Film Studies: full list of film-related courses

Upcoming film studies courses: new film-related curriculum

ARH 261 Independent, Underground, and Art House Cinema
ARH 267 International Film Movements
ARH / THR 361 Understanding Screen Studies: Acting, Apparatus, and Audiences
ARH 362 Significant Cinema Directors: Auteurism and Privilege
ARH 362 Significant Cinema Directors: Understanding Orson Welles
ARH 362 Significant Cinema Directors:The Art and Impact of Alfred Hitchcock
ARH 362 Significant Cinema Directors:The Art and Impact of Stanley Kubrick
ARH 363 Film Histories: Film History I, 1894-1935
ARH 363 Film Histories:Film History II, 1935-1969
ARH 363 Film Histories:Film Histories, 1970-1999
ARH 363 Film Histories:Trends of 21st Century Cinema
ARH 3xx Poetry and Cinema
ARH 3xx Cinema Technologies: Film Color and Film Sound
ARH/TRH 3xx Adaptation Studies: Film, Literature, and Theatre
ARH 460 Special Topics in Cinema: Topics in International Cinema
ARH 460 Special Topics in Cinema: Cultural Memory and Film
ARH 460 Special Topics in Cinema: Landscape and Cinema
ARH 462 Experimental Cinema Seminar: Avant-garde, Animation, and the Arts
ARH 462 Digital Cinema Seminar: Film Form in the Age of New Media
ARH 462 Doing the Film Festival: Independent Cinema, the Industry, and Exhibition
ARH 400/5xx Cinematic Space: Art, Architecture, and Landscape in Film
ARH 400/5xx Doing Film and Media Theory: Production as Criticism Seminar
ARH/ART 369/382 Experimental Film and Video
ARH/THR/PHY 370 Lighting Technology
ARH/THR 407 Scriptwriting
ARH/MUS/THR 428 Sound Design for Film, Theatre, and Media
ARH/THR 450 Directing
DOC / HIS 323 Foundations of Documentary Filmmaking

Recent film studies courses: frequently offered

ARH 260 Introduction to Film Studies
ARH 263 American Film Genres
ARH 264 New American Cinema
ARH 269 The Hollywood Crime Film
ARH 362 Significant Cinema Directors: Wes Anderson and His Influences
ARH 368 Documentary Cinema: History, Theory, Criticism
ARH 460 Special Topics in Cinema: First Person Cinema
ARH / WSS 461/561 Women in Cinema
ARH 491 Internship in Film Studies
ART / ARH 383 History and Practice of Video Art 1
ART / ARH 384 History and Practice of Video Art II
DOC / HIS 335 History and Theory of the Documentary Film
DOC / HIS 406 Practicum in Historical Documentary Filmmaking
EAS 140 Introduction to Asian Cinema
ENG 243 Literature and Film
ENG 355 Studies in Film: Race and Hollywood Cinema; Intro to Anime
ENG 412 Topics in Film and Drama: French New Wave Cinema
FRE 315 Introduction to French Cinema (may be taught in French)
HIS / JST 225 American Cinema and the Jews
LCS 315 Film in Contemporary Latin America

Previously offered film studies courses:

ARH 262/FRE 238 Great Classics of French Cinema
ARH 367 The Hollywood Combat Film
COM 386 Persuasion and Film
FRE 208 Haiti through Film and Literature
FRE 281 French Canada through Film and Literature
ITA 318 Italian Cinema and Literature
POR / LCS 318 Introduction to Brazilian Cinema
RUS 280 Soviet and Russian Cinema
SPN 418 Hispanic Cinema and Literature
THR 450 Great Drama on Film and Video
WSS 361 Gender and Nation in World Cinema

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Dr. Shira Segal
Director of Film Studies
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