The Excellence Awards - 2001

Excellence in Support Services
Mary Unser

Nicknamed the Department of Readingís ďchair,Ē secretary Mary Unser began her relationship with the University in 1965 in the Research Foundation. She moved to the state payroll as a stenographer in the biology department in 1969 before joining the reading department as a stenographer in 1972. Unser serves as the office manager along with her duties as secretary to the department chair and faculty.

Among Unserís duties are maintaining student and department files, assigning faculty advisers, and assisting with the registration process. She tracks all graduate admissions, advises the chair when applications are up or down, and makes sure applicants receive the appropriate response before following up on all correspondence. Unser also hands out welcome packets once a student is admitted.

Unser is a problem solver who handles primary advisement of masterís degree students. She developed a database to monitor student progress and provided a solution to problems arising from the new telephone registration systemís approval codes. Unser also developed waiting lists for over-subscribed courses and advises the department when there is sufficient demand for additional sections.

Her competent, caring, and thoughtful manner kept the department grounded as the workplace changed with the introduction of technology.

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