Graduate Academic Council
2001 - 2002

Minutes of the Meeting of May 9, 2002
Approved by the Council on September 27, 2002

In attendance: C. MacDonald (Chair), J. Bartow (Staff), L. Raffalovich, D. Shub, L. Trubitt, R. Irving, , L. Niu, J. Mumpower, S. Nagy-Zekmi, H. Charalambous, C. Smith, P. Brusoe & M. Gallant

V. M. Durand (Guest)

Unable to attend: V. Ng & J. Baez

1. Autism Certificate Proposal

Professor Mark Durand introduced the Proposal to the Council and clarified aspects of the proposed program in response to members' inquiries. Included in the discussion was information about course delivery, student cohorts, instructing faculty, supervision and student evaluation. The Council voted unanimously to approve the Proposal and submit it to the University Senate for action.

2. Minutes from the GAC meeting of April 5, 2002 were reviewed, amended to delete M. Gallant from the listing of attendees and unanimously approved by the Council.

3. Dean's Report - J. Mumpower

Dean Mumpower indicated that graduate study applications numbers were up and that the eventual yield on such applications would be very important to achievement of enrollment objectives.

A doctoral recruitment and retention fund of approximately $162,000, from the G.S.E.U. contract, needs to be disbursed by the end of the 2001-02 fiscal year. A cash supplement on a sliding scale for individuals with assistantships ranging $6,500 to $12,000 will be distributed. Similar funds will be available next year.

4. Chair's Report - C. MacDonald

The Senate By-Laws Committee will be meeting next week and throughout the summer.

5. Report of the Committee on Curriculum & Instruction (appended to the end of these minutes).

Professor Gallant briefly reviewed the one item contained in the CC&I report from its meeting of 5/7/02 - changes in Spanish programs. The Council voted unanimously to accept the report and therein approve the changes requested.


To: Graduate Academic Council

From: Mary Gallant, Chair
          GAC Committee on Curriculum & Instruction (CC&I)

Date: May 8, 2002

Subj.: Report and Recommendations

The CC&I met on 5/7/02. All members were present: V. Ng, C. Ellis, L. Niu, K. Quinn, R.-M. Weber, L. Raffalovich, K. Reinhold, P. Brusoe, M. Gallant (Chair), and J. Bartow (staff). One proposal was reviewed and is recommended to the GAC for action:

1. Ph.D. and M.A. Programs in Spanish

The Spanish faculty propose that the curriculum of the Ph.D. and M.A. programs be modified. In large part, the changes result from a systematic revision of graduate course numbers, intended to facilitate advising and the understanding by students of course categorization. At the same time, the course changes reflect a reorientation of the programs to cover mostly (although not exclusively) the 19th and 20th centuries. The changes in the course/program offerings are therein reflective of faculty views regarding "the theoretical orientation indispensable in the preparation of students in Hispanic studies today, [and]..the faculty's expertise." This refined focus of course offerings is in consideration of a reduced, and new, core faculty.

After obtaining assistance from the department (Prof. Nagy-Zekmi) to sort through and understand the large number of course changes, the Committee determines the changes to be advisable for the multiple reasons presented. They are unanimously recommended to the Council for approval.