The agenda for the 10/9/03 GAC meeting is as follows:

1. Introduction of new GAC members
2. Consideration of the GAC minutes from 9/11/03 (attachment)
3. Report of the Graduate Dean - J. Mumpower
4. Report of the GAC Chair - H. Charalambous
5. Report of the Committee on Educational Policy & Procedures (attachment) - A. Pomerantz
6. Report of the Committee on Curriculum & Instruction (attachment) - H. Meyer
7. Report of the Committee on Admissions & Academic Standing (forthcoming) - S. Shahedipour
8. Old Business
   a. Discussion of the Career Development Center - removal of services to graduate students
   b. Discussion of contemplated changes to University By-Laws regarding GAC
9. New Business
   a. Proposal to establish a Graduate Certificate Program in Public Health - Fundamentals & Principles
     (copy being distributed under a hard copy of this announcement)
   b. Resolution regarding Electronic Dissertations & Theses, from the GAC Committee on Ed Policy - A. Pomerantz
   c. Discussion on GAC Procedures regarding posting of minutes and committee reports - H. Charalambous
10. Any other business