Graduate Academic Council
2001 - 2002

Minutes of the Meeting of January 22, 2002

In attendance: C. MacDonald (Chair), J. Mumpower, J. Bartow (Staff), L. Raffalovich, L. Trubitt, M. Gallant, P. Brusoe, R. Irving, S. Nagy-Zekmi, V. Ng, C. Smith, H. Charalambous & J. Baez

Unable to attend: L. Niu & D. Shub

Guests: Professor Debi May, Special Education
            Professor Sean Walmsley, Reading/Literacy

1. Minutes from the GAC meeting of December 7, 2001 were reviewed and unanimously approved by the Council without amendment.

2. Report of the Dean of Graduate Studies - J. Mumpower

  1. The NLRB has been conducting hearings pertaining to the potential unionization of Graduate Assistants funded through the Research Foundation. Dean Mumpower has provided testimony at these hearings. More on the issue will undoubtedly follow.
  2. Mission review funds for graduate assistant stipend supplements received last year (approximately million) appear to be shaking down as a one-time allocation only. A report on the use of these funds will be provided to the GAC at the next meeting.
  3. The revised draft of the clarifying 899 dissertation load policy implementation memo, amended and sanctioned by the GAC at the December 2001 meeting, has been distributed to deans for further consideration.

3. Proposal to Establish a M.S. Program in Literacy and Special Education

The Proposal, previously distributed and introduced at the December meeting of the GAC, returned to the table for discussion. Professor Raffolovich raised questions about the lack of notation of any current students, since there are already two separate programs in these areas of study. Professor May explained that the information in the Proposal must pertain to the specific program only, per State guidelines. Professor Raffolovich also inquired about any separate assessment courses in the curriculum. Professor May explained that assessment is integrated within several courses, not simply covered in a course of its own. Mr. Baez arrived during the course of the discussion and opted to abstain during the voting. All other members voted to approve the proposal and authorize its introduction to the Senate (11-0-1).

4. Chair's Report - C. MacDonald

The work to propose revisions to the By-Laws lies ahead. We are still seeking to determine where GAC committees are specified in governance documents. We are also, therefore, waiting for J. Bartow to offer comments on the by-laws and committees. Professor MacDonald proposes that the desired outcome of GAC consideration of these matter might be an indication of what Council members feel the GAC should be doing vis--vis what is being done now. Some members expressed feelings that the Senate Exec. Committee should be apprised of the current discrepancy between what is being done and what is intended.

The Council tabled this matter for further input and future consideration.

Meeting Adjourned.

The next meeting of the GAC is scheduled for Friday, February 15, 2002 in Campus Center Room 367 at 3:00PM.