Graduate Academic Council
2003 - 2004

Minutes of the Council meeting of September 11, 2003
Approved by the Council on October 9, 2003

In attendance: A. Pomerantz, A. Ticano, C. Smith, F. Cornet, H. Charalambous (Chair), H. Meyer, J. Mumpower & L.-A. McNutt, M. Casserly, R. Geer, S. Friedman, S. Chen & J. Bartow (staff)



Unable to attend: L. Trubitt & S. Shahedipour

1. Minutes from the meeting of 5/8/03 were unanimously approved without amendment.

2. Dean's Report - J. Mumpower

3. Chair's Report - H. Charalambous

Admissions & Academic Standing:
Two student academic grievances
One student petition for exception to transfer credit policy
A proposal for transfer credit agreement between our School of Social
Welfare and the SUNY Institute of Technology
Curriculum & Instruction:
Review of course proposals from the Nanosciences School
Two proposals for revision of the MBA program
A proposal for revision of the DrPH program
Educational Policy & Procedures
Electronic Thesis & Dissertation opportunities and campus policy

4. Proposed memberships on GAC Standing Committees as listed below was presented to the Council and unanimously approved.

Note: ** = GAC Member

Committee on Curriculum & Instruction (CC&I)

**Heinz Meyer, Educational Administration & Policy Studies, Chair
**Stacey Chen, Economics
**Sally Friedman, Political Science
**Louise-Anne McNutt, Epidemiology
Rose-Marie Weber, Reading
Ana Margarita Cervantes-Rodriguez, Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Greg Pogarsky, Criminal Justice
Floyd Henderson, Geography & Planning
Dona Parker, Assistant Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing (CA&AS)

**Fatemeh "Shadi" Shahedipour-Sandvik, NanoSciences, Chair
**Florencia Cornet, Graduate Student
**Lisa Trubitt, Office of Extended Learning, Information Technology
**Arlene Ticano, Languages, Literatures & Cultures
Susan Maloney, Dean's Office, School of Business
Dana Peterson, Criminal Justice
Christine Wagner, Psychology
Anne Boehm, Biology
Katherine Trent, Sociology

Committee on Educational Policy & Procedures (CEP&P)

**Anita Pomerantz, Communication, Chair
**Mary Casserly, University Libraries
**Carolyn Smith, Social Welfare
**Robert Geer, Nanosciences and Physics
Richard Irving, University Libraries
Bonnie Spanier, Women's Studies
Helga Straif-Taylor, Anthropology
Ron Toseland, Social Welfare
Christopher Bischoff, Affirmative Action

5. Future GAC Meetings - Fall 2003

The Council reviewed a composite schedule of members' availability and determined that future meeting during the semester would be held on Thursdays at 9:30AM on the following dates: October 9th, November 13th & December 11th. Members are asked to add these meetings to their calendars.

6. There being no other business, the GAC meeting was adjourned