Peace Corps Master’s International Program

Established in 1987, the Master’s International program provides the opportunity for students to incorporate Peace Corps volunteer service with a master’s degree program.

Master's International Program

What is the Master’s International (MI)?
The Master’s International Program offers a unique opportunity for students to meet their Master of Public Health (MPH) internship requirements while fulfilling their dream of serving in the Peace Corps (and gaining two years of overseas work experience
– a minimum requirement when competing for many international positions - in the process).

At the University at Albany School of Public Health, you can work toward a MPH while participating in international public health-related service in the Peace Corps. You will gain global public health experience, attain second language fluency, and receive academic credit for your Peace Corps service.

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What are the financial incentives associated with completing the MI Program?
As a Master’s International student, you will be required to pay regular tuition while you are studying full-time at University at Albany. However, you may have up to 9 credit hours of internship waived for your Peace Corps service. This counts as your required nine-credit internship and translates into a savings of $3,699 for in-state students and $6,885 for out-of-state students (based on 2013-2014 graduate tuition cost figures).

All aspects of Peace Corps volunteer service are covered. This includes transportation to and from the country, medical care, housing, living expenses, loan deferment/cancellation, annual leave, emergency medical and family leave, career counseling, one year of non-competitive eligibility for selection for federal employment, and a readjustment allowance of approximately $7,500 awarded upon completion of service. Upon successful completion of their Peace Corps Service, returned volunteers can also be awarded one year of noncompetitive eligibility (NCE) for selection for federal employment.

You can find more information on the benefits associated with service in the Peace Corps at

How do I apply to become a MI Student?

To become a Master’s International Student here at the University at Albany School of Public Health, you must apply for admissions to our School through the Schools of Public Health Application Service (SOPHAS). You must then apply separately to the Peace Corps to become a Peace Corps Volunteer working in the field of public health. Once you are accepted into both our School and the Peace Corps, congratulations, you are a MI student!

The Peace Corps has streamlined its application process and now recommends that prospective MI students submit their application no sooner than one year prior to their planned departure date for service abroad. Given that most of our MI students depart for Peace Corps service in the summer after their first year of classes, we recommend that you submit your application to the Peace Corps in the summer prior to starting your graduate studies or upon your arrival on campus in the fall semester.

The applications for Peace Corps service are accepted throughout the year. The application process includes medical, legal, and suitability screening. The application can be found at

As is mentioned above, all prospective graduate students at University at Albany School of Public Health are required to apply through SOPHAS. The application is online at

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Peace Corps Updates     

Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) Master's International Student Presentations

Lauren Chambers, Peace Corps Master's International, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) Guatemala 2013-2015. Click here to download and view Lauren's presentation.

Melanie Bolden, Peace Corps Master's International, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) Mozambique 2013-2015. Click here to download and view Melanie's presentation.

Lindsey Rae Jackson, Peace Corps Master's International, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCV) Kenya 2012-2014. Please click here to download and view Lindsey's presentation.        

RPCV Job-Posting Employers

Looking for a job after completing your Peace Corps service? A recent article by the Peace Corps reports there are organizations specifically interested in recruiting and hiring RPCV talent. Below are examples of these organizations.        

1) Social Security Administration -- Rated the #6 best place to work among large federal agencies in 2015, the SSA provides a variety of career paths and employs over 60,000 people in over 1,400 offices. View current openings at SSA on RPCV Career Link.

2) Population Services International -- Staff at PSI work in more than 60 countries in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Eastern Europe in areas such as reproductive health, HIV/AIDS prevention, malaria control, child survival and safe water provision. View current openings at PSI on RPCV Career Link.

3) Management Sciences for Health -- MSH strives to close the gap between knowledge and action in public health. Staff work around the world in areas such as HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria, chronic diseases, family planning, and maternal and child health. View current openings at MSH on RPCV Career Link.

4) International Rescue Committee -- The organization focuses on emergency response through post-conflict development work and employs over 8,000 staff in 31 countries, including 15 offices across the U.S. View current positions at IRC on RPCV Career Link.

5) FINCA International -- FINCA strives to alleviate poverty through lasting solutions that enable people to build assets, create jobs and improve their standard of living, a mission that might match the interests of Community Economic Development RPCVs. FINCA employs staff in an international network consisting of 23 subsidiaries with operations throughout Africa, Eurasia, Latin America, the Middle East and South Asia. View current openings at FINCA on RPCV Career Link.

6) Catholic Relief Services -- The work of this organization is based in the Catholic faith, with operations in 101 countries that serve more than 85 million people. CRS aims to assist people around the world by providing services to address major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful societies. View current openings at CRS on RPCV Career Link.

7) Bureau of Land Management -- If you enjoy the outdoors then a career with this organization would be a great fit. The organization aims to sustain the health, diversity and productivity of America's public lands. BLM manages more public land than other federal agencies and employs about 10,000 people. The majority of staff work in jobs located in 12 Western states, including Alaska.  View current openings at BLM on RPCV Career Link.

You can also contact our Master's International Program Coordinators