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Shira Segal
Director of the Film Studies Minor
Fine Arts 323

Film Studies Minor

UAlbany offers an 18 credit undergraduate minor in Film Studies, combining courses from more than ten departments througout the College of Arts and Sciences. The interdisciplinary minor may be combined with any major offered at the University

For students selecting a minor, Film Studies has been a popular option at UAlbany for several decades. Drawing from programs in Art History, Documentary Studies, French, History, Womens' Studies, and many others, including humanistic and social science criticism and analysis, this interdisciplinary minor provides a rigorous overview of the history, practice, theory and aesthetics of film as an art form.

Please note that individual student advisement for the Film Studies minor (as with all minors) is handled by the advisor in a student's major.

Minor Requirements

The only required course for the minor in Film Studies is ARH 260--Introduction to Cinema. This popular course is offered each semester. Other courses for the minor may be selected from the Film Studies Minor Course List.