Theta, UA Website Profilers, Presidential Scholars
Where is he now? Graduate school for history; possibly become a professor

Interesting side notes:
Great DaneSam came to UAlbany because he was interested in moving to a city that wasn't too big, but was still big enough and interesting enough to give him some new and different opportunities, and mainly because he was impressed with the programs and thought the Presidential Scholars program was a great educational and economical deal.

Great Dane"I have learned so much about the true diversity that exists among UAlbany students. Diversity in backgrounds: ethnic, economic, geographic, but above all in the ways people think, learn, develop, and become engaged and passionate about college."

Great DaneIn ten years Sam would like to have completed his PhD. in history and have begun his first teaching professorship.

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Who she is...Dedicated. Open-minded. Persistent.
VictoriaGraduated August '05
Hometown, State: East Fishkill, New York
High School: Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School
Major / Minor: Communication/Business/English
Activities: American Marketing Association and the National Communications Association.

Quote: "Each failure is simply another chapter to the story of our lives. To fail is to understand what not to do. Remember it, and do not give up until your goal is achieved."
-Author Unknown

What she does...
Great DaneVictoria's majors and minors will give her the background to work in a number of different areas. Her communication and business skills would lend themselves to career in broadcasting or publishing, but she is also very creative and may be interested in marketing and merchandising. She chose English as a second minor because she knows how valuable it is to have that background - it's versatile for any career.

Great DaneVictoria is a risk-taker who is outspoken and knows what it is she wants.

Great DaneWhat are her thoughts about college? "I have enjoyed college more than I ever thought that I would. I have had the best experience here at UAlbany from great friends to great professors who have taught me things that I will carry with me into my future. It has shaped my ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and really who I am today. College is the best experience and time well spent. It has made me intrigued about my future!"

Great DaneWhere do you see yourself in ten years? "In ten years, I see myself successful in my career and well-traveled. I will be always striving to reach the top but hoping to never exactly get there because once you reach the top, there will be nothing left to work toward."


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