Public Health MPH/ MD (Albany Med)

Degree Level: MPH

School or College: School of Public Health

Track:  Health Policy and Management; Environmental Health; Biostatisitcs; Social Behavior/Community; Epidemiology; Biomedical Sciences

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  Fall Spring Summer
Assistantship Consideration Feb. 1
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No Assistantship Consideration Feb. 1
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Special Notes:

Applicants to programs in the School of Public Health must submit their application through SOPHAS ( Only those applicants who are advised by SPH to apply directly to the University at Albany's Office of Graduate Education may use the Apply Now! link available to the left of this page.

Must apply and be admitted to Albany Medical College first. One Semester of Biology is required for Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Health and Epidemiology concentrations. Two Semesters of Chemistry are required for Biomedical Sciences and Environmental Health concentrations.

Applications for Carson-Carr, Axelrod and Hearst Fellowships must be received by February 1.