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UAlbany Students: Who we are. What we do.

The UAlbany GREAT DANE-FILES Project grew from of a series of student-authored profiles written for the University's homepage in the spring of 2003 & 2004. The profiles highlighted seniors prior to their graduation. Those features were among the most frequently "hit" sites on the University's home page. The UAlbany students who worked with the Director of Marketing on these profiles wanted to do more; they wanted to have a permanent presence on the University's website and the GREAT DANE-FILES grew from that idea.

Features of the project:
The student writers ("The GREAT DANE-FILERS") are involved in all phases of the project from the planning and writing to the implementation. Students may receive academic credit through the Writing Center for work on this project. Right now students come from Presidential Honor Society and Sigma Tau Delta (English Honorary).

The project manager is an intern in the English department, selected for qualities and skills that support the project. Internships overlap to allow for constant training for the next manager to take over. The project manager is in charge of keeping content updated, arranging for photos and other implementation needs of the pages.

The student writers established criteria, solicited names from faculty & staff and selected the first group of students to be profiled.

The student writers conducted the interviews, wrote and edited the profiles, determined graphic needs and took photos.

Faculty/Staff Sponsors and Support:
Jil Hanifan, English Department & Writing Center, GA recruitment
Kate Winter, English Department & Advisor to Sigma Tau Delta, intern recruitment
William Rainbolt, Journalism, student writer recruitment, advisor
Kelly Secovnie, PhD candidate in English (GA), Writing Center tutor, spring 2005
Carol Flax, Marketing Director, Project Coordinator
Hilary Knox, Web design and implementation
Rebecca Ward, intern-spring 2005
Jennifer Lonschein, intern-fall 2005



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