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Graduate Bulletin

Courses in School Psychology

Spy 687 Institute (1-9)
A special course, not part of the pattern of regular offerings, designed to meet non-recurring needs.

Spy 690 Seminar in School Psychology (3)
For first-year school psychology students. Current problems, issues, and practices in school psychology; includes school observations, school psychology colloquia, tutoring, supervised testing, research projects. Prerequisite: Consent of division.
SPY 690Q 2-Hour Child Abuse Course (0)
2-hour required course in the identification and reporting of child abuse

PROJECT SAVE - Mandated Violence Prevention Training
Spy 780 Psychoeducational Assessment: Intellectual (4)
Problems of definition and development of a concept of intelligence. Historical and contemporary approaches to the problems of measuring intelligence, with emphasis on the use of current individual assessment techniques. Focus specifically on issues concerning the intellectual functioning of children; students are required to conduct cognitive assessments as a laboratory assignment. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Spy 781 Psychoeducational Assessment: II: Educational (3)
Development, use, and implications of techniques designed to assess learning problems with a particular focus on educational approaches. Includes use of achievement tests, diagnostic educational measures and techniques to observe learning styles for school-aged children. Prerequisite: Psy 773, Spy 780 or consent of instructor.

Spy 782 Psychoeducational Assessment III: Behavioral and Social-Emotional (3)
Theories and application of major methods of assessing behavioral and social-emotional functioning of children and adolescents. Includes coverage of behavioral and psychodiagnostic approaches to assessment. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Spy 785 Psychoeducational Intervention I: Behavioral (3)
Theory, practice, and research on behavioral interventions with children and adolescents. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Spy 786 Psychoeducational Intervention II: Consultation (3)
Concepts and practice of consultation in school psychology. Emphasis on mental health and behavioral consultation including student-centered, classroom-centered and teacher-centered techniques. Prerequisite: Consent of the instructor.
Spy 787 Psychoeducational Intervention III: Psychotherapy (3)
Theory, practice, and research on various psychotherapeutic interventions with children and adolescents. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
Spy 788 Psychoeducational Intervention IV: Organizational Consultation & Primary Prevention (3)
Concepts and practices of organizational consultation and techniques designed to prevent the development of learning and adjustment problems in children. Special emphasis on a systemic model for intervening in schools, as well as primary and secondary prevention techniques. Prerequisite: E Spy 786 or consent of the instructor.

Spy 789 Seminar on Emotional & Behavioral Disorders (3)
Examination of emotional and behavioral disorders in children and youth from historical, theoretical, and empirical perspectives. Topics to be discussed might include: definitions, prevalence, theories of etiology and various approaches to assessment and intervention of emotional and behavioral disorders in children and youth. Prerequisite: E Psy 660 or permission of the instructor; students may not take both E Psy 766 and E Spy 789)

Spy 790 Field Experience I: Psycho-Educational Clinic (2-6)
A minimum of two full days per week will be required; generally taken during the fall semester of the second year. The primary setting for this experience is the Child Research and Study Center. Includes psycho-educational assessment, interviews, school observations, parent and school conferences, and clinical seminars. Licensed Psychologists from the Center staff provide direct supervision. Prerequisites: Courses in individual intelligence testing (E Spy 780), and psycho-educational assessment (E Spy 781), with concurrent enrollment in E Spy 798. It is recommended that social/emotional assessment (E Spy 782) be taken prior to or simultaneously with enrollment in this course.

Spy 798 Seminar in Selected Topics in School Psychology (1-6)
Provides intensive study of selected theoretical and professional issues in school psychology. Specific topics to be announced at time of offering. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.

Spy 799 Seminar in Research Issues in School Psychology (2-6)
Consideration of research issues relevant to the practice of school psychology. Students prepare applied research proposals. Required of all doctoral students in school psychology. Prerequisite: Acceptance into doctoral program in school psychology.

Spy 887 Institute in Education (1-9)
A special course, not part of the pattern of regular offerings, designed to meet non-recurring needs.

Spy 890 Field Experience I: Psych-Educational/Clinical (2-6)
Supervised experience in aspects of school psychological services. Divisional permission.

Spy 895 Field Experience II: School (4-8)
Supervised experience in an approved school setting. Required for certification.

Spy 896 Field Experience III: Advanced Clinical/Agency (3-12)
Supervised experience in an approved agency or clinic setting.

Spy 897 Field Experience IV: Advanced School (3-12)
Supervised experience in an approved school setting.

Spy 898 Internship (Psy.D.) (1-12)
Supervised experience in an approved setting.

Spy 899 Professional Dissertation (1-12)
Required of all candidates completing the Psy.D.


Last updated on 7/10/2008