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Graduate Bulletin Homepage |Admission and Graduate Requirements | Combined Baccalaureate-Master's Degree Programs

Combined Baccalaureate-Master's Degree Programs

Standards and Requirements
  1. In qualifying for the baccalaureate, students will meet all University and school requirements, including the second field requirement, the minimum liberal arts and sciences credit-hour requirement, and residency requirements.
  2. In qualifying for the master's degree, students will meet all University and school requirements, including completing a minimum of 30 graduate credits, and any such conditions as research seminar, thesis, comprehensive examination, or other professional experience where required, and residency requirements.
  3. Total minimum credit-hour requirements for combined degree programs in the arts and sciences: 138 to 150 credits, of which at least 30 must be graduate credits. To earn the baccalaureate degree students must complete 120 credits of appropriate study; to receive the master's degree students must complete 30 credits of appropriate graduate study. Up to 12 graduate credits may be applied simultaneously to both the undergraduate and to the graduate programs. Although it is permissible for combined degree programs to require a minimum of 138 total credits, faculties responsible for specific combined degree programs may require more than 138 total credits to satisfy the unique characteristics of differing disciplines. Combined degree programs may not, however, require additional baccalaureate major credits that exceed current credit limitations for majors.
  4. Because of the wide range of total credits required in professional master's degrees (30-63), total credit-hour requirements for combined baccalaureate-professional master's degree programs can be approved on a range from 138 to 175 credits.
  5. Exceptions to the program minima stated in sections 3 and 4 may be approved by the Graduate Academic Council and/or Undergraduate Academic Council.
  6. All combined degree programs must be approved by both the Graduate Academic Council and Undergraduate Academic Council. Programs will be monitored under procedures jointly established by both academic councils.

Admissions and Administrative Procedures

  1. Students may be admitted to an integrated degree program at the beginning of their junior year, or after the successful completion of 56 credits. A GPA of 3.2 or higher and three supportive letters of recommendation from faculty are required.
  2. Although admitted to an integrated degree program, students will be considered as undergraduate students for the purposes of tuition, financial aid, and headcount identification until completion of 120 credits of satisfactory work. Upon meeting that requirement, students will be considered graduate students for purposes of tuition, headcount identification, and eligibility for graduate assistantships, fellowships, and loans. A graduate transcript will be initiated for the students at the 120 credit-hour threshold.

Last updated on 7/10/2008