Graduate Academic Council
2003 - 2004

Minutes of the Council meeting of March 11, 2004
Approved by the Council on April 1, 2004

In attendance: A. Pomerantz, A. Ticano, C. Smith, D. Farr, D. Byrd, H. Charalambous (Chair), H. Meyer, J. Mumpower, J. Bartow (staff) & L.-A. McNutt

Unable to attend: F. Cornet, L. Trubitt, M. Casserly, R. Geer, S. Friedman, S. Shahedipour, S. Chen (on leave), S. Ramanathan & S. Lee

Guests: R. Fortune (School of Social Welfare) & I. Lurie (Rockefeller College)

1. Daniel Farr, new graduate student GAC member and GSO President was welcomed to the Council.

2. Minutes from the meeting of 2/12/04 were unanimously (8-0-0) approved as presented.

3. Dean's Report - J. Mumpower

· Enrollment - School of NanoSciences enrollment numbers will be detailed like those for other schools/colleges in forthcoming enrollment reports.

· Peoplesoft - The issue of late fees for international students following PS implementation has been resolved. However, there is a group that is continuing to look at similar implementation issues.

· Graduate Study Applications - The pattern as reported in the February GAC meeting still holds. This includes a sharp drop in the number of international applications and an increase in domestic applications. Overall grad study application numbers are off compared to a similar point last year. Some of this may be explained by processing delays. A report on graduate study applications will be forwarded to Council members.

4. Chair's Report - H. Charalambous

· Assessment Reports - The Curriculum and Instruction Committee has been reviewing and discussing the assessment reports received to date. A summary report to the Council will be forthcoming.

· An announcement has been received that some German courses (but not programs) will again be offered in the College of Arts & Sciences.

· Provost Santiago will be leaving the University following Commencement, to become Chancellor of the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee.

· Elections for next year's Senate will be underway shortly.


Professors Lurie and Fortune introduced the proposal to create this dual degree program. Discussion of the credits/courses that will count toward both programs led to an amendment of table 2 in the proposal to show 21 credits as having dual applicability. As amended the proposal was approved for recommendation to the Senate by a vote of 9-0-0.

6. MSW/MS Bioethics with Albany Medical College and the Graduate College of Union University

Professor Fortune introduced this proposal for a jointly registered dual degree program and reviewed its curricular structure with the Council. After a brief discussion the Council voted to approve the proposal/recommendation for Senate approval by a vote of 9-0-0.

7. Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing - J. Bartow for S. Shahedipour

The committee recommends action on one grievance as reported under separate cover. After a brief discussion of the report, the Council voted 9-0-0 to accept the report and approve the recommendation contained therein.

8. Committee on Educational Policy & Procedure - A. Pomerantz

Prof. Pomerantz summarized prior Council actions aimed at implementing a revised dissertation policy effective with students admitted in Fall 2004 and thereafter. She tracked approval & support from the Library and its Interactive Media Center in regard to the preparation of PDF files for dissertation submittal. A policy revision has been drafted that will separate policy allowing or requiring digital dissertation submittal from that of procedures to be followed. This will allow for changes to procedures as warranted over time without a major shift in policy. A suggestion was noted that it might be worth specifying that review of dissertation drafts in programs/departments may be subject to (local) program regulations. The proposal for policy change is to be enhanced with informational digital dissertation submittal procedures to be drafted within the Graduate Office and will return to the Council when these are ready.

9. Committee on Curriculum & Instruction

Prof. Charalambous reported that the Committee has reviewed eight assessment reports. No major red flags have been identified. A summary of these review activities will be forthcoming.

10. GAC Charge per the new Senate Charter

The Council considered again the wording of the authority of its Committee on Curriculum & Instruction as contained in the Senate Charter. A motion was made to replace:

SX.4.6.1 The committee shall consider all revisions in existing graduate degree programs.
SX.4.6.2 The committee shall review proposals for new graduate courses and changes to existing graduate courses.
SX.4.6.3 The committee shall submit all recommended changes and new courses to the Council for final approval.


SX.4.6.1 The committee shall consider all revisions to existing graduate degree programs and shall submit all recommended changes to the Council for final approval.
SX.4.6.2 The committee shall review new graduate courses and substantive changes to existing graduate courses, as approved within the schools and colleges.
SX.4.6.3 The Council shall have final authority pertaining to graduate courses.

By a vote of 9-0-0 the Council approved this change for introduction to the Senate for action.

11. Ombudsperson - H. Meyer

Prof. Meyer reiterated his assertion that a graduate ombudsperson could be a valuable asset for students at the University. Council members were generally supportive in their reaction. Prof. McNutt and Dean Mumpower volunteered to work with Prof. Meyer in developing a specific proposal for action.

12. D.A. Humanistic Studies

The proposal to discontinue the D.A. program in Humanistic Studies will be discussed at the next GAC meeting.

13. Future GAC Meetings:

4/1/04 at 8:30am in CC 370
4/22/04 at 8:30am in CC 367
5/6/04 at 9:00 am in CC 367