The University at Albany provides various funding opportunities to ensure graduate study is affordable — and works closely with prospective and current students to explore all financial assistance opportunities.

In addition to university-wide merit and need-based financial assistance, individual programs and departments offer specific scholarships, fellowships, assistantships, and employment. Please contact your program or department for more information.

Need-Based Programs

The University’s Office of Student Financial Services administers a variety of federal, state and private aid programs on a calculated need basis, and can help guide you through the paperwork and process of applying for financial aid.

To become eligible for federal financial aid, you must file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and be admitted to or matriculated in a degree program at least half-time (a minimum of six credits per term). Other need-based funding programs may have additional or alternate eligibility requirements.

Merit-Based Programs

Academically competitive, merit-based awards are available in a variety of UAlbany graduate programs. Many, but not all, of these awards are intended for doctoral students, and generally support full-time graduate students.

Assistantships provide a program-related practical teaching, research or administrative experience. In addition to significant educational benefits, assistantships offer a stipend for the teaching, research or administrative service provided.

Fellowships provide a stipend without service requirements to allow the graduate student to be exclusively engaged in his or her academic work. 

Tuition Scholarships are applied directly to a student’s tuition costs.

Important Reminders:

  • Because the vast majority of assistantship, fellowship and tuition scholarship awards are administered directly in the University’s schools and colleges by faculty and staff in each academic program, you should inquire about these awards at your specific academic department of interest.
  • Prospective students seeking to apply for these awards should include the graduate assistantship/fellowship application form with the application for graduate study submitted to the Office of Graduate Education by the published deadline.
  • Continuing graduate students should make direct application for funding with the academic department of enrollment. In addition, a small number of administrative assistantships and tuition scholarships are available within University administrative/service offices and the Office of Residential Life.
  • A roster and contact information for these positions may be viewed or printed from the link on this page.

Special Graduate Funding Opportunities and Programs

The SUNY System has graduate-funding programs aimed at broadening access to graduate education as well as assuring that the State of New York and society in general are enriched by the preparation of scholars and leaders from diverse backgrounds.

The SUNY System has graduate-funding programs aimed at broadening access to graduate education as well as assuring that the State of New York and society in general are enriched by the preparation of scholars and leaders from diverse backgrounds.

The Graduate Tuition Opportunity Program (GTOP) provides support for full-time graduate education to individuals who graduated from New York State undergraduate institutions while participating in EOP, HEOP or SEEK programs.

  • GTOP Applications may be submitted to the Office of Graduate Education, UAB 121, University at Albany, 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222.

In addition, the University offers the Diversity Teaching/Research Fellowship, a blended assistantship/fellowship program.

Dissertation Research Fellowship Awards Program

The University has a limited number of fellowships available annually to assist doctoral candidates in offsetting research expenses. You can view details of this program at the General Information page. 

Presidential Doctoral Fellowship for Research Training in Health Disparities

Fellows can pursue any doctoral program at the University at Albany and receive transdisciplinary training in health disparities. Fellows receive Training/Mentorship and Financial Benefits. Information for eligibility and how to apply: www.albany.edu/cemhd/69549.php.

UAlbany Alumni Association Scholarships

For more than 30 years, the University at Albany Alumni Association has provided scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students to help continue UAlbany’s tradition of excellence and opportunity. Available scholarships can be found on the UAlbany Alumni Online Community website.

Resources for Current/Prospective Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistantship, Fellowship & Tuition Scholarship Guidelines for Students:

  • Graduate and Teaching Assistant Fringe Benefit Information
  • Division for Research Graduate Student Funding Opportunities and Proposal Resources

      Administrative Unit Graduate Assistantships

      Administrative (non-departmental) Assistantship Positions:

      Administrative Assistantship Position Descriptions:

      Employment Opportunities for UAlbany Students

      Currently, there are hourly Student Assistant opportunities available on MyUAlbany under Campus Life. Follow the link under Campus Employment to Student Assistant jobs (Non Federal Work-Study). You must be registered and have a student email address to access the site.

      Students who have accepted Federal Work-study awards should go to Finances on MyUAlbany. Links to other employers on campus are provided below:

      UAlbany Employment Contacts (continuous recruitment)

      Other Campus Employers (sites also contain non-student positions)

      UAlbany Employers

      Employers must login to the Student Employment Site to be able to post Student Assistant positions. A User’s Guide is available on the site or you can contact studentemployment@albany.edu to request training or if you need an employer id/password.