International Applicant Questions

How many students from outside the United States attend UAlbany?

Approximately 1000 students representing 80 different countries are enrolled at UAlbany. The countries with the most students include China, India, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

Are teaching and research assistantships available for international students?

The University offers a limited number of graduate fellowships and assistantships on a merit basis to qualified matriculated graduate students. These awards and positions are awarded and administered by the academic departments. Inquiries regarding the availability and qualification for such awards should be directed to your academic department of interest. To apply for an assistantship or fellowship, please complete the Graduate Assistantship / Fellowship Form and submit it with your graduate degree application.

Do I have to submit both an original and English translated transcript?

Yes, International applicants are required to submit both an original and an English translated transcript from their institution. If you attended an institution with English as the method of instruction and the transcript is in English, then the official transcript is sufficient if official documentation can be provided for mode of instruction.

Do I have to submit a transcript evaluation?

International applicants are required to submit both an English evaluation and a translation of their transcripts. This allows the review committee to correctly compare the quality of your school, coursework and grades with all other applicants.

What translation/evaluation service do you require/recommend?

Currently, the University receives electronic evaluations from WES ( and recommends this service for expeditious processing of your application. Alternative evaluation services can only be used if they require official documents directly from the institution (not the student) in order to evaluate coursework. We cannot accept evaluations from organizations that do not require official documents directly from the institution.

What constitutes an official transcript?

Documents are considered official only if they are sent directly to The Office of Graduate Education in a sealed and stamped envelope from the issuing institution(s).  Transcripts uploaded with the application, or sent from the applicants, are not considered official.

Academic records from India/Bangladesh/Pakistan:
We require official statements of marks or grade cards for each examination attempt, including subsidiary exams, issued by the University Registrar or Controller of Examinations (or photocopies attested by the University Registrar or Controller of Examinations).  We also require the consolidated transcript. We will accept a Provisional Certificate of Degree as final.

Academic records from China:
We require Degree Certificate(s) for proof of earned degree.

Academic records from Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova:
Apostilled photocopies of your official academic records are acceptable in lieu of those sent officially to us from the educational institution. 

What is the average TOEFL score needed?

Current University at Albany minimum scores for general admission:
Internet Based Test 79-80
Computer Based Test 213
Paper Based Test 550

Current University at Albany minimum scores for admission with funding (as instructional support):
Internet Based Test 100
Computer Based Test 250
Paper Based Test 600

Please note some departments may require higher scores for departmental consideration.

Do you accept the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)?

Not all programs accept the IELTS so please check with the academic department.

Can I get my TOEFL/IELTS scores waived?

Applicants who submit official transcripts showing the successful completion (B or better average) of at least two full-time semesters of academic courses (not including English language preparatory programs) at a college or university in countries where English is the dominant language can have TOEFL/IELTS scores waived. Waiver is subject to evaluation of the institution by Graduate Admissions. Students applying for non-certification TESOL master's program can have the TOEFL/IELTS waived if the applicant submits official transcripts showing the successful completion of 3 years of study in a degree program at a college or university in the U.S. and maintained a B or better average.  Departmental program review staff may also reserve the right to require submission of scores as a factor in consideration of applicant eligibility for admission or funding. The University at Albany reserves the right to request proof of English proficiency on a case by case basis.

What is your Institution code for reporting TOEFL scores?

The institution code of for UAlbany Graduate Education is 2532; we do not use department codes.

Can I submit my TOEFL scores after being admitted?

No. Applications will not be considered complete, and therefore will not be evaluated, until all parts of the application are submitted, including the TOEFL scores for international students.

Can my application be reviewed without my financial affidavit?

You can submit your financial affidavit after your file has been reviewed. However if you are selected for admission, your immigration documents will not be sent until official documents showing sufficient financial support have been provided.

I have no available funds (or my study will be fully funded by a sponsor); must I submit the financial affidavit?

All international applicants must submit the financial affidavit regardless of available funding. Failure to do so will delay and/or prevent your application from being considered.

Can I bring family members (dependents) with me to Albany?

If you plan to bring dependent family members with you to the United States, you must document $4,000 per dependent to cover living expenses on your financial affidavit form. In addition, each dependent will need to apply for an F2 Visa. Please fill out the dependent form and submit it with your application for admission. If you are accepted, we will send an I-20 for each dependent you indicate on the form.

Does the University at Albany offer health insurance for international students?

Yes, in fact health insurance for international students is mandatory. The fee for insurance coverage is approximately $300 per semester. This insurance does not cover physical examinations, immunizations, or routine eye and dental care. You can avoid additional health expenses by completing these items before traveling to the U.S. If you wear glasses, you might want to consider bringing a second pair and a copy of your prescription.

What kind of housing options are available?

For information on housing options, please refer to the Department of Residential Life’s website.