Are you seeking Foundation funding? Please start here.

The Office of Corporate & Foundation Relations (OCFR) at the University at Albany assists faculty and staff with seeking grants from foundations and corporations for their projects. Grants that are awarded from private foundations are processed through The University at Albany Foundation (UAF). By completing this form, you are confirming that you have discussed your project with, and received approval from your Dean and Department Chair. You are also prepared to lead the project through the proposal process, and to meet the criteria for working with OCFR, UAF, and the guidelines of prospective funders.

Successful Proposals include the following:

  1. Project Description
  2. Problem or Statement of Need (or Opportunity)
  3. Goals and Objectives
  4. Project Activities: Methodology or Procedure(s)
  5. An Evaluation Plan
  6. Budget
  7. Project Sustainability

The form below provides a solid start for a successful proposal.


  1. Please complete the form with as much information as possible to guide our research and approach to prospects.
  2. Be specific in your responses, and write for a general audience (not for the OCFR only).
    Provide the initial budget information requested.
  3. Once you receive your Dean’s and Department Chair’s (or Director’s) approval, please be sure to check the box below.

The Project Form

General Information

Name of the Project Leader or PI:
Your E-mail (please use your UAlbany e-mail address):
Dean/Department Chair:

I have discussed this project with the Dean and my Department Chair and they have approved this project as a Department priority.


Project Details

Project Title:
Anticipated Start Date:
Expected Project Duration:
Type of Funding Support that you are seeking:
If "Other," please explain:
Requested Amount or Range:


Project Description

1) Describe your project idea in one sentence that includes: What you will be doing? Who will be impacted (individuals or groups)? Where? When? Why? Why is this project important?

2) How does your project fit your College, School, or Department's current priorities and mission?

3) What broad issues or opportunities does your project address? (Please use key words and key phrases that will help with accurately researching funding sources.)

4) Who will benefit from this project? Please describe who will benefit directly and indirectly from your efforts.


Problem/Statement of Need

5) Provide clear and concise information about the societal need or issue that your project will address. What is the current state of the need or issue?


Project Goals and Objectives

6) List your project goals. What will be different as a result of your project? What will be your success measures?

7) ACTION: What steps will you need to take to accomplish your project's goals?

8) What resources will you need to accomplish your goals and objectives? (People, equipment, training, travel, materials, supplies, and services)



9) How do you plan to evaluate your project? What tools, data, and methods will be used to show your success?



10) What is the approximate total of your project? For each of your categories, share the item and cost (e.g. categories include: personnel, program development, operations, equipment & supplies, travel, miscellaneous, etc):

11) What is the smallest amount of money that you can start with and still make an impact?

12) Will you have collaborators on this project? Include anyone from the campus, community, corporate, and/or other universities.

13) If you are working with others on your project team on the proposal, please share their name and roles (e.g. writing, reviewing, budgets, project updates, etc.):


Existing Funds

14) Do you currently have existing funding or foundation grants for this project? What other possible funding sources are you seeking? List below:


15) Provide your program or project webpage (if available):


After you click the "Submit Request" button below, the OCFR representative will be in touch to discuss your project's potential and next steps. We look forward to learning more about your work.


Investing in students - Lawrence and Marie Shore Life Sciences Graduate Student Scholarship

Lawrence and Marie Shore Life Sciences Graduate Student Scholarship:
2011-12 Shore Scholars, Erica Hutchins and Kevin Liu explore Life Sciences with Biological Sciences Professor Ben Szaro.