The Excellence Awards - 2001

Excellence in Research
Norma Riccucci

Norma Riccucci of the Department of Public Administration and Policy Department has been a prolific researcher and writer since she became an assistant professor at the University in 1985. She was promoted to associate professor in 1991 and to full professor in 1998.

One of her favorite research themes is social equity, particularly the role public employee unions played in advancing or deterring the employment paths of women and people of color. Her first book, Women, Minorities and Unions in the Public Sector, addressed that topic. She has also been interested in researching public personnel management, such as drug testing and labor relations. A third strand of her research focus involves public management — how the government in general and public administration in particular can improve the quality of life for Americans.

Riccucci ranked ninth in outstanding productivity among all public administration scholars for the period of 1986 to 1993. She wrote five monographs, two edited volumes and some 36 articles and book chapters in 15 years at the University. A highly effective teacher, Riccucci also served as the director of the master of administration program from June 1990 to June 1992 and chaired the public management concentration in the Ph.D. program for several years. She is currently the director of the doctoral program in public administration.

Riccucci has held a joint appointment in the Department of Women’s Studies since 1992, and she served as director of the Certificate Program in Women and Public Policy from 1990 to August 1995. Her reputation in the area of public personnel management is evidenced by her invitation to prepare a research paper for the National Commission on the State and Local Public Service.

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