Ohrstrom Project
This project aims to provide trainings to health care workers in Turkey for substance use treatment.

Study Tour for Stakeholders from Turkey

The Second High Level Consultation Meeting On HIV In Conservative Settings
The Second High Level Consultation on HIV in Conservative Social Settings, Promoting A More Inclusive Approach to HIV: Inclusion and Support, was held January 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. The GIHHR and the International AIDS Society (IAS) organized the consultation with support from the OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) and the Turkish Ministry of Health. The consultation brought together governmental officials, healthcare professionals, scholars, religious leaders, and civil society representatives from 15 Islamic majority countries, in addition to representatives of IAS and GIHHR.

The world within reach - A look into the High-Level AIDS Consultation in Turkey

The 21st International AIDS Conference


Mutlu, E., Alaei, A., Waye, K., Tracy, M., Alaei, K. (2016). Correlates of drug use among individuals admitted to public and private treatment facilities in Turkey.

GIHHR projects in Turkey

  • Drug Policy Reform
  • Training for healthcare workers in the field of drug addiction and HIV in Sisli Municipality
  • Law enforcement assisted diversion on Anatolian side of Istanbul.