MS Theses completed in the Geological Sciences Program, University at Albany

Listing is by year of completion; each entry is a link to the abstract.

Lang D.   1969
Origin of the Mount Merino Chert and Shale, Middle Ordovician, Eastern New York State

Peddada A.   1972
Petrology of the Nemeiben Lake Ultramafic and Associated Nickel-Sulphide Deposits

Lee V.J.B.   1974
Petrography, Metamorphism, and Geochemistry of the Bermeja Complex and Related Rocks in Southwestern Puerto Rico and their Significance in the Evolution of the Eastern Greater Antillian Island Arc

Karson J.A.  1975
Structural Studies in the Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks of the Lewis Hills, Western Newfoundland

Hoffman M.A.   1975
A Study of Some Petrologic and Structural Aspects of the East Dover Ultramafic Bodies, South Central Vermont

Gregg W.J.  1975
Structural Studies in the Moretown and Cram Hill Units near Ludlow, Vermont

Hoyt W.H.   1976
Long-Distance Turbidite Correlations in the Horseshoe Abyssal Plain
PhD Univ of Delaware

Delano (Jacobi) L.L. 1977
Stratigraphy, Depositional Environment and Structure of the Taconic Allochthon, Central Washington County, New York

Grippi J.  1978
Geology of the Lucea Inlier, Western Jamaica

White C.A.   1979
Petrology and Mineral Chemistry of some Jan Mayen volcanics

Sengor A.M.C.  1979
Geometry and Kinematics of Continental Deformation in Zones of Collision: Examples from Central Europe and Eastern Mediterranean

Scanlon K.  1979
Paleoclimatic Implications of Oxygen Isotope and Sedimentological Study of Late Miocene and Early Pliocene Sediments from the South Atlantic, Western Indian Ocean, and the Gulf of Aden

Rowley D.B.   1979
Complex Structure and Stratigraphy of Lower Slices of the Taconic Allochthon Near Middle Granville, New York

O'Connell S.   1979
Geology of the Mafic/Ultramafic Transition, Table Mountain, Western Newfoundland
PhD Columbia University

Malcolm F.   1979
Petrography, Mineral Chemistry and Microstructures of Gabbros from the Mid-Cayman Rise Spreading Center

Young, J.R.   1980
Saratoga: the bubbles of reputation and their implications for an embryonic rift system in the upper Hudson River Valley

Livaccari R.F.   1980
Geology of the Lewisporte/Loon Bay Area, Newfoundland, Canada
PhD Univ. of New Mexico

Washington P.   1981
Structural analysis of an area near Middlebury, Vermont
PhD Univ of Connecticut, Storrs

Vollmer F.W.   1981
Structural Studies of the Ordovician Flysch and Melange in Albany County, New York
PhD Univ of Minnesota

Sullivan J.W.   1981
Some chemical and mineralogical aspects of plutonic rocks from the North Arm Mountain Massif, Bay Of Islands Ophiolite, Newfoundland

Stroup J.   1981
Geologic investigations in the Cayman Trough and the nature of the plutonic foundation of the oceanic crust

Pindell J.     1981
Permo-Triassic reconstruction of Western Pangea and the evolution of the Gulf Of Mexico-Caribbean region
PhD Univ of Durham, UK

Idleman B.D.   1981
Geology of the Plutonic and Hypabyssal Rocks of the Betts Cove Ophiolite Complex, Newfoundland

Moody R.H.   1982
The geology of the Oceanographer Transform Fault

Blake, R.W.   1982
The Structural Geology of the Tectonized Ultramafic Suite of the Table Mountain Massif, Bay of Islands Complex, Newfoundland

Ach J.   1982
The Petrochemistry of the Ankara Volcanics, Central Turkey

Xia Z.    1983
Geology of the western boundary of the Taconic Allochthon near Troy and the anastomosing cleavage in the Taconic Melange

Steinhardt C.  1983
Structure and Stratigraphy of West Haven, Vermont
PhD Univ of Queensland, Townsville

Savci G.   1983
Structure and tectonics of the Keban metamorphics in the northern margin of the Bitlis suture zone, Southeastern Turkey
PhD Univ of Houston

Klimetz M.P.   1983
The Pre-Tertiary geology and Mesozoic tectonic evolution of Eastern China, Southeast Asia and adjacent regions

Cooper C.     1983
Geology of the Fondo Negro region, Dominican Republic
PhD Rice University

Be K.  1983
Geological and thermal aspects of the southern San Joaquin Basin, California: application of the 40Ar/39Ar stepwise heating technique to detrital microclines

Tanski S.     1984
Provenance study of the Middle Ordovician sandstones of New York and western Vermont

Mora J.   1984
Chatham Fault Zone, Old Chatham-East Chatham, New York: mesostructures and microstructures: their spatial and age relationships

Harris J.M.   1984
The geology of ophiolitic and adjoining rocks of Chagnon Mountain, southern Quebec

Hall P.C.   1984
Some aspects of deformation fabrics along the Highland/Lowland boundary, northwest Adirondacks, New York State

Gallo D.G.    1984
The influence of Oceanic Transform Boundaries on the generation and evolution of Oceanic Lithosphere
PhD Univ of Rhode Island, Oceanography

Cushing G.W.   1984
The tectonic evolution of the eastern Yukon Tanana Upland, Alaska

Bradley L.    1984
Structural analysis of deformed Carboniferous strata, Mispec Beach, Southern New Brunswick

Baldwin S.   1984
Fission track dating of detrital zircons from the Scotland Sandstones, Barbados, West Indies

Mahon K.   1985
A numerical approach for determining the variable ascent velocity of a granitoid diapir

Kusky T.M.   1985
Geology of the Frozen Ocean Lake - New Bay Pond area, north-central Newfoundland
PhD Johns Hopkins

Kozinski J. 1985
Sedimentology and tectonic significance of the Nutzotin Mountains Sequence, Alaska

Idleman K.  1985
The Significance of Shear Zones Within the Plutonic Section of North Arm Mountain, Bay of Islands Ophiolite Complex, Newfoundland

Aparisi M.   1985
Stratigraphy and structure of the Ganson Hill area: northern Taconic Allochthon

Hoffman P.M.   1986
Dolomitization of the Hatch Hill Arenites and the Burden Iron Ore
PhD Queens College, CUNY

Wolf D.    1987
Identification of endmembers for magma mixing in Little Sitkin Volcano, Alaska

Will T.    1987
Structural investigations on experimentally and naturally produced slickensides
PhD Monash University, Melbourne

Stella P.   1987
Geology of the northern Baie Verte Peninsula, Newfoundland, Canada

Roma M.   1987
The Providence Island Formation in the northern Appalachian Region - a Lower-lower Middle Ordovician analogue to recent arid-semiarid tidal-flat carbonates of the Persian Gulf Trucial Coast

Ohr M.   1987
Geology, geochemistry, and geochronology of the Lems Ridge olistostrome, Klamath Mountains, California
PhD Univ of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Mihalich J.   1987
Granitic pegmatites in the southeastern Adirondacks: their use as indicators of temperature, pressure, and fluid conditions during a late stage of the Grenville Orogeny

Hoak T.E.   1987
Structural Analysis Across the Northeast Boundary of the Taconic Allochthon, West-Central Vermont
PhD Univ of Texas, Austin

Dyer J.      1987
Petrology of the Kula Volcanic Field, Western Turkey
PhD Minnesota

Jones F.R.   1988
Structural geology of the northern Galice Formation, western Klamath Mountains, Oregon and California

Park-Jones R.E.   1988
Sedimentology, structure, and geochemistry of the Galice Formation: sediment fill of a back-arc basin and island arc in the western Klamath Mountains

Schirnick C.   1990
Origin, sedimentary geochemistry, and correlation of middle and late Ordovician K-bentonites: Constraints from melt inclusions and zircon morphology
PhD equivalent, GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany

Grady K.A.   1990
Geology and structure of the rocks associated with the basal (Madstone) thrust of the Josephine Ophiolite in southwestern Oregon: evidence for a metamorphic sole

Bock B.       1990
Geochemistry of garnet xenocrysts and garnet-bearing xenoliths in Ordovician bentonites
PhD SUNY Stony Brook

Bierbrauer, K. 1990
The geology of Taconic thrust sheets and surrounding carbonates of the west central Vermont marble belt, north of Rutland, Vermont
PhD Wurzburg

Eberle, U. 1990
Application of a trace element fractionation model to cumulate gabbroic xenoliths of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

Gaetani, G.A. 1990
Petrology and major element geochemistry of basaltic glasses from the Blanco Trough, northeast Pacific

Lee, Y-J. 1991
Slickenside petrography: slip-sense indicators and classification
PhD Texas A&M

Ree. B. 1991
Mineral paragenesis of the granulite facies in the Lake George area, New York

Schimmrich, S. 1991
Evaluation of computational methods of paleostress analysis using fault-striation data

Greisau, N. 1992
A kinematic study of the Summit Valley Plutonic Complex, Klamath Mountains, California

Arz, C. 1992
Thermal-mechanical response to an intruding magma chamber

Bruchert, V. 1992
The origin of metalliferous argillites in the Shoal Arm Formation of north-central Newfoundland
PhD Indiana

Herrman, R. 1992
The geology of the Vermont Valley and the western flank of the Green Mountains between Dorset Mountain and Wallingford, Vermont

Tice, S.  1992
A paleoseismic investigation of the McGregor Fault, east-central New York

Achong, C.  1993
Identifying key variables associated with the temporal and spatial distribution of prolific marine petroleum source rock (MPSR) units and its application to the Taconic Foreland Basin, eastern New York
PhD Cornell

Vogel, S.  1993
Trace-element modelling of melting in spinel peridotites

Waechter, J.  1993
Correlation of the Tioga Bentonites using rhyolitic melt inclusions found in quartz phenocrysts as geochemical fingerprints

Plesch, A.  1994
Structure and tectonic significance of deformed medial Ordovician flysch and melange between Albany and Saratoga Lake and in the central Hudson Valley, New York
PhD GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam

Haschke, M.R.  1994
The Champlain thrust system in northwestern Vermont - structure and lithology of the Taconic foreland sequence in the Highgate center quadrangle
PhD Berlin

Granducci, J.L.  1995
Stratigraphy and structure at the southern end of Lake Champlain in Benson, Vermont

Dannenmann, S.   1997
Analysis of glasses present in quartz and apatite phenocrysts from Ordovician K-bentonites in the Mohawk Valley, NY

Hayman, N.W.   1997
Pre-thrust normal faults and post-tectonic micas in the Taconic Range of west-central Vermont
PhD Univ. Washington

Ren, L.    1998
Identification of past climate variability of the eastern Pacific Ocean using both d13C and d18O records in corals from Clipperton Atoll (1994-1906)

Short, H.A.   1999
The geology of the Liberty-Orrington-Passagassawakeag/Fredericton Trough terrane boundary in the Bucksport-Orland area, coastal Maine
PhD Univ. Maine

Fernandes, V.A.   1999
Major-and minor-element analysis of Apollo 14 volcanic green glasses B, and petrogenic modeling of Apollo 14 green glasses A and B
PhD Manchester

Nadeau, J.M.   2000
Oxygen isotopes and metolachlor residues in water samples from a portion of the Canajoharie Creek Watershed, Central New York

Ambrosino, A.M.   2001
Sediment characteristics around the Kenyon Island group, Great Sacandaga Lake (NY): economic potential of dredging and land reclamation

Ashcroft, T.J.   2002
Field relations, structural geology, and geochemistry of the Jonestown volcanic field, Lebanon County, southeastern Pennsylvania
PhD, Univ. Nevada, Reno

Scott, E.    2002
The use of a synthetic binary solid solution to model igneous textural evolution
Bagnato, S.    2003
Assessing the paleoclimatic utility of the Indo-Pacific coral genus Diploastrea in a 225-year oxygen isotope record from Fiji

Erickson, E.K.   2004
Road salt application and its effects on sodium and chloride ion concentrations in an urban stream Patroon Creek, Albany, NY

Renda, J.F.    2004
Structural analysis of the Gonic Formation in Berwick, Maine

Benedict, L.    2004
Complexity of Devonian K-bentonites in the Appalachian foreland basin: geochemical and physical evidence supporting multi-layered K-bentonite horizons

MacDonald, J.    2005
Stable isotopic and trace metal analyses of two Porites Lobata colonies - Oahu, Hawaii: implications for past seasonal variation and sea surface temperatures and anthropogenic effects on the reef environment

Katrib [McClung], J.    2005
Source of meta-igneous blocks and structure of the Colebrooke Schist in the Snowcamp Peak area, Pickett Peak terrane, southwestern Oregon

Ratigliano, A.    2005
The effects of land use changes on soil carbon in the Russian steppe

Hourigan, G.    2006
Evaluating the deep-sea coral Acanella sp. from Hawaii as a paleoceanographic archive

Montario, M.    2006
Thermochronological evidence for neogene incision of the Rio Pativilca Canyon, northern Peru
PhD, SUNY Albany

Stolorow, A.    2006
Assessing the Paleoceanographic Potential of the coral Montipora venosa at Fanning Atoll, Central Equatorial Pacific

Perry, S.    2006
Thermochronology and provenance of the Yakutat terrane, southern Alaska based on fission-track and U/Pb analysis of detrital zircon

Marsellos, A.E., 2006
Mapping of a detachment fault in Kythera Island and study of the related structural shear sense indicators
PhD, SUNY Albany

Slater, B.E.    2007
Outcrop Analog for Lower Paleozoic Hydrothermal Dolomite Reservoirs, Mohawk Valley, NY

Zhang, P.   2007
Interdecadal-Decadal Climate Variability from Multi-Coral Oxygen Isotope Records in the South Pacific Convergence Zone Region Since 1650AD

Begeal, C.J., 2008
The effect of chloride ion on heavy metal partitioning and transport in an urban watershed: Patroon Creek, Albany, NY

Gillen, J., 2009
The effect of vegetated roofs on acid precipitation runoff

Kricheff, J., 2009
Metal concentrations in native Yupik foodstuffs from St. Lawrence Island, Alaska

Neumann, B.G., 2009
Mercury Uptake by Aquatic Macrophytes in Urban and Rural Watersheds, Albany County, NY

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