A few things to think about when considering a career in Global Health:

 Be reflective and be strategic: 

 - Know yourself, your motives, skills, personality, and constraints

 - Think about what you want to do in global health?
 - Consider whether you are willing to take the risks needed to launch a global health career?
 - Consider your timing and create opportunities to explore and learn more (exchange visits, volunteering, internships, etc.)
 - Consider the needs, if applicable, of your partner or spouse 

 - Are you willing/able to move to Washington, DC or another country to find and/or create opportunities?                  

What types of organizations are working in Global Health?

·         - International, or multilateral organizations (e.g. World Health Organization, World Bank, UNICEF, FAO, Global Fund, etc.)

·        -  Bilateral government organizations (e.g. USAID, DfID/UK AID, the US CDC and Peace Corps, other national foreign assistance orgs)

·         - Not-for-profit non-governmental service organizations (Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross, Save the Children, etc.)

·         - For-profit and not-for-profit consultant/implement agencies (MSH, John Snow, Chemonics, FHI 360, PSI, etc.)

·         - Faith-based organizations and academic institutions

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