Fabian Bramwell is an undergraduate honors student at the University at Albany, where he is perusing a B.A. in English-H and a B.S. in Human biology. Inspired by intercity health disparities among minorities, he has dedicated himself to personal health and public health. At the GIHHR Fabian Bramwell contributes to projects involving Health Law in the Middle East and Social Entrepreneurship. Outside of the GIHHR, Fabian Bramwell works in Laurelton NY to establish programs, which improve community health. Outside of public health, he is a volunteer wrestling coach, a fitness mentor, and has held positions in campus recreation and SUNY Residential Life. Currently, he is focusing on increasing his involvement in the Sigma Tau Delta honor society while completing his honors thesis. Fabian aims to start his post graduate education by entering a J.D./M.P.H dual degree program.

Joe Walsh is a sophomore at the University at Albany Honors College. He has a Biology major with minors in political science and bioethics. He has been involved with the GIHHR since the fall of 2015 and has assisted in several grant proposals. He is currently working on a project to enhance health law capacity in the Middle East. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Joe plans on attending law school with interests in patent law and bioethics.

Michelle Deocampo is an undergraduate senior at the University at Albany, where she is pursuing degrees in Social Welfare and Globalization Studies. Inspired by eye-opening experiences in the Philippines and in Cambodia, she developed a passion for human rights in the developing world. At GIHHR, Michelle is involved in a project aiming to enhance health law capacity in the Middle East, health diplomacy initiatives, and serves as a mentor to freshman students of Global Medicine and Human Rights Living-Learning Community. Michelle is also active within the university as President of Peace Action, Founder of the Pathways to College Refugee Mentorship Program, and member of Phi Alpha Honor Society for Social Work. After graduation, Michelle aspires to earn a MSW and MPA, and work for macro-level change through an international organization.


Nawshin Ahmed is a senior from Goshen, NY. She is currently attending Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences and is majoring in Health & Human Sciences. She is hoping to pursue a Masters in Public Health after graduation. Nawshin is also interning with the American Cancer Society's Cancer Action Network where she has helped research New York State health initiatives. At GIHHR, Nawshin has helped develop grant proposals by researching HIV and its stigma in the Middle East, HIV and its correlation to osteoarthritis, as well as HIV & its correlation to cancer. With the help of GIHHR, she is now developing a grant researching the need for long-term care among the aging HIV/AIDS population.

Josh Cucueco is a sophomore at the University at Albany from Clifton Park, New York. He is pursuing a major in Biology with a minor in Spanish. Josh has been a part of the GIHHR since the Fall of 2015 and is currently working on the ethical, legal, and policy issues in HIV of certain key populations like injecting drug users, men who have sex with men, and sex workers. He is also the World Ambassador for the GIHHR’s Living- Learning Community: Global Medicine and Human Rights. Working at the GIHHR has widened his perspective in global health issues and furthered his passion in social justice and human rights. After graduating, Josh hopes to attend a medical school to pursue a career in clinical hematology.

Morgan DeVuyst is senior majoring in Human Biology and double major    
in Psychology with a Medical Anthropology Minor. Morgan is from Clifton
Springs, N.Y., a small town in Upstate New York. At the University at Albany, Morgan is involved with the Pre-Med Club, Red Cross Club and is currently a Co-Service Chair of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars UAlbany Chapter. She is also the Community Assistant for the Global Medicine and Human Rights Living Learning Community. Morgan has taken an interest in human rights, particularly from the health perspective, as she plans on attending a physician assistant program after her undergraduate career. After taking Health and Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach, she took an interest in how health can be better integrated as a human right, and how it can be realized for all people. Her most recent research project is “Health and Human Rights Indicators for HIV/AIDS in regards to Injecting Drug Users.

Rachel Eager is a sophomore in the Honors College at University at Albany. She is majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with a minor Political Science and Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies. She intends to go to medical school and study Women’s Health. She has been involved in many groups on campus including Presidential Honors Society and Student Association. In addition she has been working at the Global Institute of Health and Human Rights for six months now and has participated in many rewarding projects with the institute.

Christina Ehert is from Rockland County, NY. She is a senior undergraduate student at SUNY Albany majoring in human biology with a minor in medical anthropology and is excited to be apart of the Global Insitute for Health and Human Rights! She wishes to go on to either Physician Assistant school or graduate school to obtain a degree in medical anthropology or public health research.

Sarah Heath is a senior from Ithaca, NY, majoring in Human Biology with a minor in Psychology. These interests grew from her love of learning about how the body and mind work from a young age. She is very grateful for her time at GIHHR because it fostered an academic interest in public health and human rights. After graduating, Sarah hopes to become either a neonatal nurse, or an art therapist.

Natalina Iamarino is currently an undergraduate senior at SUNY Albany double majoring in  Globalization Studies and Geography and double minoring in Business and Criminal Justice. With a life-long passion for global affairs, her specific interests include health and human rights, sanitation and water rights. Her most recent research focuses on longevity patterns, specifically in Sub-Saharan Africa and Japan. Post undergraduate career, Natalina aims to pursue a Masters in International Affairs and aspires to work with UN affiliated programs, promoting multilateral diplomacy.

September Johnson is currently an undergraduate student at the University at Albany, studying public health with a double minor in psychology and educational studies. Within the GIHHR, September serves as the Intern Coordinator and has worked on multiple projects including researching health and human rights indicators with regards to HIV/AIDS and she is currently working on a project that looks at health law in the Middle East. September has been with the GIHHR since the fall of 2014 and her interests within health and human rights include maternal and child health, substance use prevention, HIV/AIDS and education. After receiving her undergraduate degree, September hopes to serve in the Peace Corps and then go on to get her MPH and MSW.

Alexander Klein is a second year MPH student at the University at Albany’s school of public health. Upon receiving his B.S. in psychology from SUNY Oneonta in 2012, he worked as an environmental lobbyist in upstate New York. He has been a member of the GIHHR since Summer ‘14 and primarily focuses on program development in the Middle East.

Caroline Latta is a sophomore from Pelham, New York. She intends to major in Social Welfare and eventually go on to earn her MSW. Her passion for protecting basic human rights across the globe is what brought her to the GIHHR this fall. Currently, she is working on projects involving environmental issues in the Middle East as well as Syrian refugees living in Turkey.

Evanna LeRouge is currently an undergraduate junior at the University at Albany. She is a Human Biology major and a Psychology and Spanish minor. She plans to pursue a dual to pursue a dual MD and MPH degree in the future.

Frankie Rizzo is currently an undergraduate Senior at the University of Albany. He is an intended major in International Relations and Spanish, but also seeks to further his studies in the Arabic language. After wrestling for the University of Albany 2013-14 team, Frankie lived with his family in Seville, Spain studying at the University of Seville to enhance his fluency in Spanish.
In the Fall of 2014, Frankie worked with Dr. Alaei on the NYS Ebola Task Force team Medical Specialty Group. They then contributed to the GIHHR panel discussion on combating Ebola, working with organizations like PAHO, WHO (Africa), CDC, PHR, and DOH NYS. Other projects involving Ebola (EVD) included a social marketing flyer for all SUNY campuses and research on efficient medical testing to combat Ebola. Currently, Frankie is on a team working to set up a health plan in Uganda with an organization from Harvard (RUN) and is also creating projects on the Syrian Refugee Crisis.

Lindsey Riback is an undergraduate sophomore from Brooklyn, NY. She is a student in the Honor’s College, majoring in Public Health and double minoring in Journalism and History. After completing her undergraduate education, Lindsey plans to pursue an MPH, with a concentration in social behavior and community health, as well as international health. Since taking “Health and Human Rights: An Interdisciplinary Approach,” she has become interested in global health, the right to health and increasing access to care. Lindsey is currently working with Dr. Kamiar Alaei and other interns to develop a grant that assesses the long term care needs of the aging HIV/AIDS population.

Carlos Sosa is a senior majoring public health with a minor in globalization studies at the University at Albany, SUNY. He has always been interested in global affairs with regards to health. This interest has been stoked by the time Carlos spent time in Latin America, where he saw first-hand how people in the developing world live. He has had the opportunity to gain experience working with the disaster preparedness team at the American Red Cross. In the future, Carlos hopes to pursue a MPH in Global Health.

Natalie Turner is a junior from Poughkeepsie, New York majoring in Social Welfare with a double minor in Neuroscience and Psychology. She started working for the GIHHR in January 2015. After earning her BSW from UAlbany, Natalie plans on attending graduate school for her MSW. Interning at the GIHHR has piqued Natalie's interest in health, especially on how it is related to human rights. In the future she plans on working as a social worker in the health field.

Jordan Tymeson is a freshman at the University at Albany. She is pursuing a Biology degree and minoring in Spanish in French. After earning her Bachelor's degree, Jordan plans on attending medical school. Jordan is interning at GIHHR because she is passionate about researching and finding ways of resolving global health issues. Her areas of favorite study are environmental health and sustainable agriculture. She joined the GIHHR in Summer 2014 and is working on developing connections between environmental issues, health and human rights.

Amanda S. Volk Amanda is a senior Public Health major and Biology minor student from Niskayuna, New York. She has been working at the GIHHR since May 2015 and is currently working on a project investigating injection drug using women in Malaysia. She is on the E-board of the University at Albany’s Students for Health and Human Rights club and is a Purple and Gold Student Ambassador. After earning her bachelor’s degree she hopes to go on and obtain and MPH in Environmental Health Sciences. Her goal is to become an environmental epidemiologist.

Katie Waye is a senior at the University at Albany and its Honors College. She is completing  a  Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a minor in Public Policy. Katie has spent nearly two years working at the GIHHR. She has had the opportunity to conduct research and subsequently assist in writing several grant proposals for the country of Turkey. She is currently applying to graduate schools and intends to receive a dual MPH/MBA with a global health concentration. She hopes to one day work for an international organization that is dedicated towards alleviating the health struggles of certain underrepresented populations like that of women, MSM, and drug users.