School Psychology Certificate of Advanced Study

The University at Albany, State University of New York offers a program in School Psychology which leads to a Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS). The CAS is minimally a three-year, 76 credit-hour training program. Students admitted to the program are eligible for the MS in Educational Psychology and Methodology and students intending to apply for New York State certification as a school psychologist must receive the MS in addition to the CAS in School Psychology.

The Program's philosophy is that preparation of school psychologists is dependent on: (a) a solid foundation in psychological and educational theory and research, and skill-based training in psychological assessment and intervention methods; and (b) opportunities for supervised application of theory, research, and reflective practice. This is accomplished through an academic component consisting of coursework in psychological foundations; educational foundations and related areas; research, measurement, and statistics; intervention/problem solving; and professional school psychology. Furthermore, a second component involves the trainee in applied professional experiences through field training. This philosophy is consistent with an integrated model in which theory and research provide the basis for school psychological practice, the implementation and evaluation of which subsequently informs theory, research, and practice. The aim of the Program is the development of school psychologists who are well educated in both psychology and education. Using this knowledge, school psychologists are able to use a variety of skills to improve students' educational experiences and psychological well being. As such, these individuals provide a variety of services, including consultation, assessment, and direct intervention.

1. Psychological Foundations (15).
2. Research, measurement, statistics (9).
3. Intervention/Problem Solving (25).
4. Educational Foundations (9).
5. Professional School Psychology (3).
6. Professional Practice (12).
This internship, in an appropriate school system, is arranged by and under the supervision of the University for a period of not less than one year of full-time activity.

Additional Requirements: Project SAVE (Safe Schools Against Violence Prevention in Education) Training and NYS Mandated Reporter/Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment are also required. These do not carry course credit but are noted on each student's transcript.

Divisional Examination
The student must pass a comprehensive examination in school psychology.