Graduate Academic Council
2001 - 2002

Minutes of the Meeting of November 9, 2001

In attendance: S. Nagy-Zekmi, C. MacDonald (Chair), L. Trubitt, J. Mumpower, M. Gallant, R. Irving, V. Ng, L. Raffalovich & J. Bartow (Staff)

Unable to attend: C. Smith, L. Niu, D. Shub & P. Brusoe

1. Minutes from the GAC meeting of October 12, 2001 were reviewed and were unanimously approved by the Council without amendment.

2. Report of the Dean of Graduate Studies - J. Mumpower

  1. Dean Mumpower distributed and discussed a table that detailed how enrollments factor into the University's budget from the State.
  2. The 1998 campus Doctoral Review Report was circulated to Council members for information purposes.
  3. The SED Statewide Doctoral Review Procedures were distributed to Council members for information purposes.
  4. Dean Mumpower circulated a draft memo intended to clarify the eligibility of doctoral students to register for dissertation load courses numbered 899. The clarification has been sought following upon the one-credit dissertation load enrollment policy change approved for implementation in Fall 2001. In short, the clarification identifies doctoral candidates as eligible to register for 899 dissertation load courses.

3. Report of the GAC Chair - C. MacDonald

The full agenda prompted Chair MacDonald to offer no report.

4. Report of the Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing - R. Irving, Chair

Mr. Irving reviewed the two matters considered by the CAAS at its meeting of 11/02/01. The written report/recommendation of the Committee had been distributed to Council members in advance. The Council acted to approve both items as recommended by the Committee. The first item was approved by a vote of 7 in favor and 0 opposed. The second item was approved by a similar vote of 7 in favor and 0 opposed, with an abstention recorded from Professor Ng who arrived during the course of the discussion.

5. Report of the Committee on Curriculum & Instruction - M. Gallant, Chair

Professor Gallant briefly reviewed the twelve items contained in the CC&I report (previously distributed) from its meeting of 10/25/01. The Council voted to accept the report and therein approve the ten items recommended for action (two items were tabled by the Committee), by a unanimous vote of 8 - 0.

6. Committee Memberships

Due to an oversight, the interest of Anne Boehm (Biological Sciences) in returning to the Council's Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing was not previously considered. The Council voted unanimously to approve her renewed membership to the Committee for 2001-02.

7. A proposal from the Department of Public Administration in Rockefeller College, to establish a combined BA/MPA Program in Public Policy and Public Administration was considered directly by the Council. Noting the proposal made no claim for additional resources and was sensible given other combined BA/MPA program options, the Council voted to approve the Proposal by a vote of 7 - 0 (Professor Mumpower declined to vote since he is from the Public Administration Dept.) If approved by the Undergraduate Academic Council (UAC), the Proposal will be subject to Senate action following joint introduction by the GAC & UAC.

The next meeting of the GAC is scheduled for December 7, 2001 at 11:00 AM in CC370.