Mission, Vision & Core Values

The Center for Global Health was established at the University at Albany School of Public Health in September 2008 by Dean Philip Nasca under the direction of Professor Carol Whittaker. The purpose of the Center for Global Health is to serve as a focal point for international education, research collaborations, and programs.

Our Mission
Working in partnership with the School of Public Health and other academic departments of the University at Albany, the New York State Department of Health, and selected U.S. and international institutions, programs and individuals, the Center for Global Health addresses major global public health challenges through educational programs, capacity building projects, applied research, interventions, faculty and student exchanges, and evaluation.

Our Vision
By 2015, the Center for Global Health will be recognized internationally as a valued partner specializing in public health communication, education and training, collaborative research methods, and the design and implementation of evidence-based interventions to effectively address global public health challenges. The Center will achieve a reputation of excellence in all its undertakings. 

Our Core Values

  • Collaborations and Partnerships: Build and support global collaborations and partnerships with accountability and long-term commitment.
  • Discovery and Inquiry: Nurture the spirit of individual inquiry and discovery by fostering innovative and creative thinking.
  • Excellence and Commitment to Quality: Pursue excellence by following the highest standards of conduct, professional integrity and best practices.
  • Education and Leadership Development: Create global pioneers and leaders in public health research and education by enriching program quality and delivery methods.
  • Impact and Measurable Results: Impact the health of global communities through cutting-edge research, education, public service, outreach and advocacy.
  • Mutual Respect: Treat colleagues in the global community and their diverse values and beliefs with trust, honesty, compassion, equity, and dignity.