Graduate Academic Council
2002 - 2003

Minutes of the Council meeting of November 1, 2002
Approved by the Council on

In attendance: C. Smith, C. Bischoff, E. Block, J. Rudolph, J. Mumpower, K. Trent, K. Sarfoh, L. Cohen, L. Raffalovich, L. Trubitt, M. Gallant, M. Genkin, R. Irving , C. MacDonald (Chair), J. Bartow (staff)

Unable to attend: B. Spanier, G. Singh, H. Charalambous, S. Maloney

Guests: Dean Kaloyeros and faculty from the School of Nanosciences and Nanoengineering

1. Minutes of the meeting of 9/27/02 were reviewed & unanimously approved without amendment.

2. Members of the Council took a moment to introduce themselves

3. Dean's Report - J. Mumpower

4. Chair's Report - C. MacDonald

5. Report of the Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing (appended at the end of these minutes)

Jon Bartow, on behalf of Prof. Hara Charalambous, reviewed the written Committee report. The Council voted unanimously to accept the report and approve the action item contained therein.

6. Report of the Committee on Curriculum & Instruction

Larry Raffalovich, Chair, indicated the committee had met and considered proposals for (1) amendment of admission requirements for programs in French Studies; (2) establishment of an information technology concentration in programs in Criminal Justice; and (3) requests for authorization for graduate instruction by non-doctoral degree holders in Economics and Educational Administration. A written report to the Council will be forthcoming.

7. Committee on Educational Policy & Procedures

Richard Irving, Chair, indicated the committee would be meeting soon. Targeted items for consideration are the grading policy proposal received from the UAC and the matter of digital dissertations and theses.

8. Nanosciences M.S. & Ph.D. Program Proposal

Alain Kaloyeros, Dean of the School of Nanosciences and Nanoengineering, introduced the Proposal to the Council. He drew reference to two handouts - "Nanotechnology" and "National Nanotechnology Initiative" and quoted a number of passages from these documents.

Professor MacDonald raised the issue of recusing herself from chairing the meeting, as suggested by the Nanosciences faculty in a letter to the Senate chairperson. No objections were raised by Council members to her serving as chair during the nanosciences proposal consideration.

Dean Kaloyeros introduced the curriculum, noting that there would not be a cross listing of courses with Physics. The nanotechnology program concentrations will initially be available with a focus in Chemistry, Physics or pure Nanotechnology.

Professor Block suggested a detailed consultation with the Chemistry Department.

Dean Kaloyeros, noting the relevance of Chemistry faculty opinions regarding research interests, none-the-less suggests that this does not impact on the proposed nanosciences curriculum.

Dean Mumpower highlighted the importance of timing regarding the review of the Proposal

Prof. Raffalovich noted the Proposal mentioned resource sharing. Dean Kaloyeros again drew reference to the three program tracks, with the pros/cons of course cross-listings.

Prof. Raffalovich inquired if there were letters of support from other departments. Dean Kaloyeros indicated support was sought through department chairs.

Prof. Raffalovich sought clarification as to whether the "publication requirement" was a requirement for admission to candidacy and whether it was a "published" or "submitted for publication" requirement (pg. 28). He also suggested that Ph.D. thesis committee be edited to read M.S. thesis committee (pg. 29) and under the non-thesis route (pg. 29) the term "thesis" be replaced with "report."

Prof. MacDonald asked if there was overlap with courses in existing units. Dean Kaloyeros indicated some overlap, but also differences in the courses. Prof. Block suggested that some courses might be geared to the audience. Dean Kaloyeros indicated that the Nanosciences programs need to have enough courses to stand on their own.

Prof. Block suggested that departments impacted by the Proposal should be consulted, have discussions and vote on support for the Proposal.

Jon Bartow suggested he would solicit technical questions from Council members for email distribution/consideration.

A motion to adjourn the meeting was passed at 2:30 PM



To: Graduate Academic Council

From: Hara Charalambous, Chair
          GAC Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing(CAAS)

Date: October 31, 2002

Subj: Report and Recommendations

The CAAS met on 10/23/03. In attendance were: A. Boehm, C. Wagner, D. Peterson, H. Charalambous (Chair), J. Rudolph, J. Bartow (staff), M. Brown, & M. Genkin. Members unable to attend were: K. Trent, L. Trubitt & S. Maloney. Two items of business were considered, with the first item below recommended to the Council for action:

1. A student has petitioned the Council for a grade change from S to an A in a course, with the strong support of the instructor. The requested change would allow the student to fulfill GPA graduation requirements. The Committee unanimously (7-0) recommends approval of the student's petition.

2. A student has petitioned the Council for the acceptance of doctoral advanced standing credits for work completed at St. John's University Law School in which grades below B were earned. The Committee discussed the subject petition and has asked for additional documentation and clarification pertaining to the merits of this case. No Council action is recommended at this time.