Graduate Academic Council
2001- 2002


Minutes of the Council meeting of October 12, 2001.

In attendance: R. Irving, H. Charalambous, L. Niu, P. Brusoe, C. Smith, L. Raffalovich, D. Shub, C. MacDonald (Chair), J. Mumpower, J. Bartow (staff)

Unable to attend: S. Nagy-Zekmi, M. Gallant, V. Ng, L. Trubitt

1. Minutes of the meeting of 9/19/01 were reviewed & unanimously approved without amendment.

2. Report of the Dean of Graduate Studies - Jeryl Mumpower

a. Graduate enrollment is up - approximately +190 over compared to last year.
b. Graduate admissions staff members are meeting with Deans' staff regarding recruitment and enrollment.
c. An announcement regarding Dr. Betty Shadrick's position focus on underrepresented recruitment & retention is imminent.
d. Minor issues have surfaced regarding the one-credit dissertation enrollment policy, particularly regarding who is eligible to register for dissertation credits. The original expectation was that dissertation load enrollments would be available to doctoral candidates. More information and clarification on this topic is being prepared.

3. Chair's Report - Carolyn MacDonald

GAC Committees have now been formed. Student member Peter Brusoe is a late Council addition who identifies the Committee on Curriculum & Instruction as his committee preference. The Chair entertained a motion to approve updated committee memberships for 2001-02 as follows:

Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing

R. Irving, Chair
H. Charalambous
C. Smith
L. Trubitt
L. Gelzheiser
M. Brown
D. Bernnard
C. Wagner

Committee on Curriculum & Instruction

M. Gallant, Chair
V. Ng
L. Niu
L. Raffalovich
K. Quinn
K. Reinhold
C. Ellis
P. Brusoe

Committee on Educational Policy & Procedures

D. Shub, Chair
S. Nagy-Zekmi
G. Harper
D. Parker
K. Shiller

4. Graduate Program Review

The Council engaged in a discussion regarding program review. Dean Mumpower discussed centralized guidance & support efforts from the Undergraduate & Graduate Deans Offices, the Office for Institutional Research and the President's Office. These units are involved due to the multiple assessment demands confronting the campus. Such outcome assessments may include:

· Undergraduate level - general education and major
· External accrediting bodies at school or program level
· MOU with SUNY involving review of grad programs on 7 year cycle
· SED doctoral review on 5 year cycle for each of 3 "disciplines"
· Middle States

Chair MacDonald raised questions about coordination for such reviews and suggested that we should not repeatedly reinvent the wheel for such purposes. She raised the question of what should constitute assessment criteria and expressed sentiment that GAC should be involved with the establishment or definition of such criteria.

Dean Mumpower indicated he would make available to Council members a copy of the 1998 Doctoral Review Panel Report and the SED doctoral review procedural description.

5. Future meeting dates:

Friday, November 9, 2001, 11:00AM
Friday, December 7, 2001, 11:00AM