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Juliana's Favorites:

Juliana●Likes to write.
●Participating in the comedy club.
●Hanging out with friends.
●Skating, tennis...anything that keeps her on her feet.

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Presidential Honors Society
Department of Biological Sciences
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Juliana's Journals


Juliana in front of the main fountainWho she is...Creative. Active. Comic.


Hometown, State: Binghamton, New York

High School: Binghamton High

Major/Minor: Biology major / French minor

Activities: Newman Association, Presidential Honor Society, UAlbany Sketch and Situational Comedy club (aka "Sketchy Characters"), Biology Club, various volunteer activities through PHS, and founding a new club for tennis lovers/players across campus


Great DaneFebruary 9, 2006

Comedy Club MeetingThe start of the second semester certainly came with a bang--I found my sphere of friends divided into two groups: those with radically more work than last semester, and those with radically less. Unfortunately for me, I became part of the group with radically more work. As I've rarely had to write essays in my past semesters here, almost none last year at all, all of a sudden, I found myself having written homework every night with big papers and take home tests coming up in the near future. On one hand, I can't complain--I've always hated having in class tests being the sole component of one's grade. This is my chance to prove that I know the material. I also get forced to know this stuff by writing it out every night. On the other hand...well, I guess there is no concrete 'other hand' in this case other than I hope I do well on the in-class tests.

On top of schoolwork, I joined a gym. So quite literally, I spend close to zero time in my room at all anymore. I have personal sessions with a boxer a minimum of three times a week, homework, and reading (which, because of written assignments, some of my books are still in their shrink wrap...I'm going to go crazy!), and then, I'm still president of the Comedy Club, so I still have to find time to have meetings and rehearsals and filming for that. Every night is something else for me, and I frequently forget what I'm doing when; I only know that I'm not supposed to be in my room.

It hasn't even been a month yet, and next week is break. That's so weird to me...and also, I feel like I'm so behind already! Goodness...

I really enjoy Facebook. My latest finding was people who want to play tennis like I do. The days when I can't go to the gym, I usually have time to go hit a little, but most of my friends are beginner level, so it gets irritating playing with them (I still love you guys! Don't get mad :-P). I went online to see if I could find some other tennis players and saw a couple who posted recently and a couple who posted from way back. Hopefully those old posters still want to hit, but really...I was thinking about it and it is miraculous the sort of things that Facebook can do. Actually, it's quite ridiculous, but useful all at the same time.

Also, speaking of that and the Comedy Club, we made an announcement to several Facebook groups of Monty Python Movie Night, an event that the Club is sponsoring, so I thought I'd mention it real quick for everyone else. On March 1st, the UAlbany Situational and Sketch Comedy Club will be hosting a movie night in which we will watch Monty Python's "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," the special edition with bonus features, and we will be raffling off several Monty Python prizes. If anyone is interested, e-mail

Alright, break time is over--Hope your semesters are going well, and for any prospective students out there, I hope the college choosing process is relatively painless for all of you. I saw several tour groups pass by today as I was sitting in the Campus Center...hope you had good impressions of UAlbany. I promise...It's not ALWAYS this cold here :-) If anything it's been relatively warm the past few weeks--a nice surprise for winter season.

Until next time...


Great DaneJanuary 23, 2006

Juliana with her sisterWell, first off, welcome back everyone!

I don't know about the rest of you, but once I got back from break, it felt like I never left, and that was actually a nice feeling. I hate to say it this way, but it was like a huge burden off my shoulders to be back and away from the parents and their silly rules, but then again, classes starting almost immediately, I knew this feeling wouldn't last. Oh well, it was nice for a little there. I'm upset though because the weather was nice and perfect for starting off the new semester in, and then I woke up this morning and it was the time I got outside at around 9, it was already up to like 4 inches.

So break....well, I didn't have a lot of down time, and it's what I wanted, though having actually gotten that, I did wish at times that I had more room to be lazy. I got a job at home at a bookstore, almost the equivalent of Mary Jane's here in Albany, I guess you could say. They primarily sell text books for the local college community, our main colleges being Binghamton University and Broome Community College. You might think that there isn't much to do since all the students are home on break and classes are suspended and whatnot, but nope! We got so swamped moving books and making sure that we had all the class orders that we were supposed to get and matching them to their class numbers, identifying unlabeled books, and then shelving and reshelving and reshelving and reshelving the books really was a pain, but at the same time, you lift anywhere from 4 to 40 boxes of books, most of them weighing in between 30 and 60 pounds, and you feel like you can do anything once you're done. I got back to school and moved in all by myself, and I don't think I could have done that without the book training in there. I was so proud. :-P

Aside from work, which did take up all my free time, especially in the last two weeks, my boyfriend came home from Texas and snuck up to school to spend the three days prior to break with me. Once I got home, I tried to spend as much time with all my friends as I could. My one friend had a birthday/reunion party, my boyfriend had a New Year's/reunion party, and the mall is always one giant reunion party. Yes, lots of reunions...It's always nice to see everyone again, and now I have a couple more numbers in my book to keep in touch with.

Juliana's sisterI think probably my highlight came when my sister asked me one evening to take her out. I wasn't sure what she had in mind, but when I asked, she told me she wanted to see her friend perform in a local drag show. That in itself was so many firsts for was the first time I went downtown at night at home, first time I went downtown without an escort, it was my first time in a gay bar, and my first time at a drag show. I have to say though, that was the most amazing experience I've had in a while. First off, anyone who has seen Party Monster but hasn't been to a drag show, it really was quite similar to that. I don't know really what to say...but those guys loved it, and they loved the attention. Some of them were great performers, and what made things worse...some of the queens had better bodies than most girls I've seen! I was a little upset about that, especially when this one guy came out in a Victoria's Angels outfit, essentially a bra, underwear, and angel wings, and managed to strut his stuff as if he'd been a girl all his life. I saw lots of people I knew there, as well. All in all, fun night.

To close out break, I got a call from my friend and former school counselor. I had left him and his wife a call to wish them happy holidays when I got home and hadn't heard from them since, so I figured they were out of town. They got back and called me, so we went to the high school basketball game together to spend some time together. By this point, it was the night before move in and I still had many things left to do, plus I was scheduled to work until 6, so when I told them I had to leave, they decided that that wasn't enough time. We made arrangements to meet for breakfast the next day and we got to spend more time together. I was surprised when I walked in for him and his wife to introduce me as their daughter when we met new people, but at the same time, it made me happy. I left that day in a good mood thinking that everything I could have done worthwhile over break had been done. Then last thing before we left, they pulled out a book. These are religious people, they're not condescending people, and they don't try to force religion or beliefs on anyone. However, they were there for my Confirmation almost two years ago, and they know that I try to take moments every now and then to reflect and whatnot. The book is called "Moments with God". They said they used it since their marriage to have a moment to pull away from stress, to remind them of little things that life is about. I, myself, am not really into that sort of reading material, but the way the book is set up is not really a read through type ordeal....there is a quote for every day of the year. They told me that if I ever felt overwhelmed or get a chance to glance at it, it could help, and above all, it would remind me of them. So, I've been reading it for that reason, to remind me of two people who I always know I can rely on when I feel overwhelmed, or as they would say, my other parents.

Random fact about that morning...being up so early, I actually got to see the sun rise, and it was so pretty that I had to take a picture of it. If it weren't for the glare of the car window, they'd be perfect pictures to remind me of a good day.

Move in, saw my best friends. My room really felt like home more so than home did. I'm glad to be back.

My schedule isn't the worst, but after seeing my friend's, I'm a little upset that no matter how hard I try, I always have multiple and/or late classes. At least I start at a decent hour everyday, 11:30, so I at least have that much to be grateful for.

Time for my first class! Have a good semester :-)


Great DaneDecember 7, 2005

Juliana with friendsThere are three distinguishing factors for this time of year. First, we just had our first substantial snowfall, which is funny seeing as last week at one point, I had my jacket put away for a little bit. Second, there is much talk of finals, seeing as this is the last week of classes. So, of course, third would be that there are two calendar weeks left until we go home for the holidays. I get two general feelings from my peers. One is that of extreme stress, and the other is that of relaxation. It might sound strange, but it goes different ways. Some aren't stressing because they figure they have a week to stress about their exams next week, others just are very confident in their courses that they don't feel a need to stress at all.

My friend Ian had a birthday right when we got back from Thanksgiving break. We like to tease him because he's the oldest of our little group, and he responded by asking us, "Where's my social security check?" We went out to dinner and made sure the waiters sang to him loudly. Then dinner turned into a muscle-fest as the guys, on the way to the car, decided to compare who had the largest biceps. Typical guys.

Zach holding a puppyI went to the mall with my friend Zach. We were surprised to find the mall open at 9:30 pm on a Sunday, so we started browsing through stores and ended up at the pet store. Too many times have I stood at the window looking at the dogs in their cages, so I decided that this time, I was going to free one--for at least a short while, anyways. We picked a puppy and played with it for a little bit. The guy tried to sell him to us, and if it weren't for the "no pets on campus" rule (and the fact that this tiny puppy cost $1,250), we probably would have taken her home with us. *sigh* ...maybe next time.

Juliana with the Comedy ClubI try to keep myself occupied, but I just find myself getting very bored around this time every year. Things start to quiet down because people are afraid to get too involved with activity and not involved enough in school work and finals, so really, lately, I've only been in my room inviting people over, and they come as they can. I was proud that I found the first two seasons of The Adventures of Pete and Pete on DVD, so the past two days, it's been a Pete and Pete marathon. The comedy club is pretty much in recess until next semester, but we are very excited to finally have our television debut on ATV this Thursday evening (8:30 I think, but I admit...I forgot when exactly--oops). We have been filming still, though. It was fun last week because we did a real life version of Looney Tunes. I decided to play the roadrunner, my friend Jeanine played the coyote, and we ran around Colonial Quad on camera. People give you funny looks for running around campus, so add a camera to that, and we got some pretty confused stares. One guy decided to run around with us which ruined the take, but was quite funny. Another guy called down from Hamilton Hall asking what exactly we were filming for. Hopefully he'll be watching us Thursday night at around 8:30 on ATV. (Hooray for shameless plugs :-D)

I think now is a good time to reflect on everything, but I'd rather not. I've got a lot to look forward to next semester, especially with the comedy club--and a fully loaded schedule. So, I'll leave it at that. Good luck to everyone during finals week!


Great DaneNovember 10, 2005

Juliana at the ice skating rinkWell, let's's a bit hard to concentrate on what's gone on since October. Once the November double digits come around, especially Thanksgiving break, it's a quick stretch to the end of the semester. Thanksgiving is really one of my big milestones in the school year, the other major one being Spring break. Finally, class stresses are almost over.

Halloween was interesting. I actually dressed up this year, which was a first for me. All my other friends said they were going to, and seeing as I had never celebrated prior to college, I thought, "Why not join in?" Most people had their fun and parties on the weekend, but I did see several people who went to class all dressed up, and even more dressed up that night around the Campus Center. I didn't go trick or treating or anything like that, but that's friends had more candy than they knew what to do with, and I was happy to help out with that :-)

Juliana with a friend at the ice skating rinkI found an ice skating rink last year near campus-probably 10 minutes away by car. I have been spending a lot of time at the rink this year, dragging along more and more people each time. It's fun since most people I know haven't ice skated before, and those who have only have had a minimum of exposure, so I get to try to teach what little I know about ice skating to them. We have fun, and it's another thing we get to add to our list now for things to do when we're bored.

Another milestone came and past--spring registration. That's something in itself...a free-for-all event, knock down, drag-out fight for the free seats of classes needed for majors and Gen Eds (General Education courses). Certainly, it's a stressful time for most students. I haven't heard anything to the contrary yet, anyway. I started registering last week, and it's taken me until now to complete my schedule, but finally, it's all done. The unfortunate thing is I still know people who haven't registered's tough enough for those who register on time, so to those of you who haven't, I say, "Godspeed."

Other than that, as usual, there are always campus events going on. I continue to try to keep the Comedy Club going, and we're finishing up our next TV episode. Some FBI representatives came to campus for an exposition on job opportunities in the FBI. It wasn't what I expected it to be, but it was interesting to say the least, with lots of fair-type games and activities. Then there's "Danes after Dark," sporting events, etc...not that I've necessarily gone to all that, but you hear about the triumphs and whatnot by word of mouth. I, personally, have been traveling a lot, going home to Binghamton last weekend and off to Geneseo this weekend. The thing is most of this traveling comes from spur of the moment urges. It's good to be spontaneous once in a while, right?

Till next time...


Great DaneOctober 14, 2005

Probably the most noticeable change between a month ago and now is the weather. It is considerably more fall-like, and I now see tree leaves starting to change color. In any case, it doesn't really phase me that much as I know it does some other students. I kind of view it as a midway point through the semester... that, and the fact that midterm season has already hit.

JulianaWe got our first breaks at the beginning of the month. Everyone I knew took that as a chance to get away from campus and the related underlying stress of classes that linger even though class itself may not be in session. I went down to Texas to visit my boyfriend, my other friends went home. For us, it was the first time since school started that our little group hadn't been together for more than a day, so it was strange, but in the end, it was a nice "relaxer" for us. I had my first midterm the day classes went back in session, which made my break a little stressful knowing that it was on the horizon. In any case, that much is over with, and the weekend came quickly.

This week, we had off Wednesday and Thursday, which was strange being in the middle of the week, but again, much appreciated. I had invested in a PS2 earlier in the year, and I brought up my N64 (hopefully that isn't so old school that everyone has forgotten what it is already!), so the break was devoted to expanding my collection of games for the times where my friends and I don't feel like doing anything but sitting in and being lazy. I, being the Dance Dance Revolution freak that I am, immediately looked for the newest release, and also bought a couple others so that I could get some interactions going rather than sitting through one player games all the time. Since the break was in the middle of the week, it made scheduling difficult to try any sort of travel.

Juliana with her fatherMy father came up to visit me last night...I realized that there was a good chance that I may not be home until Thanksgiving, which would make it the longest I've been away from home. Regardless, it was nice to see him, as always. We explored a new restaurant close to campus, and then he went on to get some rest. I caught up with my friend, Claudia, and we went out to Sneaky Pete's to dance a little. She and I love dancing, and she thought a girls' night out was in order. Needless to say, it was a good time and I'm glad she managed to drag me out! I enjoy the club scene--I feel it gives me a chance to see some familiar faces, but also to meet up with other college students in the area.

So weekend is here again...I'm off to try to make something of it :-)


Great DaneSeptember 19, 2005

It's the fourth week of classes already. Technically, it's not that long, but I've already had tests in most of my classes, which is almost a depressing thought. As far as that note goes, however, I'm very happy with classes and think that this semester will be my least stressful. I like having front loaded weeks, since by the end, you're just ready to sit down and crash anyway.

I didn't realize that I'd be so busy, despite only having four real classes. Let's recap what's gone on so far:

Well, first off, last week was birthday week in my suite. My roommate and I both had birthdays on Friday, our friend, Liz, had a birthday on Thursday, and then another girl, Krista, had a birthday on Tuesday. Though we had several little celebrations throughout the week, we had one central party on Thursday night. There was cake, presents, even a couple games and I think that everyone enjoyed themselves that night. The night before, the suities, Krista and her roommate, and my two friends, Ian and Rick, went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant near campus called Mangia. Just what we need as college kids--another excuse to spend money :-) I had fun though, and I'm pretty sure everyone else did, too, especially once they brought out all our deserts. Seriously, if you ever get the chance to go there anytime soon, their chocolate mousse cake is AMAZING...don't pass up the opportunity.

Juliana with friends on the circleAfter our group celebration, my friends and I decided that it was time for me to have a party of my own. The past two years, something always came up that got in the way of my birthday, so I was really determined to do something with my friends, and them likewise with me. Friday night, I went out with a couple friends to play laser tag at a place over on Central Ave known as Zero Gravity. It was a small group, but that made the game more interesting, as you know exactly who is shooting you and who you're shooting at. We played three games, switching up the teams each time. I was on the winning team each time, but in additional to team winners, there is an individual winner as well. I won twice of the three times, which I think left an impression on the guys I was with. I also played air hockey against everyone there...didn't lose a game (even though one guy came pretty close to winning). Then after all that was said and done, we went back to my friend's dorm over at the College of Pharmacy and played Ultimate Pool. That's one of my favorite games in the world, and I'll admit to getting a little too competitive with it, but it is sooooooooo much fun. Once we called it a night, we decided mutually that we would definitely have to go out and do all that again. Check back with me after this weekend to see how take 2 goes! :-D

Saturday night was another party with all the friends who couldn't make it out on Friday. My friend, Lauren, volunteered to house a small get together at her place on Empire, the campus apartments. That was nice to see everyone again. I have this glass checker set which I take with pride...I had played it maybe 4 times prior to the party and hadn't lost a game yet, so I was ready to take on any further contenders. I think I played 2 or 3 more games, and again, didn't lose, though there was one stalemate.

All in all, a three day birthday celebration...I think that makes up for the two years past.

The other major component of my school life is my duty as president of the UAlbany Comedy Club. I didn't realize how much of a time commitment that would be. I figured I'd just get the meetings ready, make sure things are in order, and then that'd be it. That's not far from the truth, but it really is something everyday for the club, which I'm not complaining.

Juliana's Comedy ClubThe Comedy Club had tabled outside the Campus Center for two days, trying to recruit new members. Come the first meeting, we had 30 people show up, 7 who were returning members. That thrilled us beyond belief--after all the hardships that closed out last year, the club was starting out strong. We contemplated our potential TV show and the making of a new DVD and so on. Well, soon after the first meeting, we got word that the TV show was starting up much sooner than anticipated, which thrilled the club even more. That meant next, we had to do something to promote the TV show...

This past weekend, I called a last minute filming session for the club to tape some commercials for our show. That was a lot of fun. We got some great footage and even managed to drag along some people who were passing by, which made for some interesting moments. After a very quick editing session, we already have our commercial segment ready to launch. Now we have to finish our next episode, which is already more than half done, and get moving on working on new material. The show is launching either at the end of this month, or early in October, so we're all very excited to see that happen.

In addition to all that, the club this year has two live performing committees--Improvisational Comedy and Stand Up Comedy. We're practicing, but soon we'll be doing live shows as well. Watch out for us in a Penthouse near you!

This year is definitely a unique year for me. Last year, being isolated in the tower, I felt like I didn't get out much. Not only am I busier this year, but I find myself not in my room as often as last year. I am always around my two best friends on campus, Ian and Rick, and if I'm not with them, I'm usually with someone else. I think it drives my suities crazy because I'm never around...

I think that's about it this time around. I have a long break until my next class, so I think a nap is in order! Until next time...

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Great DaneAugust 5, 2005

Happy summer all!

Juliana playing frisbee on the circleSo, we've endured the brutal heat and potential boredom associated with summer break. Now the time comes where we count down the days until the day arrives--move in day. I have to say I'm looking forward to it. Going into my third year at the University at Albany, I already have a significant friend base, and I always look forward to moving into a new room and, thus, new opportunity to meet more people.

I'm going into my junior year at the university, but I'm actually a semester ahead credit wise. When my advisor asked me if I was thinking of graduating early, I immediately told him, "No," and I'll continue to hold to that. I'm enjoying my time at the University too much to even think about leaving. Despite tough classes (us Biology majors can get it pretty rough) and homework, college life just doesn't compare to anything else, and I'm enjoying it beyond belief. If anything, being at home all summer has made me bored and depressed--being away from everyone and lacking the freedoms I have on campus makes me so crazy and jumpy at home. Plus, I guess like most of my other college friends, I fear being forced into the REAL real world. They say you set out into the real world after high school graduation. That's not entirely true: it's only the real world if you don't go to college, otherwise it's a place known as 'college life.'

At school, I'm always doing something. I am a member of the Presidential Honor Society, member (and newly elected president, thank you very much ^_^) of the sketch comedy group on campus, and when I get time, I volunteer with the Newman Association. Even if I'm not doing something club or school related, I almost always have someone around willing to venture off campus with me, especially now that I've discovered the wonder of Coldstone Creamery. I must say, that place is amazing...I suppose my roommate deserves her credit for introducing it to me as well. Thanks, Lindsey!

Being at home is like taking a step backward for me. All of a sudden, there are curfews and bedtimes and strict monitoring as to where and when you go places, not to mention people--er, parents--telling you what to do, what to eat, what to wear, how to act, etc. If I haven't learned all that by now, then I'm in trouble.

Hand puppetRegardless, this past summer, I've managed to keep myself busy. The first month or so, I returned to work at a small clothing store not too far from home. It got old quick, but I toughed through it until I just couldn't take it anymore. Mostly for me, I've just been modeling. Modeling is something I actually started doing my last month at school, and once I got home, the offers kept coming, so I continued to do it. It's nothing major, but the offers I get can be exciting; for example, a couple weeks after I got home, I was asked to shoot for a magazine. Yesterday and today, I got information about music videos and VJ auditions (! and all you kids of the MTV age all know what VJ's are, I hope). I didn't end up doing the magazine shoot--tight schedule, tough travel arrangements. It's still fun to think about though. I did get to work a GM promotion at the Boilermaker at Utica, NY in early July as a result of modeling, and, of course, I did a number of simple shoots. As unreliable as modeling is--that is, as a source of income--it's been the steadiest thing I've had going all summer.

I know most people go on vacations and such for the summer. I had planned to go to the beach, but as I started thinking about arrangements, my family informed me that my father would be traveling to France for a month to pick up my cousin and bring her back here to the States. Thus, no vacations for me, per se. That whole month my father was gone, I got to play his fatherly role: waking up early, making breakfast for the family, taking my mother to work, taking my sister places, doing the dishes, cleaning the house, sorting our mail, picking up my mother, grocery shopping, even paying the bills! The month of July for me was a severe taste of adulthood. I don't think I could have missed school any more than I did then.

Now my cousin is here, and I get to relax a bit, show her around town, try to represent my country a bit...this is, by all means, my vacation now. I can't complain, I suppose. I took her to all my favorite places (which isn't much in lovely Binghamton, NY), took her to Silver Lake down in Pennsylvania, and we'll be going to New York City next week. If anything, it's real easy to keep her amused because there is a lot here in the States that they don't have in France, or at least her part of France--discount department stores, numerous malls, and everyone has a 'big' house according to her. Might I add, though, that she doesn't speak English. So, all my energy has been put into speaking French all day, everyday.

As I sit here and I reflect between last year and this year at this time, I was going crazy last year stressing about work and school, relationships and self esteem. I was afraid to go back. Now, I'm so anxious to get back. I guess I just had to find my niche at school, and I think I did that. I mentioned before about counting down the days, but I'm literally counting down the days. My calendar is marked up, my messenger profile says it (22 days and counting as of today, August 5th)...I feel ready to tackle on college life again. I want to be back in a new room, a new year, and pick up both anew and where I left off. That may sound like an oxymoron, but I view it like this: you come back with the same friends you had last year, most of the same stuff, most of the same style and so on, but you get the chance to expand your bases, try new things, make new goals, even set a new reputation for yourself if you really wanted to.

Despite the rollercoaster ride associated with personal life, academics or just my biological clock, I'm so comfortable at school that I don't really know what to do with myself when I'm not there. There lies my procrastination to graduate, but even so, though I'm not sure where I may end up after college or what I'll do, I know I have a lot to look forward to.

All in all, summer has been great, but after days of sitting home, no real job, and a significant taste of adulthood, I'm ready for summer to be over.

Three weeks left...


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