Film Studies Minor

Film Studies is an 18 credit minor that draws on course offerings from multiple departments across the College of Arts and Sciences. The interdisciplinary minor can be combined with any major offered at the University, and provides students a vibrant exploration of cinema as an art form. Film Studies offers a rigorous overview of film history, theory, practice, and aesthetics in relation to the other disciplines and the arts.

Film-related courses for Spring 2016:

ARH 260 Introduction to Film Studies
ARH 263 American Film Genres
ARH 269 The Hollywood Crime Film
ARH 362 Significant Cinema Directors: Wes Anderson and His Influences
ARH / ART 383 History and Practice of Video Art 1
ARH / WSS 461/561 Women in Cinema
ARH 491 Internship in Film Studies
DOC / HIS 335 History and Theory of Documentary Film
EAS 140 Introduction to Asian Cinema
ENG 243 Literature and Film
ENG 355 Studies in Film: Race and Hollywood Cinema
ENG 412Y Topics in Film and Drama: French New Wave Cinema
FRE 315 Introduction to French Cinema (may be taught in French)
LCS 315 Film in Contemporary Latin America

Film Studies: full list of film-related course offerings

Film Studies Requirements

ARH 260 Introduction to Film Studies + 5 additional film-related courses, 3 of which must be upper division courses (6 courses total, 18 credit hours). Download the Declaration form for current students to declare a Film Studies minor here.

For more information, contact:

Shira Segal
Director of Film Studies
Fine Arts 323