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Faculty and Staff of the former Department of Geological Sciences
and Program in Geological Sciences in the Department of Environmental
and Atmospheric Sciences

John G. Arnason - Resigned 2008.

Peter C. Benedict, Emeritus Associate Professor - Retired 1983. Deceased 1987. Memorial service leaflet

John M. Bird  Professor Emeritus, Cornell University. 

Kevin Burke Professor Emeritus, University of Houston

John W. Delano Distingushed Teaching Professor

Stephen E. DeLong Professor - appointment in College of Computing and Information, Dept of Information Studies

John F. Dewey, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Davis

Paul J. Fox, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University

Gregory D. Harper Professor Emeritus - Retired 2004.

T. Mark Harrison, Professor, Dept of Earth and Space Sciences, University of California Los Angeles

William S. F. Kidd Professor Emeritus - Retired 2010.

Andre Lapenas Associate Professor - primary appointment in the Dept. of Geography and Planning

Braddock K. Linsley Professor

W. D. Means Professor Emeritus - Retired 1998.

Akiho Miyashiro, Professor Emeritus - Retired 1991. Deceased 2008. [obituary]

George W. Putman Associate Professor Emeritus - Retired 1993.

Mathias Vuille Assistant Professor

Paul F. Williams, Professor Emeritus, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton


Diana Paton - Dept Secretary 1978-2003 (Geological Sciences 1978-1996; Earth & Atmospheric Sciences 1996-2003)
Linda Schroll - Dept Secretary 1969-1978
Donna Kelly - Dept Office
Terri Vanderwerken - Dept Office contact
Al Hajeck - Geological Sciences Machine Shop
Art Steinstra - Geological Sciences Machine Shop
Brian Taylor - Geological Sciences Machine Shop
Mrs M.E. Bartlett - Geochemical Lab
Fumiko Shido - Geochemical Lab
Karleen Davis - Electron probe Lab
Matt Heitzler
- Argon dating Lab
Dale Mitchell - FTMS Lab
Bryan Hearn - FTMS Lab
Patti Seguin, Secretary
Stephen S. Howe
, Research Geochemist

Adjunct Faculty
John Garver
, Professor of Geology, Union College
Donald Rodbell
, Professor of Geology, Union College
Ed Landing
, Principal Scientist, Paleontology, New York State Museum; State Paleontologist
Charles ver Straeten
, Senior Scientist, Stratigraphy, New York State Museum
Langhorn "Taury" Smith
, Senior Scientist, Oil & Gas, New York State Museum

Former Visiting Faculty
Bruce Hobbs (1971-1972)
Volker Dietrich (1970-1972)
Daniel Fornari  (1979-1981)
John Bender  (1981- 1983)
Dwight Bradley (1983-1984)
Karen Kimball (1985-1986)
Herb Wang  (1989-1990)
Peter Renders (1991-1994)
Mary Roden (1992-1994)
Jennifer Thomson (1994-1996)

Post-doctoral visitors
Janos Urai
Calvin Miller
Wayne Sawka

The history and former distinction of the Geological Sciences at Albany

Honors and Awards to former members of Geological Sciences at Albany

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