Graduate Bulletin



James Collins, Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley
Study of language and education, especially literacy, discourse analysis and qualitative inquiry.

Peter Johnston, Ph.D., University of Illinois
The relationships among: the interactions of the classroom, assessment practices, and children's literacy acquisition, particularly for children experiencing difficulty becoming literate.

Sean Walmsley, Ed.D., Harvard University
Integration of reading and writing instruction school literacy reform.

Rose Marie Weber, Ph.D., Cornell University
Linguistic issues concerning learning to read and write, history of literacy, second language literacy.

Associate Professors

Virginia Goatley, Ph.D., Michigan State University
Genre studies, media literacy, discourse and identity, qualitative inquiry..

George Kamberelis, Ph. D, University of Michigan
Genre studies, media literacy, discourse and identity; qualitative inquiry.

Donna Scanlon, Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY
The instructional/experiential influences affecting early literacy development, the characteristics of children who experience reading difficulties, approaches to preventing reading difficulties.

Assistant Professor

Cheryl Dozier, Ph. D, University at Albany, SUNY
Teacher preparation and children experiencing difficulty learning to read and write.

Margaret Sheehy, Ph.D., Ohio State University
Literacy across the lifespan; school literacy; multiple literacies; sociocultural literacy processes.

Mark Jury, Ph. D., University of California-Berkeley
Adolescent and adult literacy and learning in classrooms and in non-school settings.

Professor Emeritus

Richard Allington, Ph.D., Michigan State University

James Fleming, Ed.D., Harvard University

Anne McGill-Franzen, Ph.D., University at Albany, SUNY

Edward Sipay, Ph.D., University of Connecticut