Nakissa Jahanbani is the Research and Programs Associate at the Institute. She graduated from American University in 2011 with a Bachelor's of Arts in International Relations, specializing in the Middle East and International Development. Nakissa came to the Institute after working at Physicians for Human Rights' Anti-Torture Program. She has been interested in human rights since a young age and hopes to soon work in the field as well as attend law school.

Casey M Schur is a sophomore in the Honors College at the University at Albany. She is a double major in Public Health and Political Science with a concentration in Global Politics. She has also completed a minor in Biology. She plans on completing her education for global health issues.

Katie Waye is an undergraduate freshman in the Honors College at University at Albany. She is a double major in Public Health and Public Policy with a minor Health and Human Services. She hopes to one day receive a Masters in Global Public Health and work with initiatives in health care accessibility.

Emily Wolfe is a senior at the University at Albany studying International Relations and Spanish Literature. During the Spring semester of 2014, she was accepted into a combined BA/MA program and will graduate with her Masters in Spanish linguistics in 2015. She hopes to remain within academia for as long as she is able to, and will someday use her education to work with International Organizations and Human Rights Law.

Uma Yokeeswaran is currently an undergraduate sophomore student at the State University at Albany. She currently doubling majoring in Spanish and Public Health with concentrations in Epidemiology and Environmental Sciences and has a minor in Biology. She plans on continuing her education for Global Public Health and Epidemiology.