Graduate Academic Council
2003 - 2004

Minutes of the Council meeting of February 12, 2004
Approved by the Council on March 11, 2004

In attendance: A. Pomerantz, C. Smith, F. Cornet, H. Charalambous (Chair), H. Meyer, J. Mumpower, J. Bartow (staff), L. Trubitt, M. Casserly, S. Friedman, S. Shahedipour & S. Ramanathan

Unable to attend: A. Ticano, D. Byrd, L.-A. McNutt, R. Geer & S. Lee

Guest: C. MacDonald, Senate Chair-Elect

1. Minutes from the meeting of 12/11/03 were unanimously approved as presented.

2. Dean's Report - J. Mumpower

· Enrollment - The 2/4/04 Enrollment Bulletin was distributed. Grad enrollments are down 257 from the planned number. Efforts to boost enrollments, especially at the doctoral level, are underway. The planned numbers came from deans as projections. It was noted that enrollments in the School of NanoSciences & NanoEngineering are missing from the report.

· An issue has surfaced regarding late fees being assessed to grad students in cases where bills were sent to addresses from the Peoplesoft system that were less than optimal, i.e., international students' bills being sent overseas rather than locally. The Dean will report further to the Council on this matter.

· Graduate Applications - The 2/6/04 Graduate Admissions Activity Report was distributed. International applications are significantly down compared to last year at the same point in time. We will be monitoring these and all other admission trends closely. As regards the international decline, it was noted that the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) and National Association of Foreign Student Advisors (NAFSA) are taking the lead to lobby on this topic at the national level.

3. Chair's Report - H. Charalambous

· Welcome back to all members. There is important GAC business at hand for this semester.

· Future GAC meetings - Council members agreed to the following:
Thursday, 3/11/04 at 8:30am in CC367
Thursday, 4/1/04 at 8:30am in CC370
Thursday, 4/22/04 at 8:30am in CC367
Thursday, 5/6/04 at 9:00am in CC367, if needed

· The Chair hopes that policy action on digital dissertations will be forthcoming this term.

· The Council should re-examine its charge as detailed in the new Senate Charter - scheduled to take effect in Fall 2004. If revisions are desired, now is the right time to propose such.

4. Committee on Educational Policy & Procedures - A. Pomerantz & M. Casserly

Professors Pomerantz and Casserly reported on an informative presentation on digital dissertations and on-line submission via the UMI/Proquest service representatives. The ad-hoc Library committee is largely satisfied that University access and archival concerns may be satisfied via this process, at least for the time being. The presentation by UMI was very informative and a positive recommendation/report from the ad-hoc committee is likely to be forthcoming.

5. Committee on Curriculum & Instruction - H. Meyer

No report at this time.

6. Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing - S. Shahedipour

The committee has met again and just yesterday resolved one student grievance. A report on this matter will be submitted at the next GAC meeting.

7. GAC Charge

A discussion of the GAC charge as provided in the new Senate Charter was initiated. Prof. Meyer expressed concern about the locus of authority for course approvals shifting to the GAC from the schools/colleges, as it is in the existing charge. Prof. MacDonald noted that final authority emanates from the Senate and that any proposed changes to the charge should come to the Senate in the form of a bill for action. Prof. Meyer indicated he would be concerned about the nature of curriculum innovation if GAC course actions are required in each case. Prof. Pomerantz noted that GAC oversight might be necessary, however, to resolve course overlap issues. Prof. Meyer acknowledged that negotiations on overlap issues might be necessary. Chair Charalambous identified "final" authority as the question. Prof. Shahedipour indicated that power to act on courses should reside in the schools and colleges.

Members were encouraged to consider authoring a specific proposal to amend the GAC charge, for consideration at the next meeting. The issue was tabled for further consideration at that time by a vote of 10-0-0.

8. The meeting was adjourned.