Presidential Awards for Undergraduate Research

To encourage undergraduate scholar ship and creative work, and to reward excellence and individual initiative, the University has established the Presidential Awards. The nominees for the award will be selected on the basis of a major paper or project produced by the student in conjunction with a course or independent study, under the direction of an Albany faculty member. The project's significance is judged in terms of its academic quality and originality.
Heather Small (Anthropology)
Henry Wiegand (Art)
Steven M. Lowenstein (Economics)
Chris J. Gerby (English)
Christopher Zic (English)
Jaime McBeth (Geography and Planning)
John Warren (History)
Michael P. Tunny (Judaic Studies)
Cassandra Allison (Philosophy)
Troy Mayclim (Political Science)
Stacy M. Pettigrew (Political Science)
Brenda A. Endres (Psychology)
Sarah E. Francis (Psychology)
Joanne Boelke (Social Welfare)
To be announced (Science and Mathematics)
Jennifer Clunie (Women's Studies)

Certificate of Achievement Awards
Awarded to a senior who is majoring in Africana Studies who has maintained the highest cumulative grade point average and with at least four semesters of full-time work completed.
To be announced

Annual Student Art Exhibition Award
Stephen Girolami

The Art Department Award
Charles T. Preska

Photography Award
Scott Gries

University Art Museum Award
Suzanne Kehoe

Carla Delray Award
Awarded to a graduating senior who, in addition to having a high grade point average, has demonstrated an exceptional understanding of a field in the earth and atmospheric sciences, and has personal attributes that promote the mission of the University at Albany.
Michael P. McGinley

Glen Bumpus Award
Awarded to a student who has conducted outstanding research in Biological Sciences.
To be announced

Chemistry Faculty Award
Awarded to a graduating Chemistry major for demonstrated high scholastic standing, good character and potential for advancement in the chemical profession.
Haoran Deng
Sandra Hadowanetz

Derk V. Tieszen Award
Awarded to a senior Chemistry major on the basis of demonstrated achievement in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics plus potential as a research worker and teacher of chemistry at an advanced level.
Martin Nemer

CRC Press Freshman Achievement Award
Awarded to a freshman student in the general Chemistry course for academic advisement.
Harold Kruger

The Richard Wilke Award
For the outstanding undergraduate student in Communication.
Frank Crocitto
Kathryn Santoro

Ronald R. Schafer Memorial Award
Awarded to a senior for outstanding achievement in the Journalism Program.
Stephanie Landsman

Gordon Karp Award
Awarded to the undergraduate student in economics who best exemplifies the intelligence, dedication and accomplishment that marked the promising career of Gordon Karp, an undergraduate and doctoral graduate of SUNY Albany.
Cecilia Backlin
Phillip Mogilevsky

William E. Rowley Award
Awarded by the Journalism Program for the best journalistic writing by an undergraduate student.
Barbara Lynn

Leah Lovenheim Award
Awarded for the best short story written by an undergraduate student.
Yomika Bennett

Shields McIlwaine Prize
For the best poem.
Jaime Meisler

French Embassy Book Prize
Awarded in recognition of outstanding achievement in upper-division courses in French.
Kristen Bauer
Gina Benassi
Christian Eden
Melissa Finch
Theresa Gause
Daniel Giroux
Virginia Lucci
Patrick Male
Kathleen Nelley
Farah Nelson
Fernande Pierre

Dante Medallion Award
For excellence in Italian language study.
Marisa A. Gitto

1997 Crippen Prize
Awarded to the most outstanding graduating senior who is concentrating in American History.
John N. Warren

William T. Reedy Prize
For an outstanding history paper by a freshman, sophomore, or junior at the University at Albany.
Alexander Weishaupl-Vartuli

B'rith Abraham and B'nai Zion Award for Excellence in Hebrew
Dina Eisig

Highest GPA
Awarded to a graduating senior LACS major with the highest GPA.
Adanivia Feliciano

Academic Excellence in Mathematics
Mary R. Buck
Jeffrey D. Burnette
Gregory A. Damon
Asa D. Douglass
Michelle C. Gutting
Sally Joseph
Joseph McCollum
John D. Motta
Christopher G. Neumann
William J. Shell
Andrea Turner
Jason VanHulse
Holly A. Weinstein

Andrea Hanan Music Scholarship
Awarded annually to an undergraduate entering the music program and/or a continuing first year music major on the basis of outstanding achievement.
Nathan J. Buccieri
Brian Lonergan

Willard Banks Memorial Award
Awarded annually to a minority student enrolled in a music major program on the basis of achievement and service to the music department.
Joo Yoon Lee

1997 Philosophy Prize
Awarded annually to a graduating senior, majoring in Philosophy, for distinction in the study of Philosophy.
Christopher Deleo

Highest GPA
Awarded to the senior sociology major with the highest GPA.
Kyra Sosnow

Burian Award
Awarded annually to a graduating Theatre major who, having taken 90 credits at the University at Albany, has earned the highest grade point average in all courses taken at the University.
Danielle Schleif

Women's Studies Award
Awarded to a graduating senior major or minor who has demonstrated an excellent academic record in women's studies and has made significant feminist contributions to the women's community.
To be announced


James Unger Memorial Award
Awarded annually by the Department of Political Science on the basis of the best written work in political science submitted by an undergraduate.
Tyler B. Raimo


Brennen J. Taylor Memorial Award
For outstanding scholarly achievement by a student of color in the School of Social Welfare, University at Albany.
Patricia Ann Beatty
Joann Daiello
Leslie Smith


Wall Street Journal Award
For high grade-point average and service.
Scott Barbag

Dean's Award for Distinguished Service and Leadership to the School of Business
Jeff Miller

Dean's Award for Distinguished Academic Achievement by a Returning Undergraduate Student
Diana Richburg
Diane Watters

Harry Warshawsky Memorial Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement and Service
Beth Kaplan

Outstanding Graduating Senior Awards in Business
Bervan Yeh (Accounting)
Andrew Suppo (Finance)
Darrell Baldauf (Management - Irving H. Sabghir Memorial Award)
Eric Lerner (Management Science and Information Systems)
Eileen Auer (Marketing)

Outstanding Graduate Student Award/Coopers & Lybrand Award for Outstanding Student Achievement, School of Business
David Foss (Accounting)

Deloitte & Touche Beta Alpha Psi Award
For academic achievement.
Mark Powell

Richard Eisner & Co. Academic Achievement Award
Glen Ferro

Harold L. Cannon Memorial Award
For outstanding service and academic achievement.
Lai-Wah Kui

New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants Award
Jan Grossman
Gray Paeglow

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key
Kelli Hoskin
Gray Paeglow

Margaret Yager Middleton Scholarship
To recognize and promote outstanding achievement by newly admitted undergraduate students in the School of Business.
Bryan Richmond
Michael Bismuth

African-American and Latino PreProfessional Association Award
For academic achievement and service
Lucylla Baynes


Donald J. Newman Prize
Awarded to a graduating senior major in Criminal Justice who, in the judgment of the faculty, reflects the highest ideals of undergraduate scholarship in a manner befitting the memory of the late Donald J. Newman.
To be announced


Academic Excellence Award
High academic achievement by a returning adult student.
Barbara J. Altrock


Friends of the Libraries Student Service Excellence Award
To be awarded to a student assistant who has contributed outstandingly to the University Libraries, while maintaining a solid academic record.
Brian McDermott


Graduating seniors who have completed the General Education Honors Program.

Fall 1996
Jessica M. Costosa

Spring 1997
Alex N. Baran
Kira Deyss
Nancy R. Furnari
Randy Hadden
Nicol T. Kaiser
Michelle Lebowits
Raymond Lui
Jeremy Silver


Graduating seniors who have achieved both General Education Honors and Departmental Major Honors.

Spring 1997
Jordan S. Arnold
Rachel B. Blatter
Michelle K. Law
Wendy H. Levine


Graduating seniors who have written an honors thesis and have received departmental honors.

Marcy R. Auerbach
Jason Roosa

To be announced

To be announced

Nevin M. Gussack
John N. Warren

Michell Lebowits
Stephanie G. Reich

Cassandra Allison

To be announced


Fall 1996
Tyler B. Raimo

Spring 1997
Rachel B. Blatter
Stacy Pettigrew
John A. Tillman

To be announced

Caralyn J. Eder

Melissa Finch


Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
Awarded to an outstanding junior or senior in Mathematics or the Natural Sciences.
To be announced

Katherine Vario Endowed Scholarship
Awarded to a woman entering her senior year who is preparing for medical or dental school.
Mary D. Levy
Rachelle Rene

Class of 1905 Bazzoni Fellowship
In memory of Charles B. and Edith Vera Bazzoni. For outstanding achievement in the Natural Sciences.
To be announced

The Eleanor Rosalie Bazzoni 1906 Fellowship
For outstanding achievement in English, French or German. This year, to a student of French.
Gina Benassi

The Merlin W. Hathaway Memorial Scholarship
In memory of Professor Merlin W. Hathaway, Coach and Athletic Director for outstanding academic and athletic achievement, leadership, integrity and commitment to the University.
In recognition of outstanding academic and athletic achievement, leadership potential and those qualities which characterized Professor Merlin W. Hathaway, Coach and Athletic Director, through- out his personal and professional life.
Elizabeth Peck

The Vivian C. Hopkins Scholarship Award
For outstanding scholastic ability and character in the Department of English.
Christopher Zic

Anne Rebecca Oliver Memorial Scholarship
Outstanding achievement in the Department of Physics, given in honor of Anne Rebecca Oliver.
Darryl Smith

Ralph Sidman Memorial Scholarship
Outstanding academic performance and commitment to pursue an education for the benefit of humanity.
Mario Franco
Rebecca Gorden

Arlene F. Steinberg 1971 Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to the outstanding junior or senior English major in the field of twentieth-century fiction, poetry, or theater.
To be announced

Class of 1937 Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to undergraduates who exhibit outstanding performance and a commitment to pursue their education for the benefit of humanity, in the field of teaching.
Loren Baker
Michael Castrilli
Melissa McCurdy

Class of 1939 Memorial Scholarship
Awarded to an undergraduate student who exhibits outstanding academic performance and a commitment to pursue her education for the benefit of humanity.
Rafaela Nikas

Class of 1952 Reunion Scholarship
Awarded to a junior or senior majoring in Physics, given in honor of and in the names of C. Luther Andrews and Marvin Pryor.
Steven Hay

Robyn Fishelberg Memorial Scholarship
This award, established in 1993, is given annually in memory of Robyn Fishelberg, an Albany undergraduate student and Sigma Delta Tau sister who passed away in 1992. The scholarship is intended to assist each year in the education of an Albany undergraduate woman who has demonstrated outstanding humanitarian qualities through her involvement in school activities and community service. The University thanks those individuals who helped to create this award and who have, in the past year, augmented its associated endowment, notably the Fishelberg Family and the sisters of Sigma Delta Tau Sorority.
To be announced

Lillian L. Kensky and Dr. Harry C. Kensky Endowment Fund Award
Mrs. Lillian L. Kensky, the widow of Dr. Harry C. Kensky, an alumnus of the University and of the Kappa Beta Fraternity, has established this honor. It is awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need to a graduating senior who is planning to pursue further studies in an area of Jewish higher education.
Adam Rudich

Fishman Fund Grant
Mr. Irving Fishman, an alumnus of the University and of the Kappa Beta Fraternity, has established this fund to benefit excellent Judaic Studies students in need of financial support for their further educational plans.
Nicholas Witkowski

Hazel English Ferris Scholarship
In memory of former Professor George Morell York, School of Business.
Kristen Bauer

Ernest and Florence Bensinger Milano Scholarship
School of Business.
Pamela Hopkins
Robyn Stroble


Class of 1972 Scholarship Award
To be announced

Anna Boochever deBeer Scholarship
To be announced

Agnes E. Futterer Book Award
Scott Conn

Agnes E. Futterer Memorial Fellowship
Amy Claves

Albert N. Husted Fellowship Award
Strong interest and ability in teaching by a student planning graduate study.
Jacqueline Perez

Edna Shafer MacAffer-Psi Gamma Award
Woman who best typifies the ideals of Psi Gamma and Mrs. MacAffer.
Jaime Sudberg

Ada Craig Walker Award
Academic excellence and University service by a senior woman.
Tonya Dodge
Jennifer Suk

Student for Community Scholarship Award
The Student for Community Scholarship Fund was endowed in 1993 by Albany Alumnus Mark Yang `92. The award is intended to support deserving academically accomplished students who are involved in volunteer service to the greater community. In this, its inaugural year, the fund is awarding two prizes.
To be announced


Fulbright Scholarship
Awarded for dissertation research in France. This is the U.S. Govern ment's premier scholarship for international study and research.
Kenneth G. Botsford

Graduate Academic Achievement Awards, School of Business
Barry Valentinsen (MBA Full-Time)
Ann DiCaterino (MBA Part-Time)
Davaid Foss (MS in Accounting)
Amy Gelston (MS in Accounting)
Linda Byron (MS in Taxation)

Harold L. Cannon Memorial Award
For outstanding service and academic achievement by a first year graduate accounting student.
Ruth Morrow
Ayisha Pregno

The Perry-Drake Weston Award, Department of Africana Studies
For best graduate research in the Department of Africana Studies.
To be announced

Arvid J. and Mary Burke Fellowship
Established by Dr. Arvid J. Burke, '28, Professor Emeritus (Educa tion) and Mrs. Burke. Awarded to a grad uate student in the Department of Biological Sciences to foster advanced study and research in molecular and cellular biology.
Pauline Carrico

Rachel Lisa Taubman Fellowship
Established by Dr. Edward Taubman, '72 and Mrs. Nancy Horowitz Taubman, '73 in memory of their infant daughter, Rachel Lisa. The fellowship is awarded to a graduate student to encourage research in developmental biology.
Barbara Carman


Narayan Gokhale Award
Awarded each year to recognize and to reward promising students pursuing a graduate education in the field of Atmospheric Science. This year, we have two awardees sharing this honor. This award commemorates Professor Narayan R. Gokhale who was the first chair of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and a world-renowned cloud physicist.
Stephen J. Cox
Ricardo K. Sakai

Friends of the Libraries Student Service Excellence Award
To be awarded to an intern who has contributed outstandingly to the University Libraries, while maintaining a solid academic record.
Lisa Matte

1997 Award for Exemplary Achievement in Field Education, School of Social Welfare, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
This award is intended to recognize outstanding achievement or exemplary leadership in a master's level field practicum.
Christina Mears

Brennen J. Taylor Memorial Award, School of Social Welfare, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy
For outstanding scholarly achievement by a student of color in the School of Social Welfare, University at Albany.
Elsie J. Chun
Mark Morris
Jan Trivedi

Arthur O. Long Teaching Assistant Award, Department of Chemistry
Awarded to a graduate student who has taught in one of the last two semesters, for dedication to and success in teaching, and scholastic accomplishment.
Ferenc Gyenes

C.L. Andrews Teaching Assistant(s) of the Year Award in Physics
Gowri Gopalakrishnan
Pedro Zambianchi, Jr.

Sherry Penney Prize, Department of History
Awarded to the most outstanding graduate woman in History.
Susan L. McCormick

Phi Alpha Theta History Term Paper Prize, Department of History
For the best graduate research paper in history.
Michael J. McCarthy

Arthur A. Ekirch Prize in American History
Awarded annually to a graduate student who has produced an exceptional research paper in the field of American History.
Mollie T. Marchione

The Christopher DeCormier Scholarship Award
Outstanding achievement in the study of the Mayan language and culture under the direction of the Institute for Mesoamerican Studies.
Annette McLeod
Jan Olson

Paul Meadows Award for Research, Department of Sociology
Awarded annually to a sociology graduate student for research.
Brian Stults

Paul Meadows Award for Teaching, Department of Sociology
Awarded annually to a sociology graduate student who provides evidence of accomplishments in teaching.
Kimberly Ann Tobin-Carambia

Eliot Lumbard Award for Academic Excellence
Presented annually to the most outstanding Ph.D. student in Criminal Justice as determined by the Criminal Justice faculty.
To be announced

Distinguished M.F.A. Project
Michael Schuetz
M.F.A., Art Department
"Painting - Work Synthesized From Many Referents: Ranging From German Romantic Painting to Existential Literature-Creates Meaning Based in Metaphor"

Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Awards
Anne L. Botsford
Ph.D., Social Welfare
"A Group Intervention to Assist Older Parents of Adults with Mental Retardation in Permanency Planning"

Lauren C. Costantini
Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences
"Influences of Co-Transplanted Striatal Tissue on the fFunction and Anatomy of Dopaminergic Transplants in a Rat Model of Parkinson's Disease"

Timothy J. Hoff
Ph.D., Public Administration
"Work Commitment and Role Enactment Among Physician-Managers in Managed Care Settings"

Timothy O. Ireland
Ph.D., Criminal Justice
"Elaborated Strain Theory: Building and Testing an Individual-level Theory of Delinquent Behavior"

Scott Lever
Ph.D., Organizational Studies
"Risk-Related, Transaction-Cost and Resource-Based Explanations for Outsourcing Particles and Laboratory Preparation for Scavenging Experiments"

Meryl A. Levin
Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
"Mother-Daughter Relationships in Divorced vs. Intact Families: Conflictual Independence, Attachment and College Adjustment"

Timothy Lohret
Ph.D., Biology
"A Mitochondrial Inner Membrane Channel, MCC, is Linked to Protein Import and to Tim23, a Component of the Import Complex in Yeast Mitochondria"

Kathleen A. O'Brien
Ed.D., Educational Administration
"Interorganization Cooperation and the Effectivenes of Service Delivery to Homeless Children and Youth"

Scott Owens
Ph.D., Physics
"Development of Polycapillary X-Ray Optics for Macromolecular Crystallography"

Jukka Savolainen
Ph.D., Sociology
"Relative Cohort Size and Crime: A Conditional Interpretation of the Easterlin Effect"

BinBin Shao
Ph.D., Biology
"Nest Association of Pumpkinseed (Lepomis gibbosus) and Golden Shiner (Notemigonus crysoleucas): Empirical Study and Modeling"

Mariella Squire
Ph.D., Anthropology
"The Contemporary Western Abenakis: Maintenance, Reclama tion and Reconfiguration of An American Indian Ethnic Identity"

Mahadavan Subramaniam
Ph.D., Computer Science
"Failure Analyses of Inductive Theorem Provers"

Lei Wang
Ph.D., Physics
"Polycapillary Optics for Hard X Rays"

JoAnn Yaworski
Ph.D., Reading
"Why Students Succeed or Fail: Theories of Underachieving Affluent College Students"

Lixin Yu
Ph.D., Information Science
"Development and Evaluation of A Framework for Assessing the Efficiency and Accuracy of Street Address Geocoding Strategies"

School of Public Health


Presidential Honor Society
John Kane

Co-Vice Presidents
William Golden
Kevin Perry

Michelle Gutting

Executive Board Members
Brigid Bergen
Kim Ly
Robert Rothenberg
Kathryn Santoro
Blake Scott
Ari Steinfeld

Graduating members
Maisha Barnes
Robert Bischoff
Nicholas J. Bleibtrey
Patrick J. Breheny
Chia-Fang Cheng
Jennifer Ciulla
John P. Coppa
Dennis Dooley
Kelly Duncan
Anthony Fischetti
Courtney Hayden
Jamie Izzo
Jeannie Lai
Kim Ly
Stacy Neidoff
Kevin Perry
Jaime Porreca
Laura Rola
Kevin Rumsey
Kathryn Santoro
John-Paul Schmidt
Blake Scott
Kristina Simmons
Amy Tal
John Tran
Sarah Valle
Cory Vieira
Jodi Weaver
Myra Wong
Hailing Zhang
Aviva Zucker

Sigma Delta Pi - National Spanish Honorary Society
Leslie E. Brown
Nathan J. Buccieri
Victor M. Castillo
Jacqueline Felczak
Stephanie Ann Linders
Denise Rosado
Carlos Santiago
Constantine Tsigrelis
Teresa Wood
Phi Alpha Honorary Society of Social Work
Elizabeth Austin
Patricia Ann Beatty
Joanne G. Boelke
Katherine L. Burbank
Kristen A. Carter
Joann Daiello
Maureen Duncan
Lisa Easterly
Raina Gabay
Marci Gelb
Sarah R. Gratz
Judith A. Hawkins
Cheryl Hilsman
Laura J. Hughes
Vicki Lynn James
Kenneth J. Kidd, Jr.
Patricia A. Maher
Toni E. O'Malley
Peter John PeLuso
Charlene Place
Brendan Sheridan
Kristin S. Smith
Rebecca Spilke
Susan Stalker
Dina Strohm
Caireen Young

Phi Alpha Theta - International Honor Society in History
Matthew Bart
Jennifer Clunie
Shanell Cramer
Rafael J. Diaz
Jason S. Fletcher
Evan Gitter
Adam Goodstein
Steven S. Guttman
Jeremy Indenbaum
Alison Klein
Stephanie Landsman
Clifford F. Lehman
Mollie T. Marchione
Alonna Miceli
Jeffrey P. Moore
Sharon Moseley
Candis Murray
Sarah Ohring
Peter Polak
Rosann Santos
Gregory M. Sausville
Richard V. Stewart, Jr.
Matthew J. Sypniewski
Aimee M. Tschopp
Bonita L. Weddle
Alexander Weishaupl-Vartuli
Matthew White

Pi Delta Phi - National Honor Society for French
Virginia Lucci
Lucien Macky
Stephanie Payeur

Kappa Delta Pi - Honor Society in Education
Andrea Abatto
Erica Baessler
Keith L. Ball
Dafina Barclay
Kerry K. Brader
Karen Brochu
Joseph F. Clemenzi
Michael DeCaprio
Robin Edwards
Jodie Einhorn
Joy Hollander
Megan Jackson
Elizabeth Klotz
Peter Kowal
Janine Krill
Stacey Kromol
Michele Kurpisz
Sean B. McDonald
Kate McGrath
Marci Perlow
Jeremy Ritter
Tadhg D. Russell
Teresa A. Russell
Nicole Solimene
Veronica Steiger-Hammond
Christine Walrath
Susan Wexler
Tracey Wienckowski
Barbara Wilson
Filomena Zarrelli
Blythe Zavin

Psi Chi - National Honor Society in Psychology

Fall 1996 Inductees
Amy Anson
Nicole Benjamin
Susan E. Brown
Dennis J. Cirilla
Heather Clark
Emily Collins
James De Bella
Amy L. Della Rocca
John Denver
Eleni Dimoulas
Jennifer Dinerstein
Allison Ennis
Lisa Fazio
Tara Ford
Jennifer Gerdes
Michelle Gruhn
Cara Johnson
Laura Katsanos
Kevin Kerwin
Andrew Kessler
Rebecca Knickerbocker
Rebecca Margison
Neil McKenna
Eric Miller
Christopher Monroe
Glen Pae
Nicole Paulo
Cathy Persichette
Dante Picchioni
Kathleen Rosecrans
Kristina Simmons
John Eric Tengco
Amanda Tomitz
Jon Wiggins

Spring 1997 Inductees
Barbara Altrock
Anony Baroukh
Daniel Beaulieu
Janine Colasuonno
Kelly Duncan
Aaron Graczyk
Marcos Hartel
Krisztina Juhasz
Lori Knowles
Tara Motroni
Lisa Patrick
Mary Rooney
Paul Rosen
Christopher Rohling
Jennifer Scandura
Angela Spinelli
Jennifer Strode
Bridget Sweeney

Beta Gamma Sigma - National Honor Society for Business Administration and Accounting

Inducted as Juniors
James D. Bartz
Michael W. Battle
Kristen M Bauer
Kathleen S. Brousseau
Hui Chang
Fung Yi Cheung
Phung L. Diep
Glen M. Ferro
Anthony T. Fischetti
Wendy A. Germond
David S. Hanig
Jennifer M. Hayes
Min Hong
Pamela F. Hopkins
John R. Kane
Cybil C. Montague
Dale L. Mullin
Miroslaw A. Pietkiewicz
Mark A. Powell
Evan M. Resnick
Robyn R. Stroble
Denise T. Switser
Nicole L. Vance

Inducted as Seniors
Cecilia K. Backlin
Mala Boolchandani
Carole G. Clements
Nadine Dellagreca
James B. Dieterich
Jonah A. Disanto
Elissa Dunnett
James W. Dymond
Justin D. Feuerstein
Larry I. Friedman
Elizabeth M. Gargiulo
Jan Grossman
Kelly M. Heider
Joshua Kaufman
Brenda R. Koreman
Kam-Tak Lai
Eric A. Lerner
Xiang L. Liu
Ayelet London
Nir Messafi
Gray J. Paeglow
Pui Ka So
Tricia A. Thomas
Liran B. Tzadik
Diane H. Watters
Anastasia M. Zavitz
Becki N. Zlatkis

Inducted as Graduate Students
Tina Briggs
Linda Byron
Judy Cahee
Robert Carver
Yuk Chow
Glenn Close
James Desso
Ann Dicaterino
Elissa Dunnett
Jason Ekstein
David Foss
Shawn Goodspeed
Karrie Henighan
Kelli Hoskin
Gregory Levesque
Jenny Liu
Karin Lopez
Michael Mann
Kathrin Owens
Francis Poore
Keith Prescott
Janet Remiker
Jukka Savolainen
Victoria Smith
Shelley Tiemann
Barry Valentinsen


Phi Beta Kappa Prize for Academic Excellence
Sponsored by Distinguished Service Professor James W. Corbett (Physics) and Professor Jarka M. and Grayce Burian (Theatre), and Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus M.E. Grenander (English) and Emeritus Professors Kendall A. Birr and Catharine Newbold (History), Mary G. Goggin (Classics), Helen G. Horowitz (Economics), Arthur Collins (English), Anonymous, Matthew H. Elbow (History), Ralph Kenney (Education), Martha Wright Miller (Administration), and Bernard Horowitz (SUNY Cobleskill). Awarded to the graduating Phi Beta Kappa senior with the highest grade point average.
To be announced

Phi Beta Kappa is awarded to students demonstrating academic excellence in the broad range of disciplines considered the liberal arts and sciences. The following undergraduate students were newly elected to Phi Beta Kappa:

Fall Semester 1996
Ryan S. Borress
Glen M. Ferro
Joshua M. Schoen

Jennifer Block
Sanja Cale
Annelise A. Casano
Kira Deyss
Henry B. Gerling
Esther Kim
Yuka Kurihara
Kenneth M. Murray
Michael H. Rosner
Kyra Sosnow
Jason D. VanHulse

John C. Allen
Michael S. Brown
Travis L. Cohen
Sherry DeCrosta-Javadi
Rafael Díaz
Jason S. Fletcher
Peter D. Foland
Batya Goodman
Lilianne Lapham
Neal Z. Levy
Kevin H. Lysaght
Christel McQuarrie
Michael McGinley
Jeffrey Moore
Eric J. Olson
Marianne C. Pellon
Timothy A. Poynton
Alex Reyentovich
Robert A. Rothenberg
Stuart A. Wexler
Joel T. Wiegert

Spring Semester 1997
Stuart E. Brown
Alicia C. Cacciola
Wolfram J. Dennis
Jonathan A. Jannicola
Elizabeth M. Lynch
Shaina R. Marrus
Katherine Montgomery
David J. Muhlbajer
Jeffrey Nagle
Heidi D. Neil
Kevin M. Perry
Chibo Qian
Ari L. Steinfeld

Yomika Bennett
Alicia T. Cornell
Melissa Finch
Robyn M. Haberman
Katherine G. Ketcher
Susana Kozer
Sharon J. Lee
Wendy W. Leung
Kevin D. Rahner
Thomas A. Recchia
Tracy Straight Freed
Ling Ye

Barry A. Armstrong
Marcy R. Auerbach
Meredith A. Auerbach
Cecelia K. Backlin
Joseph M. Bamberger
Alex N. Baran
Cyril G. Calugay
Ruchira Chandra
Penelope Chun
Eamon P. Cunningham
Joann Daiello
Laura L. Dibetta
Patricia V. Dimarco
Sean M. Donahoe
Jason S. Fletcher
Heather M. Franco
Chris J. Gerby
Heather N. Giler
Brian W. Gottlock
Michelle C. Gutting
Dina E. Hackmeyer
Stacy L. Harting
James M. Iwaneczko
Fumiko Kishida
Gregory A. Knispel
Jeongeun Koh
Ludmila Kovalerchik
Michelle A. Kurpisz
Michelle Lebowits
Alyson Mei Lee
Jason I. Levinson
Wei Li
Erika A. Loucks
Sridevi Maddineni
Minda G. Matz
Joanne M. McGarvey
Neil T. McKenna
Roxanne R. Migliacci
Kristen R. Miller
Phillip Mogilevsky
Jared Moran
Kevin Moran
Nora M. Moriarty
Richard T. Norman
Mark A. Patinella
Elizabeth G. Peck
Marci R. Perlow
Stacy M. Pettigrew
Alison M. Pinchbeck
Elizabeth M. Rauh
Michael H. Rosner
Kimberly J. Serra
Christopher Silipigno
Eva Skarshinski
Gary L. Spaulding
Elizabeth M. Spiteri
Brian R. Stein
Heather A. Sullivan
Celina Vanichpong
Jennifer D. Vinci
John N. Warren
Holly A. Weinstein
Rich B. Weinstein
Eric E. Williams
Lauren B. Wisely
Fan Zhang
Christopher Zic

1997 Commencement