Graduate Academic Council
2003 - 2004


Minutes of the Council meeting of October 9, 2003
Approved by the Council on

In attendance: A. Pomerantz, A. Ticano, H. Charalambous (Chair), H. Meyer, J. Mumpower & L.-A. McNutt, M. Casserly, R. Geer, S. Friedman, S. Chen, S. Shahedipour
J. Bartow (staff), S. Lee, S. Ramanathan & J. Koehler



Unable to attend: F. Cornet, C. Smith & L. Trubitt

Guests: N. Persily and S. Saleh, School of Public Health

1. Introduction of new members: Prof. Susanne Lee, Physics; Sujatha Ramanathan, student member (Epidemiology); and Justin Koehler, student member (Counseling Psychology)

2. Minutes from the meeting of 9/11/03 were unanimously approved without amendment.

3. Dean's Report - J. Mumpower

Dean Mumpower distributed an updated enrollment report, as of the 15th day of classes. The graduate enrollment of 5154 is about 4% below that specified in the campus enrollment plan. Enrollment shifts have significant budgetary impact, especially in this year when tuition rates were increased without additional funding for the tuition scholarship pool.

4. Chair's Report - H. Charalambous

5. Committee on Education Policy & Procedures - A. Pomerantz
Professor Pomerantz introduced the written report of the Committee (appended to the end of these minutes) and led a discussion about University at Albany movement toward electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs). The Committee proposes that the record reflect action on the Committee's recommendation that the GAC resolve to move toward requiring ETDs from students admitted in Fall 2004 or thereafter to programs that require theses or dissertations (or provide an option for theses). Further, students admitted prior to Fall 2004 should be provided an option for digital submission. Before policy is revised, however, it is requested that the University Libraries be consulted for technical advice and with regard to the feasibility of implementation. Concern for the type of digital format was expressed by Council members. The Council voted unanimously (14-0) to accept the report and in doing so approve the ETD resolution.

6. Committee on Curriculum & Instruction - H. Meyer
Professor Meyer briefly reviewed the matters contained in the Committee report (appended to the end of these minutes) and offered to answer any questions. The council approved the report by unanimous vote (14-0) and doing so approved the items contained therein.

7. Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing - S. Shahedipour

Professor Shahedipour briefly reviewed the matters contained in the Committee report (appended to the end of these minutes). The council approved the report by unanimous vote (14-0) and doing so approved the items contained therein.

8. Certificate in Public Health - Fundamentals & Principles

School of Public Health Associate Dean Nancy Persily and Professor Shadi Saleh introduced the Proposal to the Council. (Council members had been provided the opportunity to review the written Proposal in advance.) Drs. Persily and Saleh highlighted that the Certificate curriculum would be the 6 core courses in the MPH program, some (and eventually perhaps all) to be delivered via distant learning technology as an option. Admission standards will be similar to those required for MPH admission. Only one course will be allowed for transfer in toward Certificate requirements. The Council voted (11-0-1) to approve the Program and, contingent upon similar approval within EPC, to introduce and recommend the Certificate Proposal to the Senate for consideration and approval action.

The GAC meeting was adjourned with notation that the next scheduled meeting of the Council is November 13, 2003 at 9:30am in CC370.

End of GAC 10/9/03 Minutes

To: Graduate Academic Council

From: Anita Pomerantz, Chair
GAC Committee on Educational Policy & Procedures (CEP&P)

Date: September 30, 2003

Subj.: Report and Recommendations

The CEP&P met on 9/24/03. In attendance were: A. Pomerantz (Chair), C. Smith, C. Bischoff, H. Straif-Taylor, J. Bartow (staff), R. Irving & R. Toseland. Unable to attend were: B. Spanier, M. Casserly & R. Geer

The Committee took up a continuing discussion (from last year's CEP&P) of Electronic Theses & Dissertations (ETDs) and whether campus policy should be modified to allow or require students to submit such culminating works in digital format. Support for ETDs was expressed in terms of our students being able to keep up with current practices at many institutions. A key underlying principle of increased accessibility to these works published by our students in digital format drew the support of committee members. Yet, significant questions exist regarding (1) potential multi-media parts of such works and (2) archival/accessibility standards, procedures and costs. Questions were raised as to whether movement to allow for ETDs would represent an opportunity for students or a burden. This led into a discussion of whether digital submission should be required or optional. A concern was raised regarding the potential impact that digital publication might have on future print publication opportunities for authors.

The Committee unanimously concluded that policy movement to allow and require digital submission of theses and dissertations is desirable. It is the recommendation of the Committee that the GAC pass a resolution identifying the desire for such policy movement, subject to the advice and feasibility for implementation to be solicited in advance from the University Libraries. Further, it is proposed that the resolution identify the policy shift to be such that, if feasible, digital submission be required for those admitted to degree programs effective in Fall 2004 and that students admitted prior to Fall 2004 be afforded an option for digital submission of the thesis or dissertation, as appropriate.

To: Graduate Academic Council

From: Heinz Dieter Meyer, Chair
GAC Committee on Curriculum & Instruction (CC&I)

Date: October 1, 2003

Subj.: Report and Recommendations

The CC&I met on 10/1/03. In attendance were: H. Meyer (Chair), G. Pogarsky, D. Parker, J. Bartow (staff), R.-M. Weber, L.-A. McNutt, A. M. Cervantes-Rodriguez & S. Chen. Professors S. Friedman & F. Henderson were unable to attend.

Three proposals were considered. Two (items 1 & 2 below) are recommended to the GAC for approval, while the third was tabled for further inquiry.

1. MBA Program - Curriculum Amendment

The faculty in the School of Business have proposed two changes within the existing MBA program. In the HRIS concentration it is proposed that one elective course be removed and replaced with an amended & required course, MGT610 - Human Resource Information Systems. In the MSI concentration it is proposed that one elective course be removed and replaced with the required course, MSI692 - Special Topics in Information Technology. The Committee unanimously recommends that the GAC approve the curriculum amendment. Additionally, the Committee requests that the School of Business be reminded to provide a complete rationale in support of proposed changes in the future.

2. MBA Program - New Concentration in Information Assurance

The faculty in the School of Business have proposed a third concentration area in the full-time program entitled Information Assurance. The Committee finds the rationale presented as compelling and the structure, drawing upon existing courses, sound. One member expressed concern about the lack of any required course in ethics within the MBA program, yet accepted counsel that such was not necessarily germane to the specific proposal for this new concentration area. The Committee voted 6-0-1 to recommend approval of the new MBA concentration by the GAC. (One member abstained, as she had not had a chance to review the proposal in detail.)

To: Graduate Academic Council

From: Shadi Shahedipour, Chair
GAC Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing (CAAS)

Date: October 8, 2003

Subj: Report and Recommendations

The CAAS met on 10/7/03. In attendance were: C. Wagner, A. Ticano, F. Cornet, D. Peterson, S. Shahedipour (Chair), J. Bartow (staff), L. Trubitt & S. Maloney. Members unable to attend were: A. Boehm & K. Trent. Four items of business were considered and two are recommended for action by the Council as specified below. The remaining two items, student academic grievances, are pending for further review by the Committee.





A student has petitioned the Council for exception to the policy on graduate transfer credit. The request involves an individual who completed a graduate course during his last semester of undergraduate study at another university. The course was in excess of his requirements for completion of the undergraduate program and appropriate documentation certifying such was submitted from the Registrar at that institution. The student's UAlbany advisor is prepared to recommend that transfer credit be awarded if the Council will authorize such. The Committee recommends unanimously (6 - 0) that the request be approved by the Council.

The UAlbany School of Social Welfare has proposed a transfer credit articulation agreement with the SUNY Institute of Technology. The essential provisions of the proposed agreement are that individuals who complete up to 12 credits of specified graduate course work at SUNY-IT and subsequently meet normal admission standards for the MSW will be guaranteed that the course credits will be transferred. The agreement simply provides for an expedited transfer credit process with recruitment/enrollment advantages for both institutions. Provost Santiago had asked the GAC to comment and potentially endorse the proposal. The Committee unanimously recommends (7 - 0) that the GAC endorse the proposal and encourage that the Provost execute the Agreement on behalf of the University.

The next meeting of the Committee will be on 10/21/03 at 3:00PM in CC370.