Graduate Bulletin



Mohammad Sajjad Alam, Ph.D., Indiana University
Experimental paticle physics

Hassarum Bakhru, Ph.D., Calcutta University
Materials Physics, heavy-ion induced x-rays; experimental particle-solid interactions

Tara P. Das, Ph.D., University of Calcutta
Theory of electronic stuctures and associated properties, including hyperfine interactions of atomic, molecular biological, and condensed matter systems.

Jagadish B. Garg, D.Sc., University of Paris
Experimental nuclear physics, neutron resonance.

Akira Inomata, Ph.D., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Theoretical particle physics and general relativity.

Alain Kaloyeros, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Experimental condensed matter physics and materials science.

John C. Kimball, Ph.D., University of Chicago
Theoretical condensed matter physics and physics of sailing.

Tung-Sheng Kuan, Ph.D., Cornell University
Materials physics and electron microscopy.

William A. Lanford, Ph.D., University of Rochester
Materials physics; applied physics; glasses; thin films; ion beam analysis.

Carolyn MacDonald, Ph.D., Harvard University
Materials physics; laser/material interactions; x-ray optics.

Gottlieb S. Oehrlein, Ph.D., University at Albany
Physics and application of low-temperature plasmas; materials and surface science.

Keith F. Ratcliff, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Astrophysics and space physics; modern teaching methods.

Wilfried W. Scholz, Ph.D., University of Freiburg (Germany)
Atomic physics; inner-shell phenomena; electron and ion collisions; nuclear physics.

Associate Professor

Ariel Caticha, Ph.D., California Institute of Technology
Quantum field theory; foundation of quantum mechanics; theories of x-ray diffraction and generation.

Assistant Professors

Robert Geer, Ph.D., University of Minnesota
Condensed matter physics, organic films and systems.

Mengbing Huang, Ph.D., University of Western Ontario, Canada
Semiconductor physics; low-dimensional physics; ion laser beam interaction with matters

Susanne Lee, Ph.D., Harvard University
Condensed matter physics.

Professors Emeritae/I

Raymond E. Benenson

Walter M. Gibson

Robert P. Lanni

Alfred D. Levitas

Bruce B. Marsh

G. William Reynolds

Laura M. Roth

Jack H. Smith

Harold S. Story

Chih-Ree Sun